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To the American President: Improving Health & Reducing Costs

Still rings trueNote: Laura Hayes wrote this for us back in February of 2017. Donald Trump had just taken office as President of The United States. His legacy is reneging on his campaign promise to create a vaccine safety committee spearheaded by Robert Kennedy Jr. and launching Operation Warp Speed. Robert Kennedy Jr. is announcing his own candidacy for President today in Boston, Massachusetts, running against the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden.

By Laura Hayes

A parent’s perspective on how to improve the health of Americans, reduce the amount we spend on healthcare, and keep viable our citizenry and nation

Dear President Trump, Presidential Staff, and Presidential Advisors,

Vaccines are now the leading cause of chronic illnesses, developmental disabilities, and premature deaths among infants, toddlers, young children, and virtually all age groups in the U.S.  Vaccine injury is real and it isn’t rare. It also isn’t reported by doctors, nurses, or pharmacists. Rather, it is callously and summarily dismissed and vehemently denied. Therefore, the needed statistics to prove the above statements don’t exist, and that is purposeful. There are many vaccine profiteers who will not allow the truth to surface, lest propaganda-driven public confidence in vaccines be threatened, lest billions in vaccine profits be threatened, and lest trillions in compensation to the vaccine-injured and their families, and to the families of the vaccine-killed, be threatened.

Parents are constantly told by doctors and nurses that their children’s vaccine-induced injuries and deaths are merely “coincidences”, that the vaccines were in no way responsible. Due to this continued denial of what is often blatant and indisputable evidence, including eye witness accounts of immediate and/or temporally-related adverse reactions to one or more vaccines, and due to the denial of scientific facts regarding how and why vaccine injuries and fatalities occur, vaccines are now the leading cause of coincidences in the world.

How different things would be at this point in time if doctors and nurses had acknowledged, admitted, and reported the myriad vaccine-induced injuries and deaths which happened in patients under their care, and which are witnessed virtually non-stop in pediatricians’ offices, emergency rooms, NICUs, and pediatric wards of hospitals. Imagine if these medical professionals had refused to continue administering vaccines due to the harm they were causing, which they were personally witnessing, versus turning a blind and callous eye to it.

Instead of acting ethically and with integrity, by admitting and reporting vaccine-induced injuries and fatalities, and by honoring their oath to “first, do no harm”, which would preclude vaccinating, doctors and nurses have forged on in their ignorance and arrogance, and sometimes in their corruption. They have chosen to focus on the perks, profits, and repeat customers brought by the endless recommendations for vaccinations, and by the subsequent and seemingly-endless fallout from them.

Vaccine injuries are bankrupting families, school districts, and our country.  With 54% of America’s children suffering from a chronic illness, developmental disability, or both, we must ask who will be fit enough to serve in our military to defend our country, fit enough to work full time, fit enough to bear and raise children, and fit enough to stop this vaccine insanity and the other environmental poisonings of our population.

To say that vaccines are safe means that they do not injure or kill recipients, yet, it is readily admitted that they do both.  To say that vaccines are effective means that they provide lifetime immunity to recipients, without harming them in the process, yet, it is readily admitted that they do neither. To say that vaccines are necessary means that our God-given, finely tuned, incredibly complex beyond our understanding, and simply amazing immune systems were not designed to fight off foreign invaders, which is not true, they are…until tampered with, tainted, and destroyed by vaccines.

To say that only a few will be permanently harmed or killed by vaccines (as if that is somehow an acceptable premise when practicing prophylactic medicine on otherwise healthy individuals) is unproven, unscientific, unethical, and defies common sense. What human being should be injected, into a closed system, with: mercury, aluminum, polysorbate 80, MSG, formaldehyde, phenol, antifreeze, DNA from aborted fetuses, DNA from non-human species, viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin, food proteins, squalene, and numerous other health-destroying ingredients, including ones that aren’t required to be disclosed? There is not one human being alive for whom it is wise, ethical, or health-inducing to inject these ingredients.

