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Did Teachers Given J&J Covid Vaccine Learn Their Lesson?

Anyone FerrisGotta ask. In my Connecticut town, teachers were given the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, along with 19 MILLION other Americans, according to CNN.  Teachers I'm fond of. Teachers who helped my daughters over 17 years. Teachers who are Moms, Dads, Wives, Husbands Daughters, Sons. Town Health Director Lucienne Bango ordered them and Superintendent Semmel was delighted to see hundreds of staff roll up their sleeves. Now, just two years later, the vaccine has been completely pulled from the market. What have we learned, class? We have learned that the public health and pharma used our TEACHERS as guinea pigs.  Teachers have gotten A+s in complaining about workplace issues. Where is the backlash? Crickets.


Superintendent: Hundreds of Trumbull school workers will receive Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week

March 2, 2021

TRUMBULL — Several hundred of the town’s public school staff will receive the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine this week, the superintendent said.

Schools Superintendent Martin Semmel said he has coordinated with Health Director Lucienne Bango, and the district now appears to be on pace to get the staff vaccinated within weeks. Although it didn’t look that way as late as Friday....

May 15, 2023

J&J Covid-19 vaccine no longer available in the US
From CNN:   ...About 19 million people in the US have received the J&J vaccine since it first became available. But more than 31.5 million doses have been delivered to states and other jurisdictions, leaving about 12.5 million doses unused, according to CDC data.

Last year, the CDC limited the emergency use authorization of the vaccine to adults for whom other vaccines aren’t appropriate or accessible due to risk of a rare and dangerous clotting condition called thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) after receiving the vaccine...


Angus Files

Achiles heel of the covid clot shot is that most of the ill since the shot had many years of good,great health and some were are olympiad,sports stars unlike our babies where we had 18months of good health and most of our claims were dismissed

Pharma for prison



Do they work for the workers, or special interests?


Time to demand (or FOIA?) data showing the rate of reported adverse events involving blood clotting dysfunction amongst those teachers.

Perhaps their local union might be on board, and circulate a survey?

Not that the MRNA vaccines would have been any safer. But since J&J was pulled off the market, people might be more willing to do some well-deserved finger-pointing.

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