Is Severe Autism Measured Adequately?
The Defender On Another Increase in Autism Rates

CDC Report on Autism: One In Thirty Sicks

WeepCDC just released the latest autism prevalence data.  1 in 36 American children have autism. This morning, the rate was 1 in 44. Safeminds has an excellent report.

4% of Boys and 1% of Girls Aged 8 Years Now Have the Disorder

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just released its latest prevalence rate estimates for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The CDC reports that 1 in 36 or 2.8% of American 8-year-olds has an autism diagnosis. This rate is a 22% increase from the last reporting period (December 2021), when the figure was already astonishingly high at 1 in 44 children. The new prevalence rate reflects an incredible 4-fold increase in the disorder since the CDC started collecting prevalence estimates data in 2000. 

The study, published in the March 23, 2023 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, used the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network to estimate the number of 8 year-old-children with ASD in 2020 (birth year 2012) from 11 different areas, including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, Tennessee, Utah, and Wisconsin. ASD prevalence per 1,000 children aged 8 years ranged from a low (23.1) in Maryland to a high (44.9) in California. For the second time, the ADDM Network recognized California as having the highest autism rates in the country. Also reported was the staggering fact that nearly 7% of all 8-year-old boys in the San Diego region have the disorder. Read more at Safeminds.







Truly horrifying - to the truly spiritually awake in Christ our creator, those who are truly born again (including many autistics) will be hated and spat on by the world and its lukewarm pro-neurodiversity/pro-vaccine "Christians" in the last days.

NeuroTribes (2015) has paved the way for upcoming 15 minute "autism friendly/community housing" prison camps aka 15-minute cities where everything imaginable will be modernised and digitalised. Adults who are unable to drive cars/vehicles, cannot raise families nor even adopt children, tolerate various sensory and food/smell stimuli etc will be drawn towards/forcefully put into these cities/corporate "community living" to avoid being slaves in a fast food joint/menial labor creating basic goods against their will, only to be monitored and policed 24/7 without a choice or voice. ASD parents and their ASD adult dependents - without enough young healthy/non autistic children/neurotypical growing families, will be in serious trouble as their ASD dependents get sent to the candy-coated, NWO run, worst "summer camps" ever with no return.


Bill so you think it is all in the diagnosis? That it is really not that high?

Angus Files

Its very worrying in so much that nobody is seeing the damage or the damage is not being connected to vaccines. To refuse vaccinating your most precious thing in the world takes a lot of bravery. Especially when your brought up that vaccines have saved the world.

Pharma For Prison


Jill in MI

Nothing to see here. Move along.
My daughter turns 30 in 4 months.
Same old. Same old.


So tired of the increasingly LIBERAL diagnostic threshold of "autism" in the United States and Canada. what is the autism rate in the United Brazilian States? Brazil is a highly urbanized federal country that is 60% European and speaks of European language a lot like the US and Canada. Brazil's autism numbers are ALOT lower because their psychiatrist and legal systems have a higher threshold of severity before these professionals would make a diagnosis and potential waste government resources taxpayer money. General disability and mental illnesses have a high diagnostic threshold in Brazil.

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