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Healthy seedHow long before children with special needs are considered an undue burden on society, and therefore disposable? 

Maybe right now.

A local Democrat official in Masachusetts is facing calls to step down after complaining about the cost of special education for children with disabilities who are not aborted.

Age of Autism has been riding up and down the countryside of the internet crying, "The tipping point is coming! The tipping point is coming," to mostly deaf  ears outside of our community. Anne Dachel has written thousands of stories of tens of thousands of kids with all sorts of special needs and their impact on school districts around the globe.  Maybe instead of normalizing autism and calling cure a dirty word, the powers that be should have listened to ALL of us. Of course, we know the truth. It’s not the “SEEDle.” Despite the billions spent on genetics. The current “crop” of disabled as a rule do not have chromosomal differences. They have induced neurological difference that can not be identified in utero. 

Look at this story from Massachusetts:

Massachusetts Democrat told to step down after abortion comments leave parents irate

A local Democrat official in Masachusetts is facing calls to step down after complaining about the cost of special education for children with disabilities who are not aborted.

Michael Hugo, the chair of the Framingham Democratic Committee, made the remarks during a city council meeting when discussing a proclamation about access to abortion and crisis pregnancy centers in the city. He said crisis pregnancy centers could misdiagnose a defect in a baby in the womb, leading to them being born and becoming a strain on a school budget. He issued a public apology after 10 days of backlash from members of his own party and parents of special needs children.

"I saw what Michael had said as a personal attack against my own children," said Sheryl Goldstein, the chair of the Framingham Disabilities Commission. "That my children who had special needs were not worth the expense in the school system."  Read  more here if you can stand it.




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Cause Unknown 

By Edward Dowd

What is causing this historic spike in deaths among younger people? What is causing the shift from the elderly to younger people?



I urge everyone to boycott the extreme-right-wing, ASD-existence-denying website "Strange Sounds" who appears to have erased all of my comments about the possibility of the Nashville shooter having autism - and my strong fears that all autistics will be seen as innately violent and dangerous based on that shooter alongside Nikolas Cruz and Adam Lanza - and as a result GOP will want to "eradicate autism" not by banning all childhood vaccines (both parties profit heavily from them), but by a horrid extermination/eradication of all autistic/disabled people that'd make Auschwitz and Unit 731/The Rape of Nanking (horrid crimes committed by "flawless utopia" Japan, who is falling spiritually and morally just like the USA) seem tame. 50Cal is an apathetic pro-childhood vaccine clown and a double-speaking, profane, extremely vile "Christian" viper and that website keeps catering to and rewarding him like a king. Even Health Impact News deleted all of my comments - all of them - when I told them the jabs are warping human DNA into a new species.

Trillions are being spent nationwide and worldwide on severe, violent, learning-impaired and regressive forms of "neurodiversity" and NeuroTribes (alongside the "lousy/soft parenting causes autism" extreme right) are more clouds for the perfect fascist, genocidal NWO/OWG storm that'll soon be raging absolutely everywhere. ASAN praises/has praised the DJT/RD funded warp speed jibjabs we and I refuse - it's not just healthy young people dropping like flies, and it's not just the western world that's literally dying out.


All these L.O.B.T. articles about "limiting" restraints and seclusion used on uncontrollably violent ASD students... never hear anything about ABANDONING restraint and seclusion... why? If it's just "neurodiversity" why are students being given these traumatic and potentially lethal "treatments" on a massive and daily, silent scale?


Why parents and caregivers MUST become ASD clients own therapists if possible... the ASD therapy system is collapsing!


Florida will be brought down by "neurodiversity" as it blames "lack of supports" for aluminum-induced violent rages/violent behavior against teachers/teacher aides.

“Many students who fall into the ESE category need to have adults within reach, oftentimes one-on-one,” Dolce said."

"A school board member said on top of the shortage, part of the problem is that there are so many ESE students in Osceola County that properly placing them has become a logistical nightmare."

Japan's in serious trouble: (Teens made up over 40% of Japan child porn offenders in 2022: police)


Very sad Susan Welch. Who stopped the aluminum ASD research? Who profits from aluminum induced LDs, explosive rages, and cognitive delays? ASD clients with high aluminum levels (especially boys) appear to suffer from significant learning difficulties/cognitive delays.

Don't a lot of ASD clients have significant academic delays/dyscalculia (math dyslexia) that's overlooked by the ND movement? Isn't this profitable to special schools/teacher aides (whose lives are on a tight rope, see the horrific Matanzas student attack) and govt. operated group homes/insane asylums?

Whoever stopped this research, cannot profit from children/adults who don't need boat loads of expensive therapies and paid govt. supervision their whole lives.

susan welch

A Sobering Anniversary. This is a Substack article from Dr Exley re his research on the aluminium/autism link. He asks that it be shared. (How sad that his research was stopped!)


More details on the case:

This is the true cost of childhood vaccines.
If citizens don't want to pay it, BAN THE JABS.


What is turning children and teenagers into violent raging monsters? Aluminum salts in vaccines/graphene "black goo", which has importance in supercomputers and nanowire formation? The term "Homoborgenesis" has been in usage by the U.S. military since 2005 I believe, during the earlier waves of the "neurodiversity" eruption. All these "schools" even in Florida all have 5G towers near them/next to them and kids are forced to get vaccinated (all the wonderful "safer smaller older" k shots) just to attend these human CAFO dungholes.

Nobody on either political side brings up aluminum in the brain/intestinal permeability in the potential cause of this boy's uncontrollable rage, they just blame bad parenting or Democrats. What caused his screen addiction too? (Tears For Fears - Way You Are (Extended)

Visitor IH

You and Bill are a riot. Parents who self diagnose against professionals who know nothing about aluminum let alone view it as relevant to Autism. Better diagnosing saves us all. I am skeptical that you or Bill should be heeded.


