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A Clear Look at A Twitter Doc

3BA15701-BF29-49E4-8DDD-4D170A5E0A7BI was meandering around Twitter yesterday when I came across a Tweet that ticked me off but good. We follow close to 10,000 people, and more than 35,000 follow us. Follows don't mean endorsement or even agreement.These days,  I am calling people out on their mean girl bullsh*t. Dr. Mike Davis says he’s an optometrist in his uber virtuey profile. I hope he sees my response. I’m sure he walks little old ladies across the street, once he’s confirmed their TV preferences. This was my retort: 541D0F63-DB10-480C-9586-096D06779CDE


An enemy Ibsen  Kennedy

An Enemy of the People

In his foreword, Kennedy alerts readers to the undeniable fact that the persecution of those who tell uncomfortable truths, which Ibsen described over one hundred years ago, continues to this day and is as relevant now as ever. We face environmental deregulation and degradation, politicians in lobbyists’ pockets, attacks on facts that are agreed upon by reputable scientists, corporate funded and controlled research, and attempts to impede and suppress whistleblowers. The battle continues and Kennedy joins Ibsen on the front lines.


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