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Autism Reality
We invite you to read and share this post. One strong, dedicated, tired mother's stream of consciousness about the unconscionable reality so many of us face. Author unknown, so just look in the mirror. Shared with permission from Marna Pacheco who ran it on Facebook. Marna is the founder of CapeABLE Weighted sensory products

Thoughts and prayers, kids. Thoughts and prayers.


By Marna Pacheco

It. Never. Ends.
Every Day.
Every Night.
24 hours a day.
CHAOTIC raging.
CHAOTIC destruction.
CHAOTIC crying.
CHAOTIC anger.
CHAOTIC confusion.
CHAOTIC noises.
CHAOTIC sleeplessness.
CHAOTIC elopement.
CHAOTIC self harm.
Out-of-control actions that last LONG resulting in actions that are:
Bigger than what we can handle.
We hear the same continual responses of:
“We are so sorry…”
“We can’t imagine…”
“You need a break…”
“You can’t keep doing this…”
“Did you know there are services…”
“You have to take care of yourself…”
“I could never do that…”
“You should take a vacation…”
“You need sleep…”
“I don’t know how you do it…”
“It’s a broken system…”
“Isn’t there someplace she can go…”
“I don’t know how to help you…”
We truly understand.
We continually express the same concerns.
HOW can we keep going?

But time and time again we continually hit that:
AND we continually feel:
Worn out.
Beat up.
Tired beyond tired.
We cry out, “What will happen to
others like us,
if this doesn’t change?”
WHY are we crying out?
-Because we can’t change the broken system fast enough.
-Because no one (i.e. Doctors, Hospitals, Specialist, Caseworkers, Professionals, etc.) seem to have any answers of help.
-Because we can’t stop her from growing and becoming 18…an adult.
-Because an adult is self governing.
-Because she can’t be self governing.
-Because we can’t keep her SAFE by ourselves.
-Because a broken system is not recognizing the caregivers who are caring for those with mental illnesses and special needs.
-Because if we get sick or die, then who?
-Because we can’t die.
-Because children and adults with mental illnesses and profound special needs are too hard and easily overlooked or ignored.
AND’s should create awareness.
AND’s should create discussions.
AND’s should create solutions.
These AND’s take time and money.
Right now time is not our friend and even if we had enough money the solutions are not easily there.
Because Millie will be 18 in 8 months. And her needs won’t stop at the age of 18 when she is an adult.
Because we will become her guardian.
Because we will have to continue her care.
Care that will look exactly as it does today.
Except we will be
and wearier.
As we are now…today…this minute.
We can’t continue to do this alone.
And yet…WE ARE.
And that has become the
What is good help?
What is bad help?
What is no help?
WHY should you help?
WHAT can you do to help?
HOW can we come together to provide answers to these questions of help?
In what way can she/we/others like us be:
Because she needs you.
Because we need you.
Because others like us need you.
Because she is tired.
Because we are tired.
Because others like us are tired.
Because she is in crisis.
Because we are in crisis.
Because others like us are in crisis.
Because…she is worthy of life.
Because…we are worthy of life.
Because…others like us are worthy of life.
Because…change CAN happen.
Because…change MUST happen.
Because…It’s every day and every night.
Because…It’s 24 hours a day.
Because…There are so many dead ends.


UnderestimatedUnderestimated: An Autism Miracle
BY JB Handley and Jamison Handley

In Underestimated: An Autism Miracle, Generation Rescue’s cofounder J.B. Handley and his teenage son Jamison tell the remarkable story of Jamison’s journey to find a method of communication that allowed him to show the world that he was a brilliant, wise, generous, and complex individual who had been misunderstood and underestimated by everyone in his life.

Environmental Causes of AutismThe Environmental And Genetic Causes of Autism

By James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism delves deep into the full body of past and current research to reveal how genetic predispositions and environmental factors can combine to produce the conditions autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

While most autism researchers focus on either environmental or genetic causes of autism, Lyons-Weiler’s opus demonstrates that to fully understand the condition and to finally put its rate on the decrease, it is essential to pay attention to the science showing how the two classes of factors interact.






