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Lou Conte's Truth Be Told: In Vino Veritas

Truth serum winePlease check out Lou Conte's SubStack called "Truth Be Told." Lou's super power (one of them) is that his decades of law enforcement work in the Westchester County (NY) Sex Offender Probations department gave him a keen insight into LIARS.  And that comes in handy in the autism vaccine injury world. After his retirement, Lou became a LIE DETECTOR.  He's a forensic Psychophysiologist (Polygraph Examiner). He viewed the Project Veritas video of the date gone bad with his own insight into body language and verbal language. Subscribe for free, or with a paid subscription, to his SubStack today.


In Vino Veritas

I’ve been asked to weigh in on a recently released video from Project Veritas in which a Pfizer Company administrator named Jordan Trishton Walker discloses alarming information. Dr. Walker lost control of himself after being confronted about research he reported to be underway at Pfizer. Walker then says he was lying. Was he?

The questions I’ve been asked are:

1. “Is Walker really employed by Pfizer?”

2. “Is the video in which Walker makes the disclosures real?”

3. “Could someone who is smart enough to be a scientist stupidly reveal damaging information?”

4. “Is Walker being truthful when he says Pfizer is conducting research on coronaviruses that involves Directed Evolution (a form of Gain of Function research) on monkeys to mutate the viruses for future vaccines?”

5. Was Walker’s only lie his claim that he was lying?


1) Yes, 2) Yes, 3) Yes, 4) Yes, and 5) Yes.

1. Jordan Trishton Walker has been employed by Pfizer as the Director of Research & Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning at Pfizer, New York. Sources have confirmed his employment, which was reported by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Walker is supervised by another administrator who reports directly to Pfizer CEO, Dr. Albert Bourla.

2. A private investigator who is a trusted colleague of mine analyzed the video and affirmed that it was real. Mr. Walker was unaware that he was being recorded by a device that placed on the table.

I believe that the recordings are real, and Mr. Walker was a Pfizer employee (at the time of the video). According to his job title, he would have inside knowledge regarding Pfizer’s vaccine development.

The video “disappeared” from most social media within twenty-four hours of its release – a sign of its veracity. However, the video was viewed more than fifteen million times.

3. Smart people can and do make inexplicably bad decisions. In this instance, Walker disclosed important information in order to impress a date. His nonverbal behaviors (body language) signal sexual interest in the person conversing with him. His smile appears coy, and his constant eye contact are indicators of his interest. His eyebrows move up and down as he nods denoting that he finds the attention of the other person to be stimulating.

Walker has inside information that seemingly makes him feel special, powerful and, sexy. He uses his insider knowledge like a peacock fanning his feathers, hoping to impress a prospective mate. Many people do find people presenting themselves in this manner to be alluring and attractive. At one point Walker reaches out and touches the person and says, “You got to promise you won’t tell anybody, okay?” Initiating a quick touch while smiling and nodding is a clear sign of sexual interest, as is the sharing of secrets.  Read more and subscribe HERE.


Buy and share these books by Robert Kennedy Jr.. Dr. Fauci may be "gone" but we will not let his work fade into obscurity nor become enshrined on Mount Olympus. And the Pfizer expose video (dates gone sour) screams out for The Wuhan Cover Up. Not to mention the weather balloon we just took down.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

#1 on AMAZON, and a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY NATIONAL BESTSELLER Over 1,000,000 copies sold despite censorship, boycotts from bookstores and libraries, and hit pieces against the author.

The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense)

From the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Real Anthony Fauci comes an explosive exposé of the cover-up behind the true origins of COVID-19.



Will this revival affect the plight of the vaccine injured?
Pray that Jesus would open their eyes!

Asbury Christian Revival Becomes Explosive Inter-Denominational Phenomenon

"The massive Christian revival taking place at Kentucky’s Asbury University has spilled over into many Christian denominations, drawing faithful from mainline Protestant churches, bible-based groups, and Catholics.

When an ordinary prayer service was held at this small Christian college on February 8, no one dreamed it would balloon into the immense ecumenical phenomenon it has now become.

The “Asbury Revival,” as it has been dubbed, developed into a viral phenomenon on social media, spurring Christians from far and wide to make the trek and join in the worship."

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Thank you Lou Conte ,great information /tutorials.

See -https/>news
Nature Journal .
Article- Marburg Virus Outbreak Researchers Race To Test Vaccines 15 February 2023.
We were taught in training modules that .For any Abuse of Power or Abuse of Authority to be able to take place in the first place, there has to be" Substantial Access Available !" for the abuse to happen in the first place .
What does "Substantial Access" Look Like - Sound Like Smell Like -and Behave Like ?

Gaelic Proverb - Bothaidh toll beag long mhor = Alittle hole will sink a big ship ?
Bathaidh /Will sink- toll /hole - beag/little - long/ship -mhor- big .

The" WHO" Policy and Procedure Manuals, not getting the message yet ?
The Message Runrig -YouTube .

Good Book - Prisoners of The Red Desert !. The Adventures of the Crew Of The Tara During The First World War .By R.S Gwatkin -Williams .
My dear Grannies brother was on "The Tara" . Psalm 91, was their daily sustenance to keep going .
Those who were able to stomach eating snails etc survived ,sadly, those who could not ,did not .


Tucker Carlson weighs in....

SEE IT: Spiritual revival on college campus draws visitors from across the world
"A chapel service at Asbury University, a Christian college in Kentucky, has turned into a nonstop gathering of people from all over the world.

Videos of what is being called a spiritual “revival” have gone viral on social media as the gathering has been going for more than seven days straight, 24 hours a day."


❤️DAY 8: Asbury TESTIMONY, IF NEED CONVINCING..JUST WATCH THIS - Asbury University Revival


The Jordan Trishton Walker video is still available here:


@ Benedetta

REVIVAL has begun in your state!

This has been going on nonstop for days.
People are coming from all over the world!


High Tea at Auntie Morag's

HART- Health Advisory &Recovery Team
Article- How To Nullify Criticism of The Vaccines . 1February 2023

The Who Document 2022 called
Vaccine Crisis Communication Manual A Step -by-Step Guidance For National Immunisations .
States - Adverse Event Following Immunisations [AEFI] which are [ Rightly or Wrongly]being associated with vaccines or vaccination create uncertainty or distrust among the public
Example [SIDS] Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Policy and Procedure Manual presenting as the most " Criminally Forensically Fondled Abuse of Power" I have ever read in my life !

The Daily Sceptic
Article - Australia's Drug Regulator Hid Child Vaccine Deaths to " Maintain Public Confidence "
By Rebekah Barnet .

Close adult family member in Queensland recently consented to a[DTP] Vaccine to visit next doors new baby , Relative had a very severe allergic reaction to this booster ,
Her Verbal comments are not suitable for a public comment box "especially when I told her severe allergic reaction would get slapped with a probable diagnosis of FND =Functional Neurological Disorder !.


Thanks for this rundown.
On top of all of this, there was a possibility of a bit too much to drink?
Lost of top notch people seem to have trouble with bending the elbow too much.
For a long time I was confused about Hillary's neurological problems. Silly me.

Disciplined, sober, and Serious people have to be part of the landscape of any functioning civilization.

Angus Files

Liars and selective memories a prerequisite for any Mercky pharma investigation and anyone who works for them.

Pharma For Prison


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