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Two Days to Respond to the British Government Digital ID Consultation

FE99D457-EC4D-4E7C-AE18-7542B8688C7CBy John Stone

The British Government Digital ID consultation closes tomorrow March 1 - please don’t miss your final opportunity to comment. In addition to filling out a questionnaire as I did a few days ago and published my answers (see below), it is also possible to send an email comment (this address). I have sent a  further general comment:

This is about data enslavement, not convenience. A philosophically and humanly obnoxious idea in itself, but what happens when it  is used by the global bureaucracy to micro-control people: you can’t go here, you can’t talk about x, must not talk to y, you must forthwith against your will be injected with z, you need a brain implant to monitor you and order you about, you can’t have access to your savings etc. This is not benign or incidental, it is all part of the published plans of the UN, the WEF, the World Bank and the WHO, and the government ought to come clean that they are not working for us but for remote corporate entities hiding behind these supposedly beautiful, august institutions, who want there to be fewer of us and to control those that are left. That these projects exist and the government is signed up to them is neither conspiracy or a theory but a matter of record.

On the Way to Total Globalist Control: My Response to the British Government Digital ID Consultation

British citizens should take every opportunity to respond the British government’s proposals to control them through Digital ID in a consultation which closes on Wednesday March 1. What is most essential is to respond in numbers to this latest attempted power grab, which is of course being ignored by legacy media. In case it may be of help I reproduce the answers I gave to their questionnaire - on occasion repeating paragraphs in answer to only slightly different questions:-

While data sharing could possibly facilitate service or benefits in some circumstances it could equally obstruct them. Governments should not be that deeply involved in citizens’ affairs. Information should not be shared across departments which for instance could be misused for political or personal ends. Moreover, we  already know  how the digitalisation of the banking sector ends up (1) with a much less sensitive service (2) unemployment  (3) cumulative damage to the high street (public service) and (4) fear of important data going missing or being stolen.

Data sharing is a bad idea: data can be misused or stolen for personal/institutional gain or political ends. Without public consultation or regard for sovereignty the government has formed partnerships with global bodies/bureaucracies like the WEF and the WHO. The government also apparently hopes to institute Central Digital Online Banking. None of these global institutions are publicly accountable in any way. The WEF, which has trans-humanist policies such as universal cranial implants (which have never been debated), have also warned of imminent global cyber-attacks. To create such systems which could so easily be attacked with data destroyed and stolen would be crazily imprudent.

Digital ID will never be a safe way of ensuring someone’s actual ID on its own. It must be backed up by traditional forms of ID or it will become an opportunity for limitless abuse. It will lead to services being more impersonal, harder to over-ride in the event of mistakes. Harder to prove real identity, and a more indifferent bureaucracy. 

Although a consultation is notionally taking place as usual it is being flown in under the radar. A data grab of this kind ought to be hugely controversial, a threat to individual liberty and an invasion of private space but the government has not promoted duly serious public discussion of it. It is very likely in conflict with existing law.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.


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Cause Unknown 

By Edward Dowd

What is causing this historic spike in deaths among younger people? What is causing the shift from the elderly to younger people?



I am glad someone is talking about police brutality against people with autism. I have heard it discussed some in the US and Canadian media but almost never in other countries like Japan. There have been strange murders in Japan and worldwide including one such murder of a "hikikomori". This man had physical health problems because his father thought he had autism (due to his illnesses and unemployment/high school dropout). A young adult with physical health problems is not as vulnerable as a person with autism but the murder is still an anti-disabled hate crime because of his disability true or imagined. I have heard of other vaguely disabled people murdered worldwide because someone thought they had autism. The "disability" could be mild ADHD case that is not serious enough to be considered "disabled" by the law or the disability could be a regular intellectual disability. These murders are still anti-disabled hate crimes. The legal definition of "Hikikomori" excludes autism and mental illness but could include physical disability and serious health problems.
Visit "Autism Memorial Blog" for more information.
While an ID digital or regular may help find the identity of a person with autism found dead or alive the document will not prevent accidents nor a bigoted murder. Cameras such as in a public place or a private care facility may offer a false sense of security.



The best we can hope for right now is to have Representatives who stand against MANDATORY vaccines. Despite your constant criticism of them, both Trump and Desantis gave citizens the option to choose. Biden instigated the mandatory Covid jab. California Democrats let the push for mandatory childhood schedule vaccines for school. Why not focus on that?


This thing is already (thankfully) illegal for minors in most places I heard, but allowing parents to maim their children with vaccines - is perfectly legal in all 50 states, even Florida also. What's behind the massive hypocrisy of "savior" politicians suddenly passing these bills after the massive MRNA vaccine rollout/black eyed hybrid babies being born, but almost no laws preventing life threatening GD, GD related self-harm or suicides, nor ASD caused by vaccines?

