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Gaslighting 2Katie Wright's post (after the MyCycleStory info) tears into Congress for yet again, gaslighting women, this time, the Covid vaccine and menstrual problems. We live in a world where we must agree in an instant that men can have periods, but we can not believe that a vaccine could impair the reproductive cycle. There is published, peer reviewed data at a site called MyCycleStory. Details below, and Katie's post follows.  I know at least one young woman who needs blood transfusions after her periods became so heavy when she was forced to get the Covid vaccine to keep her $18.00 an hour job taking care of autistic adults, some also vaccine injured, including two that I love dearly. Thanks.

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We hear you. We are listening. We want answers too. Clinical Trials Did not Study COVID-19 Vaccine Effects on Women’s Reproductive Systems and we are seeing major issues. There have also been reports of reactions from women who have NOT received the COVID-19 Vaccine. We are studying both. We’re an independent research group compiled of advocates, doctors, data scientists, researchers and organizations on a mission to learn more about what’s going on with Women’s Cycles. With this information we will be able bring light to this issue and discover possible causation and potential solutions. All we know right now is that we need more and better information. Whether or not you’ve been vaccinated for COVID, if you’ve had menstrual irregularities, please help us by, donating signing up, sharing your story and participating in our research studies and sharing your cycle story.

On behalf of all of our daughters, mothers, sisters and friends, we thank you for participating.

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By Katie Wright

In 2021 the geniuses at the White House singled out the tweets of eminent liberal feminist scholar, Naomi Wolf, PhD, as a “dangerous source of misinformation.” She had been tweeting that irregular menstruation was a disturbing side of the Covid vaccine. Wolf is not Conservative or a Republican. She had been a pro-choice activist and worked as an advisor for Vice President Gore. Yet the Biden administration is so wedded to mass surveillance and censorship that it was more than willing to destroy one of their own if they dare deviate from the, “Covid vaccine is safe and effective,” talking point.

I don’t think I have ever said this before, but, I think I am speaking for 99% of women when I say women are not looking for opportunities to publicly discuss their menstrual cycles. Yeah, I know, we are supposed to view it as a beautiful symbol of our womanhood, yada, yada, yada. However, most of us just view it as annoying part of our lives. We don’t see our menstruation as fun to discuss. Therefore, the fact that hundreds of thousands of women are suddenly talking about their menstrual problems on social media is evidence that something is really wrong.

Soon after the vaccine rolled out, women and girls were saying that their menstrual cycles were totally screwed up post Covid vaccine. Predictably, the CDC, the NIH and the White House dismissed all concerns. Ladies, we know this playbook, right? Cramps were once determined to be psychological in origin. According to Freud, women who complained about their period were rejecting their own gender, autism is caused by unloving mothers, etc….The medical community is swift to dismiss women’s medical problems or blame women for their children’s medical problems until mountains of evidence produced.

Thanks to Elon Musk and the Twitter Files, that mountain of evidence exists! Wolf gained access to the Pfizer records that the company had wanted sealed for 75 yrs! Pfizer knew that their vaccine was hugely disruptive to women’s menstrual cycles. In fact, in Pfizer’s research had 25 different codes for menstrual problems, including hemorrhaging, having 2 periods a month, the passing of large blood clots and more. Pfizer also found Covid vaccinated pregnant women far more likely to miscarry than unvaccinated women. Disturbingly, vaccinated mothers of newborns were found to have polyethylene glycol (a chemical in the Covid vaccine) in their breast milk.

Pfizer lied when they told the public that the spike protein in the Covid vaccine stays in the injection site. In fact, according to Pfizer’s own data, the spike protein goes off like a shotgun blast, making its way throughout the body. This can cause brain, liver and spleen inflammation. When the spike protein makes its way to the ovaries it has no way out. Spike protein contains industrial fats and polyethylene glycol.

Side note, like 5% of Americans I am highly allergic to PG. PG often found in shampoos and cosmetics. If a trace amount of PG touches my face it quickly becomes red and irritated and my eyes swell shut. I will post a picture along with this blog. PG allergies are extremely painful and difficult to treat. This liquid nano particle transverses the placenta and can cause blood clots. Notably, PG also dramatically lowers sperm count for up to six months! The Pfizer Covid vaccine significantly negatively impacts the reproductive health of women and men. How could the “My Body, My Choice” team on the congressional committee fail to ask about this???

