Tis the Season, the Legislative Season That Is
Popular Rationalism: Autism May (or May Not) Be Associated with Increased Risk of Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Heart Disease

Publish or Perish

4A1FBE9E-1268-492D-BF23-2638ADEF1604“Publish or perish” is a common phrase in academia. Academia is where people with letters after their names write about scenarios and situations about which the average AofAer has 100x more knowledge and experience. Many years ago, I spoke at a marginally competitive college in Massachusetts (who remembers college rank terminology?) The professor who spoke before me touted her years in academia as an autism expert. I added up my daughters ages at the time and tripled her number in my own introduction as my experience. There has been so much fiddling while families struggle. Study upon study that bolster careers. Little of it translational. And everyone else makes money. As in the situation below.

From Spectrum News

Prolific autism researcher has two dozen papers retracted

by Shaena Montanari  /  2 February 2023

An autism researcher lost two dozen papers to retraction in January, eight years after the publisher was made aware of potentially troubling editorial practices. Elsevier, the publisher, cited undisclosed conflicts of interest, duplicated methodology and a “compromised” peer-review process as reasons for the retractions…

…The papers were published in Research in Developmental Disabilities and Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders between 2013 and 2014 — a period when Johnny Matson, then professor of psychology at Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge and an author on all of the papers, was editor-in-chief of both journals.

….The conflict-of-interest claims stem from the retracted papers using assessment batteries that Matson developed, which are sold by Disability Consultants, LLC, a business registered in the state of Louisiana to Matson’s wife, Deann Matson. This tie was not revealed in any of the 23 papers.

Citation: https://doi.org/10.53053/YIME4862


Buy and share these books by Robert Kennedy Jr.. Dr. Fauci may be "gone" but we will not let his work fade into obscurity nor become enshrined on Mount Olympus. And the Pfizer expose video (dates gone sour) screams out for The Wuhan Cover Up. Not to mention the weather balloon we just took down.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Don't be "Nudged" by the new nomenclature/terminology , just different style of shirts, shoes and haircuts but evidently same old colour and pattern on the wallpaper wanting ," The Old Dogs For The Hard Road and The Handicapped Pups for the cold pavements "

https historicengland.org.uk
The Changing Face of the Workhouse ! Asylums in everything but...!
Section describes the workhouses after the 1834 Poor Law .

History of eugenics -Wikipedia ;
WEF- World Economic Forum states, we will have a "useless Class" of Humans. Are they just using new narrative/terminology and descriptors for auld eugenics /Population Management .

Huge disaster in Turkey area .

Will The UN -THE WHO- and The WEF Deal with their Final Exams /Practical Performance Evaluation ?

United Nations -News 6 February 2023

Article "Act decisively before it is too late " Gutteres warns countries ,laying out his priorities for 2023.

United Nations Chief
Who is Antonio Gutteres Wikipedia

United Nations Performance disaster 2010 Haiti earthquake then failure of Cholera management .

States "It was difficult to maintain diplomatic immunity ?"
Who gave The United Nations Diplomatic Immunity when were they "Annointed" to do as they wish
along with their chums and pals at The WHO and The WEF .
Not a Democratic Triangle of power and Authority . With Zero accountability or Responsibility for failed disaster management ,including Failed Pandemic Management !
Two years to reveal Covid-19 is an airborne Virus .!

Angus Files

Its the blank vacant look you get from the so called autism experts when you finally hunt them down and have a consultation with them.Theny look at you as if your speaking a launguage from another planet because you mention smearing, sleepless nights every night,and all the other Autistic not so endearing behavior's.But as you say Kim they get rich on it whilst the oneses desperately needing help for the suffering nobody can imagine go without.

This poor family knoow the score sadly.

BBC journalist Humphrey Hawksley poignantly admits keeping his severely disabled and autistic son Christopher, now 26, alive might have been the wrong thing to do - 23 years after writing despairingly of the dearth of help for his boy
Humphrey Hawksley's son has conditions including cerebral palsy and autism
Christopher needs constant medical care to help walk, eat and communicate
Humphrey decried son's poor care aged 3 and now says wrong to keep him alive


P.S.You can see by the amount of likes on the 3 posts that plenty(including me) have tried to comment despite the paper saying comments not moderated.

Pharma For Prison



I realize this is extreme wishful thinking, but, hopefully, Dr Emily Hotez is able to look beyond dad’s conflicts of interest and another generation of terrorizing the injured can be avoided. I won’t hold my breath.



A consultant firm for disabilities?

What is that?
The only thing I can think of that it might be is: Well; I took my son when he was entering the sixth grade to a big biz, in a big city to be further evaluated. Would that be what this is?

This company had all kinds of psychologists there, doing all kinds of test. We had great health insurance at that time and the health insurance paid out really a lot to them. We were not the only family to do this in my area.

The school psychologists, thought that I had wasted my money, and time for something that we could have gotten through the school. I think at that time the school psychologists were pretty darn good. The school psychologist and more than one said it was PDD/NOS Silly me did not even know that was autism.

This consultant firm? (If that was what it was) never mentioned PDD/NOS (maybe that was just a given, nor his communication problems? ) but did say there was tourettes. Maybe they meant in addition to PDD/NOS/communication problems? I never asked, cause I was clueless on everything. I do know they said he was ? transcend? I think that was what they called it? It was explained that that meant he was able to learn, he was developing maybe at a slower rate, but yet he was advancing. Well that is good to know.

Both were correct . cause when my son gets nervous, he starts snuffing that nose till it gets on every one's last nerve.

Is that what a disability consultant would be?
Then as this professor is getting his papers all together, do they give him money for research? I imagine some one does. He is then paying his wife for that data?

Am I understanding this correctly?

IF he had mentioned it in his papers would it then been okay? Did he say he was getting the data some where else?

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