You cannot be a politician on either party, unless you are pro vaccine and pro pharmaceuticals. Unless you're willing to be taken out/kicked out.


Disturbing and sad article everyone needs to read, especially since this involves the keywords "autism", "intellectual disability", "restraint" and "police". Very disturbing and this (police murdering ASD victims) is coming soon to all countries, if it hasn't already. There's nowhere to flee from this "neurodiversity" and its ugly consequences. (Film spotlights death of intellectually disabled man in Japanese police custody)

"Nearly two decades later, the case of Kenta Yasunaga, who had autism, and his tragic death in police custody is the topic of a new Japanese documentary film, titled "On the Way Home," which seeks to explore what happened on that fateful evening. It also documents the subsequent criminal and civil lawsuits fought by his family in their quest to find out the truth about what happened, in the hope they may prevent such a tragedy from occurring again."


This laughable Washington Examiner article claims a "virus" got leaked out of some lab, to subliminally justify the plan-demic krap that's been going on for three years now. If it's never been isolated in any lab nor proven to be an actual pathogen that exists, why is the lab leak theory simultaneously true?

The so called "Spanish Flu" was the result of the U.S. military's massive vaccine experiments on its soldiers. The lies of "safer smaller MRNA free vaccines" are shamelessly promoted by corporate "parental rights" medical boards, at least by Ron Desantis and Joseph Ladapo who are both solidly pro childhood vaccines, including MRNA for pregnant women and girls to turn their unborn babies into Nephilim hybrids/black eyed babies.

Reminds me of Fox News' childish and ignorant rhetoric about young generations' preference to older music/music genres as a way to "fix up" Gen Z's disgusting ongoing creation of porn/foot fetish crap/mindless mainstream "entertainment" and basically hiveminds. Tucker Carlson (Health Impact News exposed this clown) also claimed there may be "profound benefits" to the snakebite.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Thank you John Stone ,,Road charging and the digital ££ next on the menu , the UN Sustainability Goals The WHO and The WEF 's The Great Reset would happily sell it's own grannies for a half a farthings worth of a squinty threepenny-bit.
The Expose .
WHO whistle-blower shut down at Stockholm conference while presenting her research on the
"Virus fear to digital control" agenda
By Rhoda Wilson Feb 15 2023

Angus Files

Sent mine in John thanks I would never have seen it if it wasn't for you brining it on here many thanks.

How useful a tool it is for totalitarian governments, its not abuse its what its meant to be used for CONTROL. Then you get the idiotic fools saying, well it can have its uses..What road to where is paved with good intentions? IDIOTS!

Canada says it will freeze the bank accounts of 'Freedom Convoy' truckers who continue their anti-vaccine mandate blockades

Canada says it will freeze the bank accounts of truckers who continue to form "Freedom Convoys."
On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared a national emergency to combat the protests.
Canadian truckers have been protesting vaccine mandates for weeks by blocking streets and bridges.

Pharma For Prison



Bill, isn't that a form of the MOTB? That's what nations such as China, Sweden do. The "Maina/MyNumber" I.D. system/social credit system is creating chaos and frustration in Japanese cities (especially with doctors and citizens/parents with children), according to Mainichi News. At least 71% of Japan is MOTB jabbed I believe, now its having lots of "CVD" deaths.

"Wooly Willy" style graphene dust from the air/water/skies reacts to a magnet! (🚨 Everyone needs to see this; what I found in the Air.)

Saviors or criminals? You decide based on the facts here:

Japan falls to the CVD cult with massive popularity of Paxlovid/Remdesivir-like drugs: (COVID medication including blockbuster IV treatment marks explosive sales growth in Japan)


We need a digital ID because of issues like illegal migration and crime and even identity theft. These could all be reduced with such digital IDs. Some countries have National ID with a biometric chip why not the USA or Canada?


We are dealing with psychopaths.
Logical or moral persuasion will have no effect. Their power is derived from ownership and control of essential resources. Our governments have been bought by them. The Globalists need not bend their ear to the complaints of the plebs.

The righteous must walk by faith:
"The earth is the Lord's, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein."
Psalm 24

Scott taylor

Dear leaders . It appears you are rolling out mandates and law changes with out mainstream broadcasting and fair to the public announcements. I also wish to remain a soveriegn being .
Thank you

susan welch

Thanks for this, John. I did complete the survey and sent an email . My comments will have left them in no doubt about how I feel (and what I think of them), but my words were certainly not as eloquent as yours. You put it so well.

I do hope there is a massive surge of responses today (the last chance) but, unfortunately, very few people are aware of the dangers ahead.


I’m old enough to remember when we American liberals deplored the idea of voter ID.

Ah, the days of innocence. I stand with you Mr Stone! Thank you for holding the line….and everything else!!!!

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