As in so many areas in our sorely-misguided country, wealth and greed have superseded health and ethics. The mythical notion of vaccine-induced “herd immunity” has led to the reality of vaccine-induced “herd susceptibility”. Despite the numbers of vaccine recommendations and vaccine mandates increasing, while exemptions have been further restricted and/or eliminated in the majority of states, all signs show that Americans are not getting healthier. From our abysmal infant mortality rate, to the ever-increasing number of special education students, to the unbelievable use of Rx drugs in the U.S., now beginning in infancy, to the newly-released study showing that for the first time ever, our life expectancy is going down, all signs point to and confirm that what we are doing with regard to health in the U.S. is not working. The health and proper development of our population is in sharp and serious decline. Not only will we no longer be able to compete with other nations due to the damage we are inflicting on our own citizenry via vaccine recommendations and mandates, we will not be able to defend our own country, or sustain ourselves financially with such a sickly and disabled population.

I have been working to end this vaccine holocaust for nearly 20 years.  Unbelievably, despite the efforts of many, the situation has worsened in the past 20 years. The majority of our citizenry is unhealthy, mentally declining and often deficient, dying prematurely, and consuming prescription drugs at a rate never seen before in history. Clearly, vaccines are not improving our health, development, fertility, or longevity.  Nor are they strengthening our nation. Rather, they are weakening it and making it extremely vulnerable.

I propose a 3-pronged approach to improve the health of Americans, reduce the amount we spend on healthcare, and keep viable our citizenry and nation, with my focus being on vaccines (vaccines are but one of many things that have been wrongly approved in our country which are destroying our health, but they are the earliest and most egregious assault, and their elimination should be our number one priority).

  1. Ban vaccine mandates, in all 50 states, in all situations, for all people, including for those in the military. Medical mandates of any sort cannot be allowed or tolerated in a society which calls itself free. Nor can they be allowed or tolerated in a country which is governed by a Constitution guaranteeing parents the right to direct the care and upbringing of their children as they see fit, and which also includes a specific amendment protecting religious freedom. Additionally, the U.S. is a signer to many international codes of ethics which prohibit medical treatments and procedures from being performed without the prior, completely free, and fully informed consent of the individual, or of the child’s parent(s).

  2. Fully restore individual and parental rights with regard to medical decision making, including vaccination decisions. A simple “no thank you” should always suffice when declining or refusing any medical treatment or procedure, without any government interference, coercion, or cost. Families, communities, and our country will thrive when each individual does what is best for himself/herself, and for his/her family. We must strive to have an educated and empowered citizenry, not one misled by propaganda and crippled by tyrannical laws.

  3. Immediately repeal the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act and restore liability to its rightful owners, i.e. to those who make and administer vaccines. It would be fascinating to see which vaccines, if any, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists would administer if they were personally liable for the injuries and deaths caused by the vaccines, in both the short and long term.

Additional components which would help speed things along, with the end goal being the complete elimination of vaccines (as not one should ever have been approved or marketed, much less mandated):

  1. For any vaccine administered, the doctor, nurse, or pharmacist must: read through the entire list of contraindications and possible adverse events with the patient/parent prior to administering the vaccine; he must take thorough and detailed individual and family health histories prior to administering any vaccine to identify contraindications; he must evaluate the recipient’s current health status and may not vaccinate anyone who is currently sick, who has been sick in the month prior, who is currently taking medications for illness, who has previously suffered an adverse vaccine reaction, or who has an immediate family member who has suffered an adverse vaccine reaction; he must review with the patient/parent how to identify the possible adverse events that can follow vaccination; he must give the patient/parent the vaccine package insert(s), along with detailed information about how to contact VAERS, and file a report with the VICP, in the event of vaccine-induced injury or death.
  1. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists must be required to provide and receive informed consent prior to administering any vaccination, and they must also be required to admit that the “informed consent” they are offering regarding vaccines is based solely on personal opinion. This is the reality because the needed safety and efficacy studies for vaccines, properly done in accordance with the scientific gold standard of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, have never been done, including for monovalent vaccines, multivalent vaccines, and combinations of vaccines. Additionally, the needed comparison study between the vaccinated and the completely unvaccinated, to determine which group fares better with regard to health, development, fertility, and longevity, has never been done. Medical professionals administering vaccines must admit that the opinions they offer are not based on any valid science, and have been influenced by pharmaceutical companies and government agencies which have been involved in improper, deceptive, and fraudulent vaccine studies, in addition to other crimes.
  1. The monies in the VICP fund are to be distributed immediately and completely to the vaccine injured and their families, including to individuals and families who will be invited to file claims even if the 3-year statute of limitations for filing a claim has passed. This will include families who have children, including children who are now young adults, with diagnoses of: autism, asthma, type 1 diabetes, seizure disorders, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Tourette’s syndrome, life-threatening peanut allergies, life-altering food allergies, tics, speech and language disorders, lupus, leukemia, lymphoma, and all other chronic illnesses and developmental disabilities that result from vaccinations.
  1. The VICP will be immediately and completely dismantled. No longer will vaccine recipients and/or taxpayers pay a 75-cent surtax on each vaccine antigen administered.  Pharmaceutical companies and those administering vaccines will assume any and all liability for vaccine injuries and deaths, not vaccine recipients and taxpayers.