In my world, the FDA would be disqualified. They receive pharma funding.


I agree with Emma that there should be a substantial monetary incentive to any researchers and independent pharmaceutical companies working on finding the CURE for our damaged children/adults with autism. The CDC and NIH have failed our autism population and we desperately need these researchers and pharma companies to get funding to run clinical trials on new FDA approved medications. The suffering families can't wait forever.


Trying to reason with a Trump/Desantis supporter is futile and hopeless. You obviously don't watch anything that doesn't fit your narrative, Emma. This isn't to pull you into the "left" as both sides are wrong, and Biden's just as bad as the self-poclaimed father of the vaccine, but the "right" is the DJT/RD communist party... communism is the worship of the state/government. This means most Americans are communists without even knowing it, as long as they're pacified by politicians, vaccines, drugs (for all kinds of disorders, head to toe) and endless entertainment. Patriotism/MAGA is a cult just like Aum Shinrikyo, Mao Zedong's campaign, and the Jonestown Massacre were. Put your trust/faith in anyone other than Christ alone and you're on the path to failure and destruction.

Ivermectin is being abused by ASD families to "miraculously cure" a very multi-faceted and serious disorder, with painful/blindness-like side effects on the human ASD guinea pigs being forcefully given this crap by their devastated parents. VICE News warned about unneeded Ivermectin use on autistic people, on people without any confirmed parasites testing. The "ropeworm" is fake too, yet is "justified" for parents to destroy their children's G.I. system with MMS bleach "solutions".

There are schools with huge poverty rates/students with drug addicted/mentally unstable parents where we live, would you let these dangerous/very poor parents home educate kids without adequate resources?

Gerardo Martinez

Amen! Well said. And now we must accept this! It is the life we live, but by God's grace and will I will do my best to prevent this Vaccine Damage to our future children and families. How? When I meet an expecting mother and if the spirit moves me, I will share my son's story. Facts are very helpful too! Vaccine Injury Court, Oh the Poling case just won't go away! Liability Free Pharma keeps dishing out those safe and effective vaccines. Rare is not that Rare anymore. Eyes are open and hearts are moved. Success? Only time will tell, but the young mother leaves the conversation with more questions than before and will begin researching herself- that in itself is the victory. Keep up the great work my friends at AoA! We are winning!
Blessings from Texas.


If any of you autism moms were Dictator for Life, What would you do to help your situation?

Personally, I would start with the papers on how vaccines cause autism and replace all NIH employees with those who are true scientists and have never had an association with Big Pharma. I would remove the "patent perks" and instead, offer a substantial prize to the one who can reverse some of the vaccine harms known as "autism'. I would make all vaccines illegal. I would remove all Pharma liability protection. I would require parents to home school and use the existing public schools to be remodeled for housing for long term vaccine damaged children. This is just a start.


"miracle cure" witches brews made by the same vaccine companies (Merck never stopped its contract with that "miracle cure" horse dewormer"

Link? Ivermectin saved my friend's husband's life.

I think the current President has already done that.


Very sad and true. The "system" isn't only in the USA (Mystery Babylon in my opinion), it's also in Japan, UK, Australia and the entire world. There's no flying-on-a-plane away from this global crisis at all, that's been neatly candy-coated and rebranded as "neurodiversity" and "treated" with psych wards, tranquilizer injections, "miracle cure" witches brews made by the same vaccine companies (Merck never stopped its contract with that "miracle cure" horse dewormer, let alone Gardasil) and endless other pharmakeia industries.

Even scarier? It's not "failing" in the global elites eyes, it's working exactly as planned to usher in the new one world order/O.W.G. and "autism friendly" eco cities and never-ending A.I./government surveillance and k. grids/5G death towers to take out those with even the slightest oppositions to the O.W.G.'s plethora of "solutions to inequality". (COMMUNISM IS A FALSE RELIGION AND DONALD TRUMP WILL DESTROY THE UNITED STATES IF HE RETURNS)

"Culture Wars" are a staged distraction from the ASD tsunami: Florida fight over 'baby boxes' part of bigger culture war (

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