"He questioned if the state would "cover the costs of special education for a down syndrome affected child""

Are records kept on the yearly abortion rate due to Down's syndrome? My sister is a retired special ed teacher. When she started out, all of her clients were Down's syndrome. After 1987, she began seeing the first wave of autistic children in the public schools. Once genetic testing for Down's syndrome became routine, so did their abortion. Over time, the numbers of Down's syndrome children dropped and the number of autism diagnosis exploded. In her later years teaching, my sister only had children "on the spectrum" and NO Down's syndrome kids. With the passage of anti-abortion laws, I think eugenicists fear that this Down's syndrome holocost will be exposed. Where is the data proving Down's syndrome is genetically based? My second born was tested for this pre-birth. I am pro-life, and my doctor said it would be helpful if he knew ahead of the birth if my child had this condition. My test came back positive, and of course, I never considered abortion. It turned out that my child was born normal and remained healthy until he got his 15 month vaccine schedule (including MMR) and developed vaccine induced encephalopathy with autistic behaviors. No Down's syndrome.

The real pharma villains are keeping their vaccine $billions and pitting the local public schools against the children they serve. It is not callous to say that floods of vaccine injured children can bankrupt local schools if they get extensive therapy. This is economics. I believe this is part of the Globalist plan. We must keep pointing back to the true source of these horrors and put an end to it. Focusing on this one guy misdirects from where the true focus should lie. Personally, I never relied on government schools to help my injured children. But I can tell you, no one could repay me for what it cost me in time, blood sweat and tears to help recover my children. Public schools will never be able to do this even if they go bankrupt trying.


Bill, I somewhat agree. Self-diagnosis is fraudulent and performed without a medical professional(s). I think this practice was normalized by the infamous, Yahoo-owned communist website Tumblr (similar to Tiktok and older than it, but maybe even worse).

It terrifies me to see violent "neurodiverse" students mauling their poor defenseless therapists/parents/teachers/teacher aides, especially with what happened very recently in Matanzas High "School" with a violent autistic man savagely attacking his teacher aide, after his Nintendo Switch was taken away (not during break or being grounded/punished I suppose, just because it was schoolwork time - in class for everyone).

What happens when aluminum (highest ever in ASD brains - from mercury to aluminum to graphene?) when it's exposed to 5G/upcoming 6G radiation? What's going on in these aluminum/metal filled brains near these 5g filled schools, even in Florida? Must trigger very inflammatory/neuron-flareup responses?

Angus Files

My close realtive just had a bay boy there 2 weeks ago.Before the boy was born they had all the scans 3d etc as they do these days.The scans pointed out that he had slightly turned in feet and they recommended to the parents abortion .My own non vaccinated son could run 100 meters in 12 seconds aged 18years.He was born with slightly turned in feet at the time all we were told was to rub oil on the ankles as it helped circulation and they will probably straighten as it was to do with long baby small mother,so we were told.The baby has been born and his feet are fine slight turn that's all but yet they would have murdered him.

Fortunately the close relative knows the trials and tribulations we had and has refused vaccines etc etc.

Another parent Dr Wakefield tried to get help what a complete rewrite of history.

My thoughts are with the parent and the forced vaccinated victim.

Autistic son, 32, of anti-vaxxers who was one of the children in disgraced Andrew Wakefield's MMR vaccine study 25 years ago is ordered to have Covid jab by court in Jersey
The son, named 'B', has a severe learning disability, seizures and is non-verbal
Court granted order, saying that it was 'the right best interests decision' for B
The autistic son of antivaxxers has been ordered to receive a Covid jab by a court in Jersey.

The 32-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons, spent lockdown in his room at a care home because his parents refused to let him be vaccinated, Jersey's Royal Court heard.

The man, named 'B' in legal papers, has a severe learning disability, sufferers from seizures and his non verbal. His father has responsibility for his care and makes decisions for him.

He was one of the so-called Lancet 12, one of the children with autism who took part in disgraced Andrew Wakefield's study which was published in the medical journal, falsely claiming that the MMR vaccine caused autism.

Pharma For Prison



Some parents who self-diagnose their children with autism that family's child does not have autism. The child may have fetal alcohol syndrome and sometimes Down syndrome. I know one such mother. Her seriously disabled child was exposed to alcohol in the womb and the mother is in denial. The young man was at first diagnosed with autism as a young child but now doctors have withdrawn that diagnosis. The lady in question was actual fired from her job as a teacher in California.
Those religious types are some to talk. They allowed the disabled to die from starvation and lack of medical care for centuries or to rot away in institutions.

Maurine Ellen Meleck

Hu-GO immediately.
If we're talking about autism, children aren't born with it so his theory flies in the face of stupidity.
For me, among other things, ignoring the growth of autism numbers was the pre-cursor to the covid corruption. If the powers that be can get away with over 3 decades of autism lies--Hugo's right up there with the selfish morons.
No Vivtory for Hugo.


How many more years do we have to wait before the CDC, NIH and other medical institutions realize that there is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. Our children/adults are suffering from an illness that is called neuroimmune dysfunction syndrome and we need the clinical trials to start now with meds called immune modulators that can correct and CURE what has happened to our children's immune dysfunction. Please read the book The Myth of Autism by Dr. Michael Goldberg, published by Skyhorse Publishing and you will finally read the truth about what happened to our children/adults.


I agree that it should be addressed as opposed to continually swept under the rug. But they still don't seem to understand that they are causing this with their vaccines where the genetic part is apparently pretty insignificant because if it was genetics, the rates wouldn't be skyrocketing like they have been. It's an insult to the older generations to have some preposterous claim that older generations were unable to tell a person had something wrong with them if they couldn't talk or dress themselves.

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