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The Inexorable March to Death

Through the Struggles

StruggleBy Cathy Jameson

We’ve been hooked on the show, The Chosen since it aired.  If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a series that highlights stories found in the Gospels, stories in particular of the disciples chosen by Jesus.  The first few episodes of Season 1 were a bit slow, but we soon couldn’t wait to see what would happen in the next episode.  When Season 2 became available, we found ourselves running to the den to get a seat on the couch right before the show aired.  Season 3 just debuted a few weeks ago and proved to be the best season yet.  I won’t give too much away, but if you’re familiar with stories from the Gospels, you already know that Jesus was a miracle worker. 

It would be obvious that some of those miracles would end up being showcased on The Chosen.  I hadn’t thought to prepare myself for the more recent episodes that featured some of the miracle stories.  Honestly, I didn’t think I needed to.  Those stories are ones I’d read and heard since I was a young child.  Watching them, though, especially this one, wrecked me.

“…to know how to proclaim that you still praise God in spite of this … to show people that you can be patient with your suffering here on Earth …hold on a little longer, and when you discover yourself finding true strength because of your weakness, and when you do great things in my name in spite of this, the impact will last for generations…”

That scene with Little James had me bawling like a baby. 

It made an emotional impact on me other and other people as well, including for Joni Eareckson Tada and Nick Vujicic.  Both have unique stories of their own.  Because of their very unique stories, both individuals have positively impacted many other people’s lives.  And each has expressed that they, too, were moved by the Little James scene.  

CJ Suffering

Each miracle that’s been part of the series has been so beautifully retold and deserves to be showcased, including the story of when the man who was deaf and mute was healed.  When I realized which miracle it was, oh, my goodness, I wanted that story to be part of our story! 

My son has been silent for so long now.  Despite the years of prayers prayed, he’s still silent.  I was glad I wasn’t sitting with my family while watching that miracle.  I was in the dining room, just off the den, sitting at the table watching the show that night.  Tears quietly streamed down my face – they were joyful tears as I imaged what the now-hearing man would finally be able to hear.  I also cried thinking about our own someday moment of when Ronan would finally be able to talk to us.  Can you imagine the joy that day would bring, not just to us but to Ronan, too?  I anticipate that it would an indescribable joy and also and endless joy. 

I do think it would take a miracle for speech to return.  That hasn’t happened yet, so through the struggle, or because of the struggle, I find myself still praying.  I’ve never felt like it was a fruitless effort, despite my prayers not being answered the way I hoped they would be answered.  So, still, I pray. 

When I pray, I ask for healing. 

I ask for Ronan to be able to talk. 

I ask for him to be able to have conversations with his siblings.  That would be the neatest thing in the world – to see the siblings listening to Ronan.  It would take them years to catch up on everything they’d want to ask their brother. 

Until those prayers are answered, we keep doing what we’re doing – keeping Ronan happy, safe, and healthy.  Reality includes some difficulties, but when I imagine God’s healing hand on Ronan, it gives me strength to hold on a little longer.  I pray you are able to do that, too.   

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Well said I walk the same journey with three kids . Regression hit us again we lost lots of things . Now again potty training a 16 year old . I start doing catechism in a year on you tube. It rebuild my faith stronger. Many turn away from our family no one wants to see the work we do for our kids . I carry my cross with faith .


I don't know how you do it. Faith is so hard. I feel I am speaking to the void.

Marie S.

Thank you for this encouragement, Cathy. There is no way our family could do what needs to be done day in and day out without our rock, Jesus Christ. I pray for those families with our struggles who don't know Him. May they seek and find Him so they too can know what true strength, peace and love is.


Very uplifting post, Cathy.

The Lord uses miracles, healing, and longsuffering to corral his children into His kingdom.
"'s just a matter of time."

Jesus resisted healing Himself on the cross, as he was challenged to do, because "by His stripes, we are healed."

Excellent Bible lesson link, Laura. We are more than conquerors through Christ.


I see your suffering.
I see your heart.
I hear Ronan speak.
And I see your God.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for this wonderful and uplifting post today. We, too, have loved “The Chosen”. We have watched the first two seasons, and are eager to start watching season three soon.

While looking up John 9: 1-3, I happened upon this link, which I found to be a great read:

Excerpt from above link that I really liked:

“He doesn’t call the equipped so much as He equips the called.”

Elizabeth Hart

This is a beautiful article Cathy, thank you.

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