Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, author of Transcend Fear: A Blueprint for Mindful Leadership in Public Health, calls out FDA corruption concerning mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and indifference to the health of Americans
CHD TV: Maureen McDonnell, Amy Gordon and Dr. Liz Mumper Cover the History of Vaccine Risk Awareness

Safeminds Reports on Service Dogs

Therapy dogDo you have, or do you know someone who has a service dog for autism? I've heard more horror stories than success stories. Where there's money to be made, there are scammers. Safeminds sent out the following article:


Service Dog Industry Faces Challenges

Inconsistent Terminology and Variability of Certifications Can Lead to Subpar Implementation of this Well-Meaning Service

Service dogs have become increasingly popular for people with neurodevelopmental and mental health disorders. A 2016 report estimates that in the United States alone, approximately 500,000 service dogs support people with disabilities.


Angus Files

Our friend whose daughter has a dog that warns when she's going to have a fit, and its the strangest of things. The dog just hits the ground and wont get up. It will do this probably about 30 mins before the fit which gives the mother time to administer I think its adrenaline which stops or reduces the fits. Before the dog was purchased she was having 30 plus fits a day but shes now down to about 7.Seemingly the dog can smell a chemical that the body produces preceding the fit.

Pharma For Priosn



Finally for the first time in years Age of Autism has a very important article. Service animal fraud is so widespread at least a quarter of the so-called service animals are not legitimate. If the "service animals" training facility is not accredited by Assistance Dogs International avoid the 'agency" like the plague. Fake service animals have attacked other beings including real service animals. The fake service animal industry has increased disability discrimination. A person with a disability can obtains a fake service animal. They did so on purpose or by accident through an unaccredited agency.

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