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Profound Autism

Iq testNote: Profound autism = IQ below 50 or non-speaking. I question the IQ number. In my opinion and experience, many of our children with profound autism are untestable - and therefore the tests are either null and void or show a low IQ.  There are many ways to exhibit intelligence - such as spelling, rapid prompt, ability to search and use technology, building skills, pattern recognition - so many of the traits of excellence we see in our children. Still, interesting to see "profound autism" discussed and maybe one day, cured. We will never give up that hope. 

From Safeminds:

Research Depicts “Profound Autism” as Very Different than “Autism Spectrum Disorder”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that 26.7% of individuals with autism qualify as having “profound autism,” defined as having the disorder with an intelligence quotient (IQ) score <50 or being nonverbal or minimally verbal. This is the first time CDC has investigated and reported on profound autism prevalence rate data. The authors determined that the rate of profound cases increased from approximately three cases per 1,000 children in 2000 to about five cases per 1,000 in 2016. This report analyzed population-based surveillance data from the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network (ADDM) for 20,135 children aged 8 with autism from 2000-2016. The data showed that children with profound autism were more likely to be female, from racial and ethnic minority groups, of low socioeconomic status, born preterm or with low birth weight, have self-injurious behaviors, have seizure disorders, and have lower adaptive skills. The report also highlights that “profound autism” is markedly different from the broader diagnosis of “autism spectrum disorder” and points out that children with profound autism may have considerable medical complexity. 

It is unlikely that these more affected children will be able to live independently or perform daily living tasks as they grow older. The authors concluded their report by emphasizing that calculating the number of individuals with profound autism and describing their needs is extremely important. It will ensure this vulnerable group receives the services and support needed during their lifetimes. They also called for more research specific to those with profound autism, especially as they transition to adolescence and adulthood.

Original Article

Original ADDM Report 


The Vaccine Court bookThe Vaccine Court 2.0: Revised and Updated: The Dark Truth of America's Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

By Wayne Rohde

The Vaccine Court looks at the mysterious and often unknown world of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), the only recourse for seeking compensation for those who have been injured by a vaccine. The NVICP, better known as the ”Vaccine Court,” however, is not without controversy.

Established by Congress as a direct result of the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, the NVICP was supposed to offer a no-fault alternative to the traditional injury claims filed in state or federal courts and was to provide quick, efficient, and fair compensation for those who have been injured by vaccines. The reality, however, is that many cases take several years or longer to complete and require tremendous commitment from families already pushed to the brink of bankruptcy caring for the vaccine-injured family member, only to discover that the end result is manipulated by the government in defense of the US vaccine policy.

A Letter to LiberalsA Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals

By Robert Kennedy Jr.

A leading Democrat challenges his party to return to liberal values and evidence-based science
Democrats were the party of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and faith in scientific and liberal empiricism. They once took pride in understanding how to read science critically, exercising healthy skepticism toward notoriously corrupt entities like the drug companies that brought us the opioid crisis, and were outraged by the phenomenon of “agency capture” and the pervasive control of private interests over Congress, the media, and the scientific journals.
A Letter to Liberals is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, challenge to “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to once cherished precepts.

DenialDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

By Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted

Even as the autism rate soars and the cost to our nation climbs well into the billions, a dangerous new idea is taking hold: There simply is no autism epidemic.

The question is stark: Is autism ancient, a genetic variation that demands acceptance and celebration? Or is it new and disabling, triggered by something in the environment that is damaging more children every day?


Visitor IH

At least Trump and Desantis dis not want to throw people out of work and destroy them for refusing the vaccine. Where again do you stand? It seems clear.


The US military has minimum enlistment standards at about the IQ 85 level. There have been two experiments with lowering this to 80 but in both cases these men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs.[112]


Jordon Peterson set me on this. I did not know.
Jordan Peterson also said that the military already knows the percentage of men at military age that has less than that. It is 12 %

12 %!

Dr. Andrew Wakefield has already made a statement that burned into my brain of it is not just autism. What happens when a few IQ points are shaved off of the whole population?


"Autistics might have higher risks of developing ovarian cancer (in biological females) and reproductive cancers, especially in those with very unhealthy diets."

