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New From Skyhorse Publishing: Alan Dershowitz's Get Trump The Threat To Civil Liberties, Due Process and Our Constitutional Rule of Law

Get Trump Alan DershowitzWe're entering the 2024 Presidential race seasons. Since our inception, Dan Olmsted called us "Switzerland." We have valued readers, erudite contributors and passionate commenters from across the political spectrum. We can not and will not suggest an endorsement or disapproval of candidate. We will share the candidates background, views and promises (both kept and broken) as they relate to the autism community. And you can comment as you see fit. Thank you.

New from Skyhorse Publishing.


Mar 10, 2023, 3:36 PM (3 days ago)

By Alan Dershowitz

In Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law, Alan Dershowitz—#1 New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s most respected legal scholars—analyses the unremitting efforts by political opponents of Donald Trump to “get” him—to stop him from running in 2024—at any cost.

Alan Dershowitz has been called “one of the most prominent and consistent defenders of civil liberties in America” by Politico and “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights” by Newsweek.

Get Trump makes clear that unconstitutional efforts to stop Trump from retaking the presidency challenge the very foundations of our liberty: due process, right to counsel, and free speech. Those who justify these dangerous departures from the rule of law argue that the threat posed by a second Trump presidency is “different” and “immediate,” while the departures from constitutional norms are longer term and more abstract.

Dershowitz explains that defenders of Trump’s constitutional rights—even those like him who strongly oppose Trump politically—are sought to be silenced; their free speech rights attacked, their integrity questioned, and their careers threatened. Much of the media substitutes advocacy against Trump for objective reporting, while many in academia petition and propagandize against rights they previously valued—all in the interest of getting Trump.

The essence of justice is that it must be equally applicable to all, Dershowitz notes. No one is above the law but digging to find crimes in order to influence an election does not constitute the equal application of the law. In order to assure equal application in comparable situations, he proposes two criteria for indicting a likely candidate of the opposing party: the Richard Nixon standard and the Hillary Clinton standard—and most recently, the Joe Biden standard.

Get Trump warns that regardless of whether this anti-democratic effort to stop Trump from running succeeds or fails, it is likely to create dangerous precedents that will lie around like loaded weapons ready to be deployed against other controversial candidates, officials, or citizens about whom it can be argued that the danger they pose “is different.”

About the Author

Alan Dershowitz is one of the most celebrated lawyers in the world. He was the youngest full professor in Harvard Law School history where he is now the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Emeritus. The author of numerous bestselling books, from Chutzpah to Guilt by Accusation to The Case Against Impeaching Trump to The Best Defense to Reversal of Fortune (which was made into an Academy Award–winning film) to Defending Israel, Dershowitz has advised presidents and prime ministers and has represented many prominent men and women, half of them pro bono.

An enemy Ibsen  Kennedy

An Enemy of the People

In his foreword, Kennedy alerts readers to the undeniable fact that the persecution of those who tell uncomfortable truths, which Ibsen described over one hundred years ago, continues to this day and is as relevant now as ever. We face environmental deregulation and degradation, politicians in lobbyists’ pockets, attacks on facts that are agreed upon by reputable scientists, corporate funded and controlled research, and attempts to impede and suppress whistleblowers. The battle continues and Kennedy joins Ibsen on the front lines.



ROAR by Bruce Wagner

The myth of an epic, public life—its triumphs and tragedies—is a particularly American obsession. ROAR is a metafictional exploration of such a life and attendant fame of an extraordinary, and completely made up, man.


High Tea at Auntie Morag's

What do the baby boomers think about it all ? I didn't even know I was one until i heard about us!
Dae these wee Jimmy.s
not even realise they are over every limit and boundary there is to cross over?

Article The Daily Sceptic UK

Lancet Pushes Dangerous Theory That People are Worth No More Than Rats By Dr David Bell

It would appear that the medical profession not only needs tae get back tae primary school for how tae spot the difference between an anti -septic and a dis -ivefctant it really needs tae think about how tae spot the difference between a person, a patient, and a human being !
If The Wee Diddums at" One Health" Global Public Health At The World Health Organisation . Corporate Social Responsibility Sector don't wake up that their germicidal genicidal political policy and procedure manual ain't worth any more than two dollops worth of goats poop , then it's their own problem not the normal general public's one !

Remember The Globalist Mercantile Market Place Square, is a lot more scared of us, than we are of them !

Runrig With Former Member Blair Douglas - Skye Live In Denmark YouTube

If The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals And The world Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty don't want to advertise one of their signature tunes to go along with their policies we can help them out with that also for sure !

HORST -WESSEL Lied Youtube

We used to go to beautiful Hinterglem Ski- Holidiays in The beautiful Austrian Alps This song was sung at the guests welcome evening every time we were there ?
I Lived and worked in really good Bavarian Hospitals in The 1980'S sO i kNEW FINE WELL THIS WAS A nASTZI SONG ?

susan welch

JB Handley wrote the fantastic book 'How to End the Autism Epidemic', WakUpAmerica, not Del Bigtree. As you say it is crap, I suspect you did not read it.

Also, I have never heard Del advocate for 'safer vaccines'. would be very surprised if he had, in view of the fact that he constantly talks about the lack of any safety data for any vaccine.



Evidently you do not have evidence to back up your assertions with a link. Changing the subject and then giving a link for that topic does not persuade me to your point of view.


Emma, watch the TimTruth "Desantis Panel Pushes Shots" video and you'll see the "Red Team" is also NOT on God's side... just as much as the "Blue Team" also isn't. Trying to reason with DJT/RD supporters is very tiring and futile.

