To Motherhood, With Love
The Sanctity of Motherhood Sacrificed

The Big Catch Up

The big Catch UpHappy Day After Mother's Day when WHO tell us JUST what it thinks of mothers.  Chelsea Clinton is part of a WHO Global Campaign devoted to catching up OPC - other people's children - who are "behind" on the pediatric vaccination schedule. (See below) Her McKinsey career prepared her for this. Or, perhaps she was placed at McKinsey to prepare for this? Imagine if every restaurant that was shuttered during the pandemic was allowed to push all those lost meals on diners to recoup their losses? This catch up campaign does not seem interested in safety data (is there any?) or potential for harm.  Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes! Children's Health Defense TV has more.

CHD TV: The Big Catch-up, Handcuffing Kids + Toxic Turf

In the news ‘This Week’: the CDC director announces her resignation, Chelsea Clinton goes public with a mass vaccination campaign, the Metaverse faces backlash, meat consumption is threatened and more. Viewers, be sure to watch this episode on CHD.TV!  WATCH HERE.

The WHO initiative is HERE.  Guess which disease is mentioned. Rhymes with oleo.

Global partners announce a new effort – “The Big Catch-up” – to vaccinate millions of children and restore immunization progress lost during the pandemic


Here's a Mother's Day Hat Trick of Skyhorse Publishing books from Helena Hjalmarsson.

Already Whole: Discovering the Sacred Within Already whole

Many of us have made our lives so noisy, overwhelming, sensory craving and data driven that we have somehow missed the most fundamental part about ourselves and our lives. Learning how to work with every process, every situation, every relationship intuitively; learning to love what is, to let go, to have faith and find stillness; to foster one’s intuition and become creative in our own lives is something we can all achieve. To illustrate these concepts, Hajlmarsson calls on her decades of experience and work as a psychotherapist. But most significantly, her life as an autism parent, accounted for in her previous books, Finding Lina 2013 and Beyond Autism 2019, which has taught her where to find that elusive freedom and harmony: inside herself. Hjalmarsson believes that the solution to life's chaos, this freedom and harmony—this love—is accessible to all.

Finding LinaFinding Lina: A Mother's Journey from Autism to Hope

Lina was a precocious toddler—charming, chatty, joyful. At the age of three, in the aftermath of her second MMR vaccine, first came a seizure, and then, to her parents’ horror, the loss of Lina’s ability to play, use language, and control her impulses. Over the next few years they continued to lose Lina. She communicated her acute discomfort by biting, screaming, hitting, laughing maniacally, and throwing violent tantrums. As a single mother, with the help of her ex-husband, Helena Hjalmarsson tirelessly pursued every possible avenue to find a diagnosis, and more importantly a treatment, for her daughter, and the search continues to this day.

Beyond autism 2
Beyond Autism: My Life with Lina

A Passionate Memoir about Life with a Teenage Daughter with Severe Autism, Following the Progress of Acclaimed Book, Finding Lina. Like her passionate first book, Finding Lina, about her daughter with severe autism, Helena Hjalmarsson brings an intensity of purpose and love to her second memoir about Lina, Beyond Autism. Lina’s world is one of excruciating challenges. Helena’s world is the same, but with her own insights, indominable spirit, and amazing clarity she sheds light and hope for other parents, siblings and caretakers of children with autism, as well as the children with autism themselves.




Chelsea was groomed for the job. She got an advanced degree in Public Health from Harvard. Don't forget, Epstein was instrumental in setting up the Clinton Foundation. They are all in it together.....

Did John Kerry come up with the campaign name? Subliminal advertising....

The elephant in the room:
No major outbreaks of "childhood diseases" have been reported. Obviously the shots are unnecessary. LOL!

Angus Files

Clinton the younger brought into the vaccine killing game at a very young age ,she knows no different. Mentor and good friend of the phamily Bill Gates will advise as needed...what can go wrong nothing for them but for the people who have the jab they are left as below.

The £1billion battle for Covid jab justice: How 90 British families left bereaved or disabled after getting AstraZeneca's vaccine are fighting for compensation to avoid financial ruin... and they insist they are NOT anti-vax
The vaccine injured could need 'multi-million pound' payouts due to disability

Pharma For Prison


Jill in MI

Clintons and Gates together again. Friends all around. What could possibly go wrong? What was Hillary's famous quote - "The science is clear. The earth is round, the sky is blue, and vaccines work...Grandmothers know best." Well if you can't trust Grandmother Hillary, who can you trust? Maybe ignorance is genetic? Chelsea seems to have inherited quite a bit of her mom. I wonder if they have done a study on that one? But even if results showed that to be true, we all know - "Correlation does not equal Causation." How people can continue to blindly trust the CDC/FDA/etc.. is beyond me.

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