He Was on Medication... 6 Year Old Who Shot Teacher
To Motherhood, With Love


Cat Jameson

Saying thankful prayers for your husband's healing, Emmaphiladelphia!

Angus Files

Happy Mothers Day to you all. From Scotland have a great weekend.

Pharma For Prison



What a Beautiful Name!

Thank you Jesus for healing my husband!
He had been getting progressively worse with what was diagnosed as bronchitis. His coughing and loss of breath was constant unless he was on his inhaler, which is intended only for occasional use. The previous round of antibiotics were of some help, but left him worse after they wore off. Supposedly his Covid test was negative, but I wondered if he was exposed to spike shedding. He can't see his doctor until Monday. Wednesday night was rough. Without the inhaler by his bedside, he wouldn't be able to breathe. His coughing continued. I had a strong sense of death if we could not find the proper treatment soon. I cried out to Jesus to heal him. Guide my steps to take. I feared taking him to the ER. He made it through the night and was somewhat stable the next day as long as he took the inhaler. I watched The High Wire as usual and they featured an ER doc who had come up with a protocol (also used for asthma patients) that was curing Covid. Of course his had been villified and shut down. I felt led to copy it down and find a doc who would use it to help my husband. The Lord led me to a nurse practitioner who was literally around the corner from us. She works at an urgent care that just opened a few months ago. She could see him without an appointment. I talked with her and told her my concerns and showed her the docs protocol. She used that as a guide, and after the in-clinic treatment my husband is fine today. No coughing, no shortness of breath! No need for the inhaler. PTL! I will now have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow.

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