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It’s official. Read CHD’s announcement here.


Note:  Age of Autism has always followed the Presidential elections. Do you remember when Sam Wessels used to talk to every candidate who came to Iowa? We welcome insights, comments and reports from readers and contributors. We will never endorse a candidate, as we are a non-profit. Pro-choice is as important in the voting booth as it is at a doctor's office, after all.  Robert Kennedy, Jr. has a site that discusses his possible Presidential run called  Please pray for Bobby's safety, and that he can make decisions from a place of courage and love.



Freedom First

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has spent his life fighting for American democracy and the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution. He has battled against corporate greed and government corruption to protect our children, our health, our livelihoods, our environment, and above all, our freedom.

With integrity, courage, and self-sacrifice, he has led Americans in an ennobling fight to restore our country as the exemplary nation, and to end the toxic polarization that divides us and enriches the elites.

His steely character and unique history fighting crooked bureaucracies make Bobby the only person who can bridge the divide and fix our country.

Let Bobby know you want to see his leadership in the White House.

A key metric for assessing the feasibility of running is the ability to sign up volunteers and raise funds. Please show your support for his run by texting Bobby at (202) 932-7525, and consider making a donation.

America faces many challenges, but every solution begins with freedom.

Together we can reunite America, becoming, finally, that shining city on the hill, "where justice flows down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream."


UnderestimatedUnderestimated: An Autism Miracle
BY JB Handley and Jamison Handley

In Underestimated: An Autism Miracle, Generation Rescue’s cofounder J.B. Handley and his teenage son Jamison tell the remarkable story of Jamison’s journey to find a method of communication that allowed him to show the world that he was a brilliant, wise, generous, and complex individual who had been misunderstood and underestimated by everyone in his life.

Environmental Causes of AutismThe Environmental And Genetic Causes of Autism

By James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism delves deep into the full body of past and current research to reveal how genetic predispositions and environmental factors can combine to produce the conditions autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

While most autism researchers focus on either environmental or genetic causes of autism, Lyons-Weiler’s opus demonstrates that to fully understand the condition and to finally put its rate on the decrease, it is essential to pay attention to the science showing how the two classes of factors interact.




Raymond W Gallup


"Raymond Gallup I got that when I watched Trump's speech after his return from New York. The secret service were so close they must have been stepping on his feet. The look on their faces were more intense that Timothy J. McCarthy face was when he spotted the shooter and stepped in front to Regan.

We live in serious times.
There are a lot of bad people that have shown themselves, but there have been some that have really shined and Robert Kennedy Jr is one of them."

You are spot on, Benedetta!!!
We not only live in serious times but very dangerous times with the cognitively messed up Joe Biden in the White House. All the wrong domestic policies including foreign policies as well leading us down the path to WW III. This was the guy who was "friends" with President Xi. Actually he was lining his pockets with the help of his son, Hunter and his brother with Chinese Communist $$$$.

I could go on but what is the sense. I like Trump and Kennedy a lot but I have a bad feeling what with the 2020 election fraud (and 2022 too), that we will have Biden again in 2024 which will make for a DISASTER for our once great country. China, Russia, North Korea and Iran will gang up on the USA while Biden is in office and it will be all over for our country. Thank you, Joe Biden and the WASHINGTON DC DEEP STATE (sarcasm)!


David, the DNC has decided it will host no primary debates.
RFK Jr criticized the decision, as per letter copied in his substack, American Resurrection.


Staying home and not voting for anyone is also a vote in a way.
The early voting, the Democrats have done has taken that type of vote away.

I have had times that I have decided neither candidate is worth my time - haven't we all done that at some point? Hold your nose and vote, or just don't vote for either.


Raymond Gallup I got that when I watched Trump's speech after his return from New York. The secret service were so close they must have been stepping on his feet. The look on their faces were more intense that Timothy J. McCarthy face was when he spotted the shooter and stepped in front to Regan.

We live in serious times.
There are a lot of bad people that have shown themselves, but there have been some that have really shined and Robert Kennedy Jr is one of them.

Raymond Gallup

The Washington DC Deep State doesn't like Donald Trump as well as not liking RFK Jr.

Check out this article per:

Russia's 'Merchant of Death' Warns Donald Trump His Life Is in Danger

Russia's "merchant of death" offered Donald Trump asylum in Russia this week, saying he believes the former president's life is in danger if he remains in the United States......

I for one wouldn't visit Washington DC or go near it what with all the Swamp SNAKES AND LIZARDS that live there. Manhattan, NY is the same and unfortunately for me I live 28 miles West of Manhattan, NY. UGH!!!

Angus Files

All the very best of whatever to this very brave man. Superb. I hope he wins spectacularly.In our prayers.

Pharma For Prison


Raymond Gallup


Joe Biden Has A New Political Headache to Deal With Now

I'm a registered Republican voter as well as a Vietnam era Veteran. Regarding RFK Jr. 's stance on the CIA, useless wars, autism and vaccines and countless other views, I would not be hard pressed to vote for him. In other words, I would vote for him in a heart beat.

Hopefully we get to election day, November 2024 without Biden getting us into WW III.

Ray Gallup

susan welch

Even though I am from UK, I think this is fantastic news.

Just imagine a world where the US president was a man of integrity and courage: what a wonderful world that would be.

Even if that doesn't happen, as David says, it would be so interesting to see the red pilling at the debates.