Del Bigtree's crap book "How to End the Autism Epidemic" pushes for a "vaccine friendly plan/safer smaller vaccine schedule" that has killed and maimed millions of babies and children with DTAP/TDAP/TDP/DTP vaccines, flu vaccines, even the MMR. Mercury got swapped out with aluminum, then its graphene.

I feel horrible for ASD victims who are still in public schools... both parties want your youth to suffer as much as possible. Don't fall for the MAGA cult/Idol worshipping political cults.

And yes, I believe the Bible OPPOSES child abuse.


Tom; Censorship is censorship.
Let us listen to them all. Sigh; there is sure a lot to listen to though.

Emma; I don't think Del is for smaller, safter schedule.
He talks about how every one is on the awareness scale and all are on their way of eventulally reaching the end of never another vaccine.
I know it took me way too long to get to the point I am not right now, and that is - Not another vaccine, ever again.
I was way too slow.
I should have been to this point by the time my daughter reached 14 years old, That would have been 1995, but noooooo. I did not come to this point till 2006. That is pretty darn slow.

I want to thank Dan and Kim for being able to reach this point after by brain had been so filled with propaganda for decades in my formative years.


@ WakeUpAmerica
"Desantis and Joseph Ladapo, who are both 100% pro MMR vaccine and pro childhood vaccine schedule. Del Bigtree is pro "safer smaller vaccine schedule" and advocates for "safer smaller vaccines"

Could you back up your assertions with links?
Thank you.


Katherine Watt Exposes DOD 'Kill Box' Against Humanity

This legal researcher lays it all out in a timeline. Must see video!

Not a fan of Dershowitz /Epstein.

Laura Hayes

Tom, thank you for your needed comment.

If we do not have the God-given, fundamental right to decide what we permit, or don’t permit, into our own body, and those of our children, what meaningful rights do we have?

The irony of Alan Dershowitz being called a distinguished defender of individual rights, after writing a book titled “The Case for Vaccine Mandates”, is huge, and representative of just how upside down crazy our world is.

The irony of Alan Dershowitz decrying violations of our Constitution after writing a book titled “The Case for Vaccine Mandates”, which violate a parent’s God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to direct the care, upbringing, and education of their children, is also huge, and undermines his credibility.

The irony of Alan Dershowitz decrying the silencing of free speech is, again, huge. Where has he been while millions of parents in the USA have been silenced, time and again, for decades, by legislatures, the media, those in medicine, and those in education, when they have shared what happened to their children post-vaccination, and fought for their rights as parents?

Given his stance that there is a case for vaccine mandates, it seems that Alan Dershowitz is not a person one should look to or listen to when it comes to civil liberties and God-given, fundamental human rights.


WTF is this hot trash of an article - this man literally calls himself "the father of the vaccine" and falsely claimed to not mandate it, when hardworking and poor families had no other choice than extreme poverty/starvation if they refuse the MOTB. Same thing with "saviors" Ron Desantis and Joseph Ladapo, who are both 100% pro MMR vaccine and pro childhood vaccine schedule. Del Bigtree is pro "safer smaller vaccine schedule" and advocates for "safer smaller vaccines" - which have ruined and destroyed millions of families and their victim children/ASD adults. Deception is the enemy's most powerful tool in the last days, and "safer smaller vaccine/Republican good people" deception is Satan's most powerful lie ever.

Without AParty

While I did not vote for Trump, I was excited about one thing when he won: He had inferred he had a family member or close friend affected by vaccine injury, and he had let people in the autism community know that he supported biomedical treatments, even using many of us to help this person.
Therefore, his pledge to set up a vaccine commission headed by RFK Jr was wonderful, and I was excited to see him get inaugurated if onyl for that reason (given Hilary had said some sanctimonious, condescending line loosely translated into about "trust your grandma, get shot up with vaccines they are safe")
ANyhow, then within a week of his inauguration, Trump was visited by someone from pharma with big bucks, AND Bill Gates. Suddenly, he canceled the Vaccine Injury Commission, and betrayed the autism community in the worst possible way, because he knew the truth. So I have ZERO sympathy for that "man" who would take our help to help someone he cares about, then stab us in the back after taking the votes of countless people who were normally Democrats and robbed of their chance to vote for Bernie, the only viable option, and hopeful about trump.


Dershowitz wrote a book advocating for vaccine mandates. AoA should not be promoting anything he has to say, books or otherwise. Newsweek calling him “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights” while he was saying the government has the right to plunge a needle in your arm is insanely myopic. Skyhorse should be similarly questioned for their choice to publish someone who clearly is not in favor of medical autonomy.

Angus Files

Common practice in the UK having a natural birth is a rare.We stuck up for our kids to be born natural and all 4 were despite head on arguments with the profession?More rights in Korea these days Dan seen it coming warned us all thanks Dan.

Young mum, 23, reveals terrifying moment she was ‘threatened with handcuffs and forced to have a caesarean under police guard’ after doctors denied her a natural birth
Young mum claims she was forced into a caesarean
The 23-year old had planned a natural birth
Police and social workers arrived at her door
Claims she was told child would die if born naturally
Cops threatened to handcuff terrified mum

Not just Australia. I was forced to have a caesarian (UK, 1997). I was told that if I didn't sign, they would section me under the mental health act and do it anyway. It was a slow birth, but nobody was in immediate danger. Perhaps the decision was medically necessary, but if you're going to deny a woman bodily autonomy and free will, why perform the pantomime of 'asking' consent?

Pharma For Prison


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