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A Letter to LiberalsA Letter to Liberals: Censorship and COVID: An Attack on Science and American Ideals

By Robert Kennedy Jr.

A leading Democrat challenges his party to return to liberal values and evidence-based science
Democrats were the party of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and faith in scientific and liberal empiricism. They once took pride in understanding how to read science critically, exercising healthy skepticism toward notoriously corrupt entities like the drug companies that brought us the opioid crisis, and were outraged by the phenomenon of “agency capture” and the pervasive control of private interests over Congress, the media, and the scientific journals.
A Letter to Liberals is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, challenge to “lockdown liberalism’s” embrace of policies that are an affront to once cherished precepts.

DenialDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

By Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted

Even as the autism rate soars and the cost to our nation climbs well into the billions, a dangerous new idea is taking hold: There simply is no autism epidemic.

The question is stark: Is autism ancient, a genetic variation that demands acceptance and celebration? Or is it new and disabling, triggered by something in the environment that is damaging more children every day?


Jeanne J

Hi Cryingforhelp,

I am an occupational therapist. I worked for 36 years in the school system with students with autism and other developmental disabilities. I am sorry for your current status. I assume you are an adult. Occupational therapy services can be provided to anyone from infancy to senior citizen. However, through IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act), those services could be provided as part of a free public education (when the needs effect the student's ability to be educated). You referred to yourself as not high functioning on the spectrum. Are you currently receiving services through your state's Developmental Disabilities program? If yes, you should have a case manager of services and at least a yearly planning date for your services (my state also requires 4x per year visits/updates by the case manager). Also, state DD programs usually encourage the adult to be a part of the process.

I encourage you to make a list of all of your needs and concerns. Either write a list or if you have trouble writing, record your list on a tape or a phone. Respectfully, inform your parents that you want to participate in your next review with the case manager. Let both your parents and your case manager know that you have needs that you want to place in your yearly service plan. It should then be up to your case manager to figure out what funding is needed for your goals to be met, including if those needs should be handled by an occupational therapist. Because I don't know your state's rules nor their procedures, I can't say how specifically this will work, but I know all states are encouraging the adults served to be self-advocates in their services.

I hope this will help you at least start to receive the help you believe you need.


'Yet again US conspiracy factualists are proved right for the 100th bleeping time.'
Laurence Fox gives his view on a new report which criticises MHRA's approval process over the Covid vaccine.

Wait for it:
"How should we best increase Covid 19 jab acceptance?


"The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health. Further proof with COVID-19"

We will never accept increased autism acceptance.
All that "taxable vaccine" money should be paid out to the now 1/35 victims.
26 U.S. Code § 4132 - Definitions and special rules:

Notice that the Covid 19 jab is NOT listed as a Taxable Vaccine. How was it added to the CDC recommended childhood vaccines?

Check out the LEGAL definition of "vaccine" above. Compare with the CDC's current definition:

The current "legal" definition appears to have been changed in 2015. Prior to that it referred to attenuated virus and producing immunity. Did they anticipate the current clot shot which originated as gene therapy? Under the current definition, one can put anything in it and it doesn't have to work. They just have to HOPE it works (designed). Notice that there is no downside to failure.....


I was raised with almost no occupational therapy classes as an autistic kid growing up, and am now crying because I'm so massively delayed in almost all skills. My foolish parents put me in SLP and Music 'therapy" classes without OT and these classes traumatized me so much I had to quit them. I'm not mildly autistic/aspergers/HFA either and am praying to God I'll get all the intensive OT therapy i have not recieved in almost my entire life. I still cannot do most otor skills or life skills right and my parents want to put me into Shiva worship known as Yoga/snake/satan worship.

Angus Files

The truth means nothing in media these days, as we seen last week The Murdochs coughed up, rather than going to court nearly 3/4/ of a billion dollars admitting they had lied over the voting machines and Trump (I think Trump Murdoch told the truth but are trying to look like the good guys)

Fox News and Rupert Murdoch have been humiliated, but they won’t change their ways

Then the same week continued with their agenda of lies .

Autism Speaks Launches Autism by the Numbers to Increase Accessibility of Autism Information across the United States

’George Orwell
Intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian country; but even in England it is not exactly profitable to speak and write the truth.’

But if you have gazillions of dollars to burn you can pick which truths to tell

Pharma For Prison



People would work in an autism day program if they would give better salary and benefits. Neither the state agencies, "disability rights" organizations nor Age of Autism is lobbying for that compensation increase. Another issue is lack of training. Where is the nursing training to deal with seizures, Gastro feeding tubes, heart conditions etc. What about the psychiatric training to deal with violent behaviors and such. There is a medical technician job in some states that could help those with autism. This job is called a "psychiatric technician", but the programs are very few. If Age of Autism cared, they would lobby to expand this job training at the junior colleges.


True ASD level is closer to 98% of young public "school" population?

No wonder they're calling it a mere uncommon "1 in 36" to keep the masses asleep. This clown thinks our nation will magically "rise like an eagle" (phoenix) from the ashes of chaos and destruction, if we "end woke" as if severe "neurodiversity" isn't a much more serious and quiet threat.

What will happen with a huge adult ASD population that's supposedly "1 in 44/36" who cannot be enrolled in military or other occupations?

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