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NVIC Newsletter: National Academies Committee Meets to Review COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events

NVIC logoNational Academies Committee Meets to Review COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events

By NVIC Staff

Published March 23, 2023 in Science

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) announced late yesterday that a public comment session will be held next week relating to the committee charge of reviewing relevant literature regarding adverse events associated with COVID-19 vaccines and shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA). The meeting will be live-streamed, and there is an opportunity for public comment.

The review of epidemiological, clinical, and biological evidence has been requested by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and appears to be in preparation for the addition of vaccine injuries to the federal vaccine injury table. According to the NASEM presentation given to the Advisory Commission for Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) in December 2022, the report and its findings are expected in March 2024.1

Injuries Under Review

DHHS has asked the NASEM committee to review the medical literature for the following vaccine adverse events to determine if the evidence indicates that COVID-19 vaccines are causally associated:

  • Guillain-Barrè Syndrome (GBS)
  • chronic inflammatory demyelinating
  • polyneuropathy (CIDP)
  • transverse myelitis (TM)
  • Bell’s palsy
  • hearing loss
  • chronic headaches
  • infertility
  • sudden death
  • myocarditis/pericarditis
  • thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS)
  • immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
  • thromboembolic events (e.g., cerebrovascular accident (CVA), myocardial infarction (MI), pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  • capillary leak syndrome

The review of literature for SIRVA will be the second review by the NASEM, with the first review published in their last report in 2012.2 

Completing the Liability-Free Pathway for COVID-19 Vaccines to the VICP

Read more at the NVIC site HERE.


Cause unknownCause Unknown 

By Edward Dowd
Follow Ed Dowd on Twitter for in depth coverage of the problems facing the banking & capital markets today. @DowdEdward

The book begins with a close look at the actual human reality behind the statistics, and when you see the people who are represented by the dry term Excess Mortality, it’s difficult to accept so many unexpected sudden deaths of young athletes, known to be the healthiest among us. Similarly, when lots of healthy teenagers and young adults die in their sleep without obvious reason, collapse and die on a family outing, or fall down dead while playing sports, that all by itself raises an immediate public health concern. Or at least it used to.

Ask yourself if you recall seeing these kinds of things occurring during your own life—in junior high? In high school? In college? How many times in your life did you hear of a performer dropping dead on stage in mid-performance? Your own life experience and intuition will tell you that what you’re about to see is not normal.

Or at least it wasn’t normal before 2021.

War On IvermectinThe War on Ivermectin

By Dr. Pierre Kory
Follow Dr. Kory on Twitter here. Support is so important.

Big Pharma and health agencies cry "Don't take ivermectin!" A media storm follows. Why then, does the science say the opposite?

Ivermectin is a dirty word in the media. The drug has been derided and declared useless. Doctors have earnestly recorded pleas asking those afflicted with COVID-19 not to take the drug. But why? 

The War on Ivermectin is the personal and professional narrative of Dr. Pierre Kory, the co-founder of an expert group of physicians’, and his plight to alert the world of his group's identification of ivermectin as a highly-effective, life-saving, widely available generic medicine with an obvious ability to end the global pandemic. In this book, Dr. Kory details all the personal attacks, professional setbacks, and concerted, corrupt, and highly effective actions which influenced the world’s major health agencies and medical journals to dismiss and deny it’s efficacy.




I just finished watching the public comments live. It was two hours of 3 minute comments of victims describing their devastating reactions to the Covid clot shot. Some had been suicidal. All testifying still have no relief from their injuries. A majority were in the health profession. We are finally hearing what our vax injured babies would be screaming if they could have talked. WE MUST KEEP THIS BIOWEAPON OFF THE CDC recommended list. Even better, DEFUND THE CDC. Put an end to this evil.

Thank you to several experts who took the time to testify about the corruption within the vaccine industrial complex. Sadly, no one mentioned that the Covid 19 EUA's CANNOT LEGALLY BE ADDED TO THE CDC RECOMMENDED CHILDHOOD VACCINE SCHEDULE currently. The declared emergency is still in place. Call your elected officials and demand action! Demand that they watch this video. Hopefully they recorded it and didn't edit it. Certain key testimonies had a delay before they were broadcast. Perfect for an edit point....