The costs of vaccine-related illnesses, disabilities, and deaths cannot be accurately calculated because they are so numerous and extensive, they are not always immediate, they continue to manifest over a person’s lifetime, and because such injuries and deaths are not properly, if at all, admitted, acknowledged, or reported. 

Until we face the fact that vaccines are not safe, not effective, not needed, and highly-damaging, our nation will remain in a state of steady and ever-increasing decline. Health and productivity will continue to dramatically decrease, while healthcare, education, and dependent-citizens’ costs will escalate to such a point that no amount of taxation will suffice.  Our nation’s tax base, which is presently collected from a staggeringly-low percentage of the population, will continue to decrease, and the number of those dependent on the government will increase.  Our current trend is not sustainable. 

Will President Trump be bold and courageous enough to face down the vaccine profiteers and tell them: “Game over!”  

I hope so, because if he isn’t, it is game over for the U.S.


Laura Hayes

Stanford, 1987, BA in Human Biology

Parent of 3 vaccine-injured children, now young adults, one of whom was severely and permanently disabled by his “routine” childhood vaccinations, and is now dependent on others and the government for the remainder of his life.

For additional information from Laura Hayes, please watch her recent WAPF presentation titled Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About? 


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Angus Files

Good luck Mr Kennedy watching all the way from here in Scotland UK.

Pharma For Prison


Natalie Riehl

Thank you, Age of Autism, for re-posting this timely and prescient commentary. Laura Hayes is always so thorough and logical; and clear logic has been virtually absent from the globalist media and medical tyranny for the past three years of the "covid era." Outstanding in her numbered points are banning vaccine mandates (or as Laura suggests, completely eliminating vaccines), informed consent, and repealing the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

I especially like that all medical providers must read the "entire list of contraindications and possible adverse events with the patient/parent prior to administering the vaccine"; and then to hold those providers and the vaccine manufacturers legally liable for any and all injuries!

Although readers on A of A already know about this vaccine information, these two resources may be useful. Here is an FDA link to the inserts for Vaccines Licensed for Use in the United States:

And a CDC link to the vaccine excipients (preservatives, adjuvants, stablizers, cell culture materials, inactivating ingredients, antibiotics), at least those excipients which vaccine manufacturers admit to. This list has been greatly softened and diminished since it was first published 2017.

Kathy Sincere

Kim – thank you for running Laura Hayes’ 2017 article again. It certainly DOES still ring true!

The military daily news from September 2022 states that 77% of young Americans would be unfit to serve for health reasons. How I wish that study had included vaccination side effects, ALL vaccines. That would necessitate connecting the dots between illness and vaccines; not going to happen!


"How different things would be at this point in time if doctors and nurses had acknowledged, admitted, and reported the myriad vaccine-induced injuries and deaths which happened in patients under their care, and which are witnessed virtually non-stop in pediatricians’ offices, emergency rooms, NICUs, and pediatric wards of hospitals. Imagine if these medical professionals had refused to continue administering vaccines due to the harm they were causing, which they were personally witnessing, versus turning a blind and callous eye to it."

These people are evil.
See Amazing Polly's latest video on this topic:

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