Please give a citation for that statistic. I have never heard that. Is it related to vaccine damage?
According to currently reported CDC statistics, ASD is 4 times more common in boys than girls.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

DSM and ICD UK Classifications prefer fluffy description nomenclature ,it helps tae keep the issues ,problems and difficulties out of sight out of mind of it's own creation of carnage.

https//www.clubofrome.org impact-hubs/emerging-new-civilisation
Limits and Beyond ;59 Years on from The Limits To Growth . what did we learn and what's next ?
See https//www.investipedia.com>Economy >Economics
Investapedia .
Who is Thomas Malthus ?
What is the Malthusian Growth Model /

https//www,britannica .
Thomas Malthus /Biography /Theory/ Overpopulation - 16 March 2023 .

The Daily Sceptic https//dailysceptic.org
Lancet Pushes Dangerous Theory That People Are Worth No More Than Rats .
By Dr David Bell 17 March 2023

Runrig - Dance Called America YouTube .

The High Wire -Home
Episode 307 Unsilenced .
Jamie and JB Handley -"Just Fabulous!" -True Skye Terrier /Cairn Terrier personality types !1
Mischievous wee rascals know fine well that "The Malthusian Clerics and their human population management plan are truly petrified of us and ewes !"
Do Cairn Terriers work well with Makaton ? Oh yes they do !


Bill, the part of the brain that runs the pituitary gland that in turns runs the adrenals, cortisol, insulin, ghrelin, ovaries, testis all the hormones is the hypothalamus.

The vaccines are damaging the hypothalamus.

The vaccines are damaging the immune system that is very integrated with the metabolism which is very integrated with the hormones, which are all run by the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus so diverse that a vaccine that damages the hypothalamus can come off as so many different things that do not even seem related.

The perfect instrument for depopulation.

But apparently not fast enough to suit some really evil people.

How in the heck did U.K. run out of a two year supply of midzolam- twice in the same year!
You all see the documentary over at Mercola today?

National Vaccine Information Center has the article on it too.



Autistics might have higher risks of developing ovarian cancer (in biological females) and reproductive cancers, especially in those with very unhealthy diets. I'm sorry Emma, but surgery may be inevitable for many ASD people as they age and develop cancers in parts they'll never utilize as almostb all ASD people (except the mildest of cases) never reproduce - trans or not. LGBTQ or not, so many youth need medications and drugs or various disorders their entire lives, such as seizure disorders, depression, chronic illnesses etc in this decaying world. forceful, non-prevention-based, agressive anti-transgender legislations for a very mentally and physically fragile population, is doing much more harm than good. The "trans issue" will never go away no matter what harmful "protective" laws are made by the same pro-vaccine "Christians" such as 100% pro vaccine Ron Desantis who praised the COVID shots and MMR shots.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

Well, I am not remotely put out, only grateful that someone remembered the article. I can only say we are nearly six years on and I haven’t seen a flapping infant since - has anyone else?


"...why are you rambling on about the transgender issue."

Using pull quotes about an article quoting hospital documents on the topic is hardly rambling. I recommend everyone watch this week's THE HIGH WIRE. They do an excellent job covering this controversial topic, including interviews with a hormone expert and a "de-transitioner'. Well worth your time. Unfortunately, they did not touch on the fact that a large number of the transitioning youth have an autism diagnosis. Cutting off health body parts of adolescents and plying them with life changing drugs is a topic all parents should be concerned with, including those with children "on the spectrum."


Oh John Stone; I apologize for not realizing it was you that asked the question over observations, you had made. .
IT was a great article, one that I did not forget. At the time I thought about it and looked around myself.

I think you were right about the less hand flapping, spinning, around and less neurological problems with controlling muscles, and perhaps Tourette's?

At this very moment I observe friends, acquaintances and family. I come away thinking they are - hardly milder mentally, but not so neurologically with movement damaged.

Is that a correct observation on my part? I don't know.


Emma Philidelphia why are you rambling on about the transgender issue. WND is a horrible news service and the fact a person who SUPPOSEDLY has autism and is a transgender is not important. We need to talk about important things like good quality healthcare and housing for those with autism and other disabilities not transgender this and that. Any criticism of the feminist movement and the transgender movement should have to do with secular political issues. The transgender and feminist movement are distorting the disabled rights movement and the civil rights movement that is a secular political issue not religious fanatic rambling.