Many of my female friends were talking about alarming changes to their menstrual cycles, post Covid vaccine, but the mainstream medical community dismissed them. No surprise there! “The Washington Post” asserted that “menstrual problems most likely caused by stress of the epidemic.” Yale said, “If there is a connection between the vaccine and menstrual cycles it is no cause for alarm. There is a long list of things that affect menstrual cycles!” Well known and widely published and read OBGYN Dr. Jun Gunter said, “menstrual problems are due to stress and diet. The CDC said there is no evidence the vaccine could be affecting menstrual cycles.” So much for listening to the “listen to the science!” crowd. They need to try to “listen to their patients” for a change.

Despite protestations from Yale and the CDC, to the contrary, many women were indeed experiencing severe menstrual problems and this was NOT because of psychological issues like stress. Now thanks to the Twitter files, we learned that Pfizer knew of these dangerous side effects. And so did the FBI, but they lied to the American public in their crazy zeal to see everyone vaccinated. This, despite the fact, that they knew in June 2021 that the vaccine would not stop infection or transmission of the Covid virus! At this point, the White and the FBI worked over-time demanding that all discussions of adverse vaccine reactions, menstrual problems, be censored or labeled “misinformation.”

Representations Porter and Cortez claim to be stalwart supporters of women’s health and a women’s right to choose. However, they yawned and said little during the hearing.

Toward the end of the day, Rep. Porter said that the Twitter censorship meetings was “an embarrassing waste of time!” Really?? Discussing the censorship of the reproductive damage suffered by millions of American women would really be, as said by Representative Katie Porter says, “a waste of time?” Rep Cortez was also completely disinterested in government directed censorship of women’s medical problems.  Shame on both of you for failing 200 million + American women and girls. Porter and Cortez failed to advocate against the censorship of women at the Twitter hearings. Instead, the two Congresswomen sat with smug expressions on their faces and, this seriously happened, complained that the Republicans were being “too tough” on the Twitter censors. Cortez repeatedly complained that the Twitter censors were treated disrespectfully. I know!

The Democratic members accused the committee leadership of engaging in a partisan witch-hunt of Democrats. Well, what about Naomi Wolff? She is one of you. It bothered none of the Democratic Congresswomen that one of the biggest voices in feminism had been silenced because she expressed grave concerns about the side effect of Covid vaccine on women’s fertility?

If only one, one of the men or one of the women ASKED a question about the censoring of women’s reproductive health problems! Too busy looking smug and complaining how hard life had become for the Twitter censors! Right! They are the real victims! Women in Congress need to focus less on protecting the Democratic party and more on behaving like a human beings.


DenialWhat other book could we share as April begins?

Denial: How refusing to face the facts about our autism epidemic hurts children, families - and our future.

...The key to stopping the epidemic, they say, is to stop lying about its history and start asking "who profits?" People who deny that autism is new have self-interested motives, such as ending research that might pinpoint responsibility—and, most threateningly, liability for this man-made epidemic.


Amanda Louden

Lol crank supports crack pot!


Dystopian "autism friendly" (I assume this is what "community housing" will be) homes in Yokohama Japan: (Visualization tools for your personal carbon footprint to help cut Japan's CO2 emissions)

Imagine trying to live "healthy lifestyles" in what are essentially human solar pods, closely stacked next to each other, each one looks the exact same. Reminds me of the isolation camps in China.

Sick Modern Japan: (Japan school trespasser brought at least 3 knives with him for attack)

"The 17-year-old high school student is a Saitama resident suspected of attempted murder over the attack on a teacher at the school in Toda. He is also being investigated in connection with dismembered cat corpses that have been found in the city and elsewhere nearby after he implied he was behind the incidents, the sources said."

Katie Wright

Thank you so much to my commenters !! U have a great deal of insight!!! You gave me a great deal to think about re menstruation censorship. Thank U!!


Well Emma if I am sharing a story about reproductive health, I guess I should add that my last DPT shot at age 28 was given when I was pregnant with our second child.

I was four months going into the fifth month when I lost that baby.


Report estimates death toll of 300,000 from COVID shots!
And $150 billion in economic productivity lost

"A new report on COVID, and the shots that were used against it, has revealed a stunning human toll from those "medications": 26.6 million injured, 1.36 million disabled and 300,000 dead.

Nor is the economic loss easier to accept: $150 billion.

And these are from the shots, not the COVID-19 virus itself...."

"According to a report from Liberty Counsel, "The 2022 Vaccine Damage Report is a culmination of one year’s worth of data compiled by former Wall Street analyst Ed Dowd and his team at the research firm, Phinance Technologies. The report reveals the injuries, disabilities and deaths, or 'human cost,' of the COVID-19 'vaccine' program in the United States for the year 2022. The research team focused their research on the 148 million employed Americans between the ages of 16 to 64."

