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As Time Went By

D5017056-E0F9-40A5-819A-37DF14A9E88BBy Cathy Jameson

In an October 2020 post, I wrote, “As time goes by, we’ll certainly learn more about the coronavirus and any long-term effects it may have.  That’ll hopefully include learning about the quarantine precautions we were asked to take, too.  Evidence already shows that some precautions have had detrimental effects, including an increase in mental health.”

A recent paper, which included results of the fear of contagion and its behavior, focused on a younger population.  Authors of that paper, which was revised in October 2022, shared that, “The main conclusion reached by this manuscript is that, as the existing specific literature has already shown, COVID-19 has had different negative psychological consequences among certain vulnerable groups, including adolescents and young adults. The results presented allow us to verify, within these psychological consequences, how the symptoms of generalized anxiety or major depression disorder are a consequence of the fear of COVID-19.”  

It's terribly sad to see reports that people are sadder now than they were before.  From a recent story in The Washington Post, Joel Achenbach asks America shut down in response to covid.  Would we ever do it again? It’s a quick read if you haven’t seen it yet.  The part that resonated the most with me was this:

…the pain of the national shutdown - businesses going under, weddings postponed, protracted isolation of the elderly, learning losses among schoolkids - is glaringly obvious.  Critics of pandemic restrictions contend that the cure was worse than the disease…

Plenty of us here might agree with that – the cure was worse than the disease.  While many could recover from the illness itself, we have no idea what the long-term effects of the restrictions ands lockdowns will have on us and on society, too. 

As far as some of the pain that Achenbach mentions, I see the academic struggles in students now three years later.  I hear of the businesses still wrestling with financial losses, and I see professionals dealing with a wave of undertrained or less-than-motivated employees post-lockdown also.  Where I can see a few outcomes that could be considered positive, like having more time to spend with family when places were closed, I still can’t believe that the lockdowns happened.  

As time went by, we faced new fears. 

In facing those, we learned who we could and who we shouldn’t trust. 

In learning that, we still had to manage more unknowns. 

Those unknowns caused moments of grief, and for others, instilled more fear. 

I’ll never wish for a lockdown again.  On paper, it may have sounded like a good idea.  In reality, the long-term effects are proving more devastating than some ever thought to consider. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

An enemy Ibsen  Kennedy

An Enemy of the People

In his foreword, Kennedy alerts readers to the undeniable fact that the persecution of those who tell uncomfortable truths, which Ibsen described over one hundred years ago, continues to this day and is as relevant now as ever. We face environmental deregulation and degradation, politicians in lobbyists’ pockets, attacks on facts that are agreed upon by reputable scientists, corporate funded and controlled research, and attempts to impede and suppress whistleblowers. The battle continues and Kennedy joins Ibsen on the front lines.



ROAR by Bruce Wagner

The myth of an epic, public life—its triumphs and tragedies—is a particularly American obsession. ROAR is a metafictional exploration of such a life and attendant fame of an extraordinary, and completely made up, man.



Benedetta-Ignorance bathed in arrogance; marinated with maliciousness, vindictiveness and hatred.


I did not realize how ignorant that other wise highly educated, and intelligent people could be when it comes to microbes.

I could not get over that People were scared of meeting people outside in the bright open daylight, beaches, frozen ponds, baseball bleachers?

That one picture on face book of helium filled balloon shaped up to look like corona virus, with that caption; saying: "If you knew this was out there would you then venture out"?

Well if they were that big and if they were ALIVE, which would make them multiple cell organisms, and not floating balloons, Nope. I would be getting out a shot gun. Those aluminum skinned bird balloons might be dangerous and certainly a new life form. We could add them to the evolution of of living species in developing serious layers of skin/feathers/ fur/ scales against UV light.

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