New Autism Numbers "Case Study in Total Depravity"
National Day of Whatever You Want It to Be



Interesting article about the self-proclaimed father of the vaccine who pretended to fight against ASDs with the phony baloney "Autism CARES" act...

Very sad, but much needed in "land of the rising sun" nowadays: (Japan launches new agency to deal with children's issues)

"Aside from tackling the birthrate problem, the new agency is also tasked with supporting pregnant women, children with disabilities and "young carers," or children who routinely look after their family members."

Children refusing school in Japan: (Japan's education ministry decides on measures to help students missing school)


Is the "tiny house" craze a death trap for autistics to be corralled into mental hospitals/insane asylums from sensory overload-induced meltdowns/SIBs? Even when you are sleeping in a mobile home/tiny house, you cannot escape loud noises (such as people doing dishes) and many of these houses are dangerously near roads/moving vehicles. The elites don't want anyone in the 99.4% living in large, mansion homes or having personal gardens or literally own anything, why? And they endlessly push "neurodiversity" bullbutter that was super-fueled by deadly "miracle autism cure" scams such as MMS and Ivermectin (not safe even for humans, has horrible side effects on ASD adults and kids).

Chris Chan/the "Sonichu" creator was homeschooled an extremely small portion of his life, and he/she advocated "mainstreaming" kids with autism into these kiddie prisons. The sad reality.

"In my conversations with dozens of local teachers, I have discovered that these teachers have been kicked, punched, stabbed, suffered wrist sprains and limb bruises, some so bad that ice bags were deployed for swelling."

When Chris Chan was little, it's believed he attacked students and nearly bit off a pupil's nose, the pupil had to be hospitalised. He did not receive any intensive O.T./S.E. therapies but only speech therapy and that's partly why he's unable to do almost anything.

Angus Files

Its all in your m-i-n-d they would have us suck up!Poisoned from within and well heeled well meaning celebs are just sucked in and funds wasted.

Pharma For Prison


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