Did Teachers Given J&J Covid Vaccine Learn Their Lesson?
Certified Autism Centers

Home Is Where the AED Is in 2023

2B536E8D-5ED0-411D-8C5D-F2170B71C229I've been seeing an ad on Facebook and Instagram for the last couple of weeks. It's for a Philips brand AED called "DreamHug." I'm all for safety equipment in our homes. I have a fire extinguisher in my kitchen (no comments about my cooking please.) I've taken CPR classes. Of course I want to keep my family safe in case of an emergency. But.... Does it strike you as odd that Philips is now marking heart defibrillators for home use, after two years of increased sudden deaths?

Cause unknownCAUSE UNKNOWN
By Ed Dowd

A 40 percent increase in deaths is literally earth-shaking. Even a 10 percent increase in excess deaths would have been a 1-in-200-year event. But this was 40 percent.

And therein lies a story—a story that starts with obvious questions:

What has caused this historic spike in deaths among younger people?
What has caused the shift from old people, who are expected to die, to younger people, who are expected to keep living?

It isn’t COVID, of course, because we know that COVID is not a significant cause of death in young people. Various stakeholders opine about what could be causing this epidemic of unexpected sudden deaths, but “CAUSE UNKNOWN” doesn’t opine or speculate. The facts just are, and the math just is...



Bill; Inflammation from the vaccines cause swelling of the heart.
As in my own 3 month old son.
He checked out fine at birth and again at his one month visit and then suddenly after a DPT vaccine which I took him back the day after that event; he had a swollen boot shaped heart.

The covid vaccine, the mRNA according to Malone that invented it had the problem of causing high inflammation. Malone thought they had safely solved that problem. Boy was he wrong to trust with out asking questions.


Many children and young adults with autism have heart conditions yet there is very little diagnosis of these conditions nor medical treatment of them. There are plenty of CNA and EMT your special education assistant can take to prevent or treat those with autism and heart conditions but the TA does not want to, yet they think a few child development classes make them an expert in people with autism.


Yes, we will be there, in your dreams, to hug your child for the low, low, price of two thousand dollars.

What dreams are made of.

This world needs some adjusting!

RFK Jr 2024!


"National Pulse and Twitter have unearthed video footage of Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, President Biden's "sex-positive" homosexual National Monkeypox [Mpox] Response deputy coordinator, making his entrance to speak at the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit last month in Las Vegas. The conference was sponsored by NMAC, the National Minority AIDS Council.

The video shows Dr. Demetre Daskalakis strutting onto the main stage – with a sadomasochistic bondage harness covering his business suit – trailed by two younger men clad in only speedo suits, one in red, the other blue, on either side. The man in the blue speedo is also wearing a harness over his bare chest, a common look in homosexual BDSM circles."

The cherry on top:
"The biggest sponsor of the conference was Gilead, a pharmaceutical company that is deeply enmeshed in the homosexual subculture."
In case you don't remember, Gilead makes Remdesivir- the failed Ebola treatment:

Pfizer Announces Agreement with Gilead to Manufacture Remdesivir for Treatment of COVID-19

The Strange Story Of Remdesivir, A Covid Drug That Doesn’t Work
"One of remdesivir's flaws is its (possibly toxic) high dosage over a short timeframe, which contributes to adverse side effects.

Angus Files

Can't be the covid clot shot how would that lead to restriction of blood going to the heart and a seizure? because we're told by governments that it isn't.Possibly older parents,watching to much TV,low sperms counts,a sip of wine when pregnant,...zzzzz

Pharma For Prison


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