I am sorry for your loss, Emma.

There is a lot that I don't know ; but starving is one way to heal the hypothalamus, or at least eating a high fat, low carb - keto diet. But starving means a person lives off of ketones. It should heal it, but then when it comes to anorexia, it does not seem to be healing on that one.

We have been at this for years, and Dr. Mercola too. Ketones and yet anorexia does not heal that part of the hypothalamus is the enigma.

It maybe that the type of fat is very important?
Mercola is onto linolic acid from seed oils can actually do harm so Atkins was not right that any fat is okay.

I think fat should be put on lots of veggies to get lots of fiber. Fiber might be pretty important and gives our gut bacteria a home and thus a way to communicate with the hypothalamus and heal it as well. Darn it though that lettuce, and uncooked greens like endives just seems to sit right there in the colon. Green beans and cooked leafy veggies seems to work better for us.

Endive - cooked- yuck, but is good raw in a salad.
They say no to high carb sweet potatoes, but it is low glycemic too and lots of fiber. I feel better eating it with tallow.



A relative recently passed away. She had had the jab and lost her appetite. All the tests for the usual suspects came up negative. She ate less and less and lost almost 100 lbs. (she was previously overweight). Her health declined rapidly towards the end. She was 87 and in stable health pre-jab. Of course, her death was listed as "natural causes".

You are correct about some of the misleading info on the site. This is what they all do. Don't want the sheep to get any ideas......

Benedetta Stilwell

Emma; if you go back to that sight you will see - brain swelling is one of the ways to damage a hypothalamus. .
That is what they call encephalitis, right?

All the vaccines cause damage to the hypothalamus, not just the covid and thus the reproductive system. .

That sight you got all the causes of damage from has a lot of misinformation too.
For example: it says what causes damage to the hypothalamus could be Significant weight loss caused by eating disorders, such as bulimia or anorexia. That is the cart before the horse.

Scientist have proved it basically, by damaging one side of a cat's hypothalamus and it waste away to nothing and die.
Then they take another cat and damage the opposite side of the hypothalamus , the cat becomes obese.

This sight does not mention all the toxins that will damage the hypothalamus. There are plenty of them. All of the heavy metals.

Angus Files

the global vaccine circus where nothing is anybody's fault.

Pharma For Prison



"Damaged hypothalamus. That is what the whole thing is about."

WOW! Bennedetta, you nailed it. I had begun to theorize that something in the jabs was causing the increase in "gender dysphoria" but didn't know what it would be. A damaged hypothalamus can explain most of the injuries seen after the roll out of the Covid jab:

Remember the comment from the Pfizer employee caught on Veritas' camera. He indicated that the irregular/delayed menstrual cycle involved hormones. The hypothalamus also influences the immune response via the anterior pituitary gland. It has been proven that vaccine ingredients and Covid jab spike proteins can cross the blood brain barrier.

"Causes of hypothalamic dysfunction include:

Head injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury.
Brain infection.
Brain tumor in or around your hypothalamus or brain aneurysms.
Significant weight loss caused by eating disorders, such as bulimia or anorexia.
Brain surgery.
Radiation therapy and chemotherapy.
Birth defects involving the brain or hypothalamus.
Inflammatory disease including multiple sclerosis and neurosarcoidosis.
Some genetic disorders, such as growth hormone deficiency." (from above link)


polyneuropathy I had to look that one up. Lots of different things her, but can include tingling sensation on the skin and hurting if touched. So that answers that question.
Also answers the question about a tingling sensation on the inside of the leg right below the knee. Oh, and can cause arm and leg weakness. Answers that question of why as well too.

I think that there are more to all vaccines than they have gone for the ovaries and male parts. More like the vaccines are damaging the hypothalamus.

For some so bad that they don't know if they are female or male.

Looks like Audrey Hale had mild autism.
Damaged hypothalamus. That is what the whole thing is about.

That is what this whole, confusing transgender stuff is all about.


they need to add strokes and cancer.

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