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Vax PregnantBelow is an article from The Defender that does not surprise us.  In my Mother's day, women smoked, drank and took medications without censure. When I had my daughters in 1994 - 2000, I was browbeaten into avoiding and every chemical including coffee. I remember waiting to walk past the small lunchroom in my office because the microwave was running. 

Today, women are cajoled into pregnancy vaccinations. But take heart, I know at least one new Mom whose OB GYN practice did not push any vaccines on her. They didn't even ask if she wanted a Covid vaccine in 2022. In 2008, Mark Blaxill wrote Support Your Pediatrician, Condemn their Union. Safeminds ran a campaign (uphill, both ways) about Flu shots for pregnant women. The YouTube video has been long removed for violating standards.  In 2023, ACOG is spending millions to promote vaccination on unborn children, I guess you could call them the Pre-AAP.


Leading OB-GYN Group Took $11 Million From CDC to Push COVID Shots on Pregnant Women, Documents Reveal

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bankrolled the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to the tune of $11 million to promote COVID-19 vaccination as “safe and effective” for pregnant women, according to an investigation published this week by attorney Maggie Thorp.


Brenda Baletti, Ph.D.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) bankrolled the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to the tune of $11 million to promote COVID-19 vaccination as “safe and effective” for pregnant women, according to an investigation published this week by attorney Maggie Thorp.

Documents obtained by Thorp through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request revealed that the CDC and ACOG entered into multiple “cooperative agreements” to carry out work largely designed and controlled by the CDC and contingent on ACOG’s adherence to the CDC’s policies on COVID-19 infection and control.

ACOG is the “premier” professional membership organization for obstetricians and gynecologists with more than 60,000 members across the Americas, its website reports.

Broadly, the grants supported the development of social media communications strategies, toolkits supporting “effective COVID-19 vaccination conversations” between doctors and patients, and the hiring of a global public health communications firm, APCO Worldwide, to produce various communications materials.

According to Thorp, from December 2020, when the vaccines came on the market, through July 21, 2021, ACOG held a neutral position on vaccination during pregnancy, recommending that pregnant women “be free to make their own decision regarding COVID-19 vaccination.”

But that recommendation “abruptly changed on July 30, 2021,” Thorp said, to recommend vaccination for pregnant women.

Today, ACOG “recommends that all eligible persons aged 6 months and older, including pregnant and lactating individuals, receive a COVID-19 vaccine or vaccine series,” and a booster.

The money for the grants comes from COVID-19-related federal funding opportunities, such as the Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act and the CARES Act, according to the grant documents.

Grant recipients, and any “flow-down” organizations they may award money from these grants to, must comply with “existing and future directives and guidance” from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the CDC’s parent organization, regarding the control and spread of COVID-19.

That also includes sharing any data collected in grant-funded activities, including COVID-19 testing data, with the CDC.

‘Vast, covert government operation unleashed … at the height of our fear and isolation’

This CDC-ACOG collaboration forms part of the CDC’s and HHS’ strategic approach to COVID-19 vaccination encapsulated in its “We Can Do This” public education campaign.

Through the campaign, HHS and CDC sought in their own words to “motivate behavior change,” through strategic messaging, often developed by public relations firms, using “market research, key messages, partnerships and outreach, paid and earned media, and sample creative,” across all areas of people’s lives.

With $3 billion in federal funding from the Biden White House for states to distribute to local agencies and nonprofits and hundreds of millions of dollars in direct grants to medical associations and nonprofits, the HHS and CDC sought to train and fund “trusted messengers” such as teachers, religious leaders, social media influencers, community leaders and members and others, who would deliver the CDC’s message, but without the CDC’s brand.  READ MORE AT THE DEFENDER HERE.


Here's a Mother's Day Hat Trick of Skyhorse Publishing books from Helena Hjalmarsson.

Already Whole: Discovering the Sacred Within Already whole

Many of us have made our lives so noisy, overwhelming, sensory craving and data driven that we have somehow missed the most fundamental part about ourselves and our lives. Learning how to work with every process, every situation, every relationship intuitively; learning to love what is, to let go, to have faith and find stillness; to foster one’s intuition and become creative in our own lives is something we can all achieve. To illustrate these concepts, Hajlmarsson calls on her decades of experience and work as a psychotherapist. But most significantly, her life as an autism parent, accounted for in her previous books, Finding Lina 2013 and Beyond Autism 2019, which has taught her where to find that elusive freedom and harmony: inside herself. Hjalmarsson believes that the solution to life's chaos, this freedom and harmony—this love—is accessible to all.

Finding LinaFinding Lina: A Mother's Journey from Autism to Hope

Lina was a precocious toddler—charming, chatty, joyful. At the age of three, in the aftermath of her second MMR vaccine, first came a seizure, and then, to her parents’ horror, the loss of Lina’s ability to play, use language, and control her impulses. Over the next few years they continued to lose Lina. She communicated her acute discomfort by biting, screaming, hitting, laughing maniacally, and throwing violent tantrums. As a single mother, with the help of her ex-husband, Helena Hjalmarsson tirelessly pursued every possible avenue to find a diagnosis, and more importantly a treatment, for her daughter, and the search continues to this day.

Beyond autism 2
Beyond Autism: My Life with Lina

A Passionate Memoir about Life with a Teenage Daughter with Severe Autism, Following the Progress of Acclaimed Book, Finding Lina. Like her passionate first book, Finding Lina, about her daughter with severe autism, Helena Hjalmarsson brings an intensity of purpose and love to her second memoir about Lina, Beyond Autism. Lina’s world is one of excruciating challenges. Helena’s world is the same, but with her own insights, indominable spirit, and amazing clarity she sheds light and hope for other parents, siblings and caretakers of children with autism, as well as the children with autism themselves.



Visitor IH

I am all for believing in Love and I honor motherhood and this woman's plight as their is some truth there. Bot I am not impressed by pantheist or New Agers.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

"Follow The Science" we are told from the official sounding reporters on TV .
Surely they mean "The Political Science ?" because that's the only sector and it's NUDGE -nanny's
that could not find it's way round it's own hin- end with both hands and a torchlight a flashlight or a fire boat searchlight !
When the story presentation does not match up with the political reality ,what will people think ?
Example - "I Want To Break Free" [Queen ] Performed in North Korea YouTube
Joining The Royal Military Tattoo this year in Edinburgh or Planning an exit from WHO Pandemic Treaty proposals /
See https//
National Institutes of Health [gov]
The Historical aspects of Vaccination in pregnancy - PMC - By DW Makin 2021
TB does not get much of a mention ? I wonder why not?

Get yer dancing equipment polished up ? we start training our wee ones early !
See Youngest Highland dancers Pas de Basques and Highcuts display at Nairn Masses bands event
YouTube The wee darling in the pink kilt and dark waistcoat is dancing with her soul and spirit !, ee Her wee arms and legs will catch up later on !

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