John Stone

Hi Benedetta

Maybe this


All the best



I am talking about the reduction of mercury.

I can't hold a thought in my mind to even write it down. Sorry.


There was an article here on "Age of Autism" In which Dan Olmstead, and Mark Blaxill was questioning the readers if the severe type of autism was going down after the childhood shots had reduced or no more vaccines.

When was that? What year?

I guess we all have our answer.

Visitor IH

"Let's call it what it really is, vaccine induced encephalopathy (brain injury) and sometimes gut damage. There is no "spectrum". It is just varying degrees of injury, much like stroke victims."

All in favor say Aye. It not actually a vote, but for those who the truth.


Is Bill Gates' home town trying to "erase" the vaccine injured?

Hospital documents reveal its campaign to push 'transitions' on children
"“The most damning aspect of these documents is the repeated assertion that the gender clinic does not provide mental health services,” Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, former associate dean for curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and current chair of Do No Harm, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The notion that these children, who are often depressed, anxious, and even autistic, are not provided with those services in a way that is closely linked with the activities of the gender clinic is appalling.”

Children with autism are vastly overrepresented in the population of transgender-identified youth, and mental health problems including anxiety and depression are common among this demographic."
Because of lack of speech, the "profoundly autistic" may escape this demonic attack. Count your blessings.

L land

Allison Singer?
25% is severe ok. Likely means 25% is not severe and 50% in the middle
Standard bell curve.
I have doubts that the majority of severely affected are female. I suspect that is author bias.


Let's call it what it really is, vaccine induced encephalopathy (brain injury) and sometimes gut damage. There is no "spectrum". It is just varying degrees of injury, much like stroke victims.

After his MMR at 15 months (same age and same shot schedule as Hannah Poling), my son had no speech, constant screaming, melt downs, gut/eating issues, OC traits, insomnia, and a biting tic. He also graduated from a high school for the gifted (with speech fluency) and a full scholarship to a top engineering school. He graduated in three years with a Computer Science degree and three paid internships (fortune 100 companies) under his belt. One of the companies called him to come work for them. He happily accepted and has been earning six figures since the age of 22 and is living a completely independent and fulfilling life. The only outside intervention he had was intensive private speech therapy (we paid for it) and 6 months on a ethylene glycol laxative prescribed off label by a gastroenterologist. The rest of his recovery was due to my faith, daily prayers, and home schooling through 8th grade. My child's recovery experience doesn't fit into AoA's or the CDC's box. The common denominator is the vaccine schedule. In my opinion, ongoing seizures seem to indicate more severe injury. Permanent loss speech adds greatly to the stress level and also conceals intelligence level. Get rid of the children's vaccine schedule and we won't need an AoA website moving forward.


I've seen severely autistic people with high I.Q. levels above 100/above average intelligence. "Profound autism" wouldn't include people with severe HFA/severe aspergers or severe high functioning unspecified ASD/severe PDD-NOS with high intelligence. Those with savant/very gifted skills but unable to tolerate being in a classroom setting/serious sensory and comorbid issues/strong fixations on special interests. Those who claim ASD victims can live "healthy and fulfilling lifestyles" are seriously blind (except for the recovered/mildest of cases such as "self-diagnosed" adults, without such serious comorbidities and chronic G.I./sensory issues). The Neurodiversity movement has abridged society's view of ASDs as a mere personality disorder/condition similar to depression or ADHD when it's usually much more severe than that.


True ASD rate one-in-five? https://www.lossofbraintrust.com/post/u-s-massive-special-education-teacher-shortage-98-of-districts-don-t-have-enough

Angus Files

To quote the Dr` s 20 so years ago " he has at BEST the mental age of around a 2 year old " .Sadly not a lot has changed since then despite the attempts. But one day.

Pharma For Prison



So the CDC finally got around to discovering people like my soon to be FORTY NINE year old brother? Must be nice to get free taxpayer money to be consistently a day late and a dollar short in actually helping anyone. They haven’t helped me with my 4 ASD kids either, each of whom I had to recover myself - no thanks to any of them.

What a waste this study is. I could’ve already told them all of this for free. That money would’ve been better spent going directly to help some autism families in their every day lives. Or at least funding the criminal prosecution of people like that cockroach Fauci …

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