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Fat lionSkyhorse Publishings Arcade imprint publishes acclaimed novelist Bruce WagnerROAR; states Wagner: “My previous novel, The Marvel Universe, was canceled because of the word fat.’  Im as depressed as I am thrilled to share this honor with Roald Dahl.”

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Skyhorse Publishing recognizes that the editing methods of the publishing industry have made headlines this week, as it’s been reported that Roald Dahl’s books have been censored and altered by his publisher. The watchdogs that the publishing industry calls “sensitivity readers” have removed or replaced potentially problematic language from the beloved writer’s work. The word “fat” among many others has now disappeared from the Dahl Universe. The work of acclaimed novelist Bruce Wagner (I'm Losing You, Dead Stars) has also been impacted by this publishing trend.

“My previous novel The Marvel Universe faced similar controversy when sensitivity readers flagged ‘problematic language’—including the word ‘fat,’” Wagner explained. “I ended my contract with my previous book publisher when they explained that more than 80 percent of the book’s pages would need to be blacked out.”

Wagner’s critically acclaimed oeuvre (praised by Salman Rushdie, Sigrid Nunez, Terry Southern, Francine Prose, and Emma Cline) is a dizzying mix of the spiritual and profane. The New York Times said that his novel The Empty Chair “would make a fine fictional companion to the Trappist monk Thomas Merton’s writings on spiritual outrage and the impossibility of solace.”

Wagner—who has been dubbed “Hollywood’s master of satire” by Sam Wasson, one of the great chroniclers of Hollywood lore—insisted he’s never faced censorship with the dozen novels he’d written before, “which probably amounts to over a million words.”

Skyhorse Publishing's Tony Lyons, who released Wagner's latest novel under the storied Arcade imprint in November of 2022 (ROAR: Roger Orr: American Master, The Oral Biography), said, “Skyhorse Publishing takes the strongest possible stance against all forms of censorship.”

Before finding Skyhorse, Wagner had been “courted” by another East Coast publisher, who was “initially enthusiastic” about ROAR, but “ultimately said they could not publish the book because it was ‘problematic.’”

While Wagner said he is “pleased to have found the right home for ROAR, which was published in its entirety,” he also voiced his concern for the future of literature: “Soon the libraries will burn and be replaced by new ones, courtesy of the Great Sensitivity Reader: chatGPT. The current scourge of sensitivity armies will be quaint canaries in the coal mine of the AI Dark Ages."

Bruce Wagner’s ROAR has been called “a delightful fictional oral history” by Publisher’s Weekly, noting that his “steel-trap knowledge of the entertainment world and fantastical imagination keep readers along for the ride.”

ROAR: Roger Orr: American Master, The Oral Biography is a fictional saga told by over forty narrators, and is available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

About Bruce Wagner
Bruce Wagner has written twelve novels and bestsellers, including the famous “Cellphone Trilogy,” I’m Losing You (PEN USA finalist), I’ll Let You Goand Still Holding), Dead Stars, The Empty Chair,and the PEN/Faulkner-finalist Chrysanthemum Palace.  He wrote the screenplay for David Cronenberg’s film Maps to the Stars, for which Julianne Moore won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. In 1993, Wagner wrote and created the visionary mini-series Wild Palms for producer Oliver Stone and co-wrote (with Ullman) three seasons the acclaimed Tracey Ullman’s State of the Union.  He has written essays and articles for the New York Times, Artforum and the New Yorker.  His latest book ROAR: Roger Orr: American Master, The Oral Biography is available in hardcover, ebook, and audiobook.

About Skyhorse Publishing

Skyhorse Publishing was launched in September 2006 by Tony Lyons, former president and publisher of the Lyons Press. The company has had fifty-six New York Times bestsellers and has over 10,000 titles in print. Through its twenty-one imprints, Skyhorse publishes an eclectic and maverick list of titles. Its imprints cover everything from nature, sports, country living, history, reference, travel, humor, health, art, business, philosophy, religion, current events, politics, investigative and conspiracy, to fiction, literary nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult and children’s literature. Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster in the U.S. and abroad.


An enemy Ibsen  Kennedy

An Enemy of the People

In his foreword, Kennedy alerts readers to the undeniable fact that the persecution of those who tell uncomfortable truths, which Ibsen described over one hundred years ago, continues to this day and is as relevant now as ever. We face environmental deregulation and degradation, politicians in lobbyists’ pockets, attacks on facts that are agreed upon by reputable scientists, corporate funded and controlled research, and attempts to impede and suppress whistleblowers. The battle continues and Kennedy joins Ibsen on the front lines.



Angus Files who really cares!
Religious and ideological extremist always make death threats to someone somewhere. No one talks about people with disabilities including autism who were victims of mass murder in Temecula California or Kanagawa Japan in 2016. Yet you bring up vague "death threats" of a person who supposedly has 'autism" from a dubious Jerusalem Post news article. That (JP) is a gossip ridden newspaper who purpose is to promote fanatical Z------ and state public allegations of anti------- to anybody who does not agree with their viewpoint. If you want to see something really sad and sick read "Autism Memorial" blog and see an actual suicide b------ who killed their own son who he though had autism and another random person right here in the US of A. Why is there limited media coverage of these atrocities? Obvious, the murderers were NOT Salafist or Marxist militants.
If a publisher wants to become overly sensitive to slightly offensive words, then that is their free speech in and of itself.

Angus Files

Disrespectful to the authors of the books to change them I would say.But maybe us Christians are missing a trick..

Autistic teen bombarded by death threats after a Koran was dropped
An autistic 14-year-old high school student was expelled and threatened with death after an incident where a Koran was “disrespected.”


Pharma For Prison



As Correct-Speak becomes an industry, such a treasure is Skyhorse.

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