Dowd reported that the injuries' cost was estimated at $89.9 billion, the cost of disabilities at $52.2 billion and deaths at $5.6 billion.

The report estimated a 50% increase in lost worktime rates, a 28% increase in absence rates, and an estimated 26.6 million individuals affected."


My brilliant, brave, beautiful, 15yr old daughter, approached, her dad & I three months ago, asking if she could go on the pill. Hell fucking no! I said! There’s a risk of cancer! I caved, because if she wants to have sex, & I would rather she not get pregnant, understanding of course that she may get cancer. Here’s the rub, only mothers of cognitive unvaccinated daughters have to worry about their risk of cancer from birth control pills, because only moms of biological female have to worry. Biological males can’t get pregnant. And if a biological male attempts to assault my daughter, her Dad, myself, her two older brothers will hunt that brute down until the earth stands still, meanwhile she’s biologically protected… I guess? Hopefully the pill she’s taking everyday works. I notice parents of biological males aren’t worried, or taking on financial concerns as much.

Long live equality.


@ Benedetta

Thank you for sharing your story. In studying the book of Daniel, the Lord had also brought it to my attention that Daniel was a eunuch, which I had interpreted to mean he was castrated. The great faith and faithfulness of Daniel has always inspired me, and the fact that God could so mightily use someone in that condition. This week we were studying John 15. The second part of John 15:2 says "...and he prunes every branch that produces fruit so that it will produce MORE fruit." This was certainly true for Daniel, who was totally sold out to God during the Captivity of Israel. God allowed him to be physically "pruned" so that he could be close to the King and bear witness of the Most High God. This action and God's wisdom provided to Daniel regarding the King's dreams, saved God's people during this trying time. Thus Daniel's continued faithfulness produced even more fruit for God. Without Israel's survival, Jesus would not have been born. Daniel has many spiritual offspring.


She needs to check her thyroid cause a slow thyroid causes a heavy period.

I had heavy periods as a teenager, but nothing like what happened after I had my last DPT shot when I was 28.
It is miserable to have gear up to put on enough protection to get you through a certain time period till you can reach a bathroom, and again gear up on more protection for the next few hours. You should always take a long sweater as well as carry extra for what could happen.

It is not just the MRNA covid vaccine that has impaired reproductive health.
The DPT vaccine does too. They all do cause they all are causing inflammation and damaging the hypothalamus.
And I don't care if I sound like a fool by mentioning this, but God in a dream told me after the fact that I had ruined my daughter's reproductive health when she was only five years old.

I had a five year old entering kindergarten, and due a DPT vaccine.
After she took it and we got home, she went to our bed, laid down, became unconscious, unaware and unresponsive, and spiked a temperature of 105.

Later that week I dreamed that I had taken her to the peds and had allowed them to give her a hysterectomy. So vivid was the dream that when I woke up; I remained disturbed about it all week. I prayed a lot about it, and begged that it was just a dream. a dream like that is to be forgotten, right?
But to this this day I remember it. It was just too real.

Why did I dream something like that? Somewhere down deep did I know?

That was way back in the fall of 86, and still I remember it. How many dreams does one remember all their life? For me there is that one.

Also ancient history by now is that my daughter started her period in the sixth grade and all seemed well, but by the time she turned 14 and yet another DPT vaccine she would not stop bleeding.

The gynecologist said it was because of the pituitary gland was immature. He pointed to the center of her brain which was more like where the hypothalamus was located. But heck it rules the pituitary gland , and that rules the thyroid too , and now we have thyroid problems.

She has been on the pill every since. She turned 40 last year. Birth control pills that have high estrogen cause the tubes of the gall bladder to become small, thus gall stones.

We have been beyond hurt about how things have turned out on reproductive health.

Last night, our church has decided to study the Book of Daniel for the next couple of months. One of the deacons leading the study said something that shocked me, that I did not know before. The Bible never said that Daniel was castrated when he was chosen to serve the king of Babylon, but most likely looking at what we know about where he was placed in the service of the king, and that it was a common practice, as well as he never married; it is a real possibility. He was a eunuch.

There was a discussion over this.
Evil; the destroying of a country from the time of Daniel, to Nehemiah, to conflicts through out history; that the enemy will first try to shut down gathering and worship. The second thing to circumvent the morals of a country, even infecting the church with immortality. The third thing is to shut off future generations from even being born.

I find deep sorrow about Daniel, but comfort too. God still used Daniel and even to this day his life mattered. Perhaps my children's lives will matter too?

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