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Witness History in Boston on April 19

Team Kennedy HeaderYou are invited to witness history on Wednesday, April 19th, in Boston, Massachusetts, America's cradle of liberty. Robert Kennedy Jr is announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023
Doors open at 10:00 a.m.
Boston Park Plaza
50 Park Plaza
Boston, MA 02116
United States


I'm writing this as Kim Rossi, autism Mom, born at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston almost more decades ago than I have fingers on my hand. Age of Autism can not and will not endorse any candidate. But we can share  report on how the candidates will perhaps treat our community and the issues that matter to us. We've seen Presidents make promises that aren't worth their weight in feathers. We've been lied to. Marginalized. Disenfranchised. The Covid lockdown and vaccine mandates were catastrophic for us.

When Robert's uncle John was President in 1960, the autism rate was 1 in 10,000. It was unheard of. Psychiatrists went a full career never seeing a patient. Pediatricians had waiting rooms full of chatty two year olds who sat in Mother's lap waiting their turn. Today? The rate is 1 in 36 and childhood as we once knew it is utterly destroyed by far more than autism.

In 2023, labels have little meaning.  What's a Republican today? What's a Democrat? What is pro-life. What is is pro-choice? By whose definition, your parents? Your grandparents?

I hope to see you there.  KIM




Biden '24? SHAMEFUL!

RFK Jr. will take the ball and run with it. The cheering crowd is growing!

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Very good, that's a breath of fresh air, from too hard far left, or too hard far right, political spasticity!

Ordinary people want a sensible responsible equilibrium in government not a Peter Principle disaster !

Please give The United Nations Sustainability Goals /Targets 2030 Agenda A dead End Pier Review .

WHO Pandemic Treaty Proposals - Treasonous Totalitarian Thomas Malthus - itus ology and ism Eugenics on steroids ! Care Plan Co-ordination for murder NICE Guidelines endorsed ?
WEF The Great Reset / Ruptured it's own short reign on reality ?

A memorandum of "No Comfort "for their self appointed, self anointed aristocracy , with tin foil diadems galore with fake gems ?Their self serving Vaccination Vanity Projects are the wee hole that sinks the big ship for sure !

They can away and get stuffed with it! they will not play games with our lives ever again !

The Clearances Again[ Official Video ] YouTube
Ref The Highland Clearances .

Jonathan Rose

Hey, Kim, is this you?:
So how does it feel to be a MILF? Take it as a compliment (kind of). Seriously, I think this illustrates the principle that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

richard farretta

Bobby Kennedy knows that vaccines cause autism, this is not going to be good for big pharma. After the covid vaccine debacle the public now has open ears to the dangers of vaccines. This will be very interesting since even Dr Paul Offit has lost trust in vaccines.


something new being forged.

Angus Files

I hope Mr Kennedy succeeds.I supported Trump the last time because of his promises to Autism that never happened and so did 15% of his vote voted on the same unfulfilled promises I'm over here in the Uk but it always matters what happens in America as it shakes itself down worldwide.

Carl Sagan

Pharma For Prison


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