It's great ti have some positive news.

David Weiner

Would be great to see Kennedy participate in the Democratic debates. Can you imagine the red-pilling he could do?


Why no action from CHD or ICAN regarding the Biden appointed head of the CDC unlawfully adding a DOD EUA countermeasure Covid 19 jab to the CDC recommended childhood vaccine schedule? How can the DOD pay the vaccine tax to fund the Vaccine Court injury awards? We must act now, before Biden ends the Emergency Declaration in May.

Carolyn Typo

Darn! Seeds not seeds!

Carolyn Coughlin

This is our chance to get Americans the future we lost to assassin's bullets, a word where our agencies actually work for the people not indistries.

JFK kept Thalidomide from our shores. RFK a wanted to stop the Vietnam war; Vaccine mandates are the draft, and Vaccines are Vietnam, stealing lives for no reason, no benefit, and making a fortune for those who make the weapons.

RFK JR stands for a world where regulations keep train wrecks from happening and you get to keep the deeds you get off what you grow. A world where a company can't get away with asbestos in talc, killing thousands of women to jump their stock prices. A world where service to community and employees not just stockholders, is part of what companies owe if they have the privilege to be a corporation.
I am so excited !



The staged "martyr" Trump:

Coincidence or true?

Saviors or murderers?

"Tim Truth did an excellent job in highlighting the other doctors on the round table discussion in Florida that clearly LIED to the people in Florida by telling parents that they should trust all other vaccines except the COVID shot, because these other vaccines have almost no side effects and are only 1 in a million, and that therefore parents need to keep vaccinating their children."

The fruits of "all the other great safe real" shots:


I went back to listen to Mercola's interview.
He is going quickly over a lot of stuff. 36 some where he talks about how he can fix it.
He says that Trump or some one knows how to fix maybe one agency but not all of the agency. So they pick someone that is fixed in that agency, safe choices.

He knows the people that needs to go, and the ones taking bribes.
I am unsure. He talks about making sure the universities stop getting money from - I am unsure from big companies or the government? His attorney general would go after the big science mags like Lancet for racketeering cause they are not telling the truth. He talks about dividing these federal agencies up into even smaller little agencies.

Listen to him Emma; and then discuss it with me what needs to be tightened down.
I would love to hear Trump's thoughts.

What I know is that Trump should have brought Robert Kennedy Jr into the fray and tomatoed Gates.



Isn't it somewhere in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act that the Federal government must promote the "approved" vaccines? Pharma depends on that for their advertising, since they are liability free. I think this may be the reason Trump never "dissed" the vaccines while in office, but made sure they were never mandated. He originally promoted Covid treatment countermeasures- Hydroxychloraquine and monoclonal antibodies- both which had huge success. The Deep State (including Fauci) quickly shut that down. How would Kennedy get around this problem?


There is a lot of information that I need to take in.
Emma, Dr. Mercola interviewed Robert Kennedy and it is still on Dr. Mercola's sight.
He thought that he knew of a way to stop years, and years long careers. I need to go back and listen to it again. He said as a president he could do that with out Congress.

That said; President Trump had to go through the courts almost the entire four years to get his section F in place. Right on the end he finally had it. It has something to do with firing high level federal agency people. Biden the first thing he did - even before the stopping of the pipe line and the Border wall was ban section F. Trump says that if he wins he will reinstate it in 2025.

I noticed that after Trump got back from New York and was making his way forward to make a speech, his secret service and body guards were really tight around him, and they were serious, and very nervous men.

Robert Kennedy Jr has decided to run on the Democratic ticket.
They hate Trump and it is not because they think he is some con man either, or he will get us into a war. It is that he stands in their way to communism, the Great Reset, controlling all your money and on and on So, How much will they hate Robert Kennedy Jr.? He is not going to get the nomination anymore than Bernie. Bernie was a communist. I don't know why they did not want him? Maybe communist is different from fascist? I am all confused I guess fascist from what I have read is kind of like capitalist communism, maybe one of those feudal serf systems?


Emma, they aren't "failing", they're doing exactly what Satan wants them to do on both parties - rob people of their independence (via ASDs/"neurodiversity", "autism friendly" 15 minute/"freedom" cities, and JP Morgan causing the massive warehouse fires and train derailments) to usher in the global communist one world government/NW0.

Another massive undercount?:

The autism therapy industry will implode:

1 in 36 - 4 in 6?


This might please Dam Olmsted a little: Twitter has labeled NPR (National Propaganda Radio) as "State-Affiliated Media".

It was in 2007 that Dan wrote a perfect essay on Whats Wrong With NPR and Why do they make me gag (or want to throw-up).

You want to laugh Dan, read this: "Caroline Orr Bueno, a behavioral scientist who studies disinformation at the University of Maryland, warned that Twitter's move could muddy the water in a news environment where it's already difficult to decipher which outlets are reliable and have editorial independence.

"This is ridiculous and only helps actual propaganda outlets blend in with legitimate news outlets," she said via Twitter. "

And this: When asked about Twitter's decision during the White House's daily briefing, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declined to address Twitter's content rules specifically. But she also defended NPR's journalism.

NPR walks like a duck, and lies like a state-affiliated media duck dutifully presenting the governments misinformation.


If Kennedy were President, who would he appoint as HHS Secretary? AG? FBI? Education?
These people ultimately run the show. Dems and Republicans have both failed miserably in this area.

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