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We live in a world where sticks stones might break bones but names - words - heck they'll destroy your life and send you straight to  bed with depression.  Can you imagine spending a DIME to study the terminology of autism? Thank you, NEURODIVERSITY for more fluff while families are staggering to complete collapse no matter WHERE their children fall on the SPECTRUM. Can you believe we're arguing over WORDS rather than the lack of services and supports?

Sometimes Certain Terms Are Accurate Clinical Descriptors

A commentary titled “A full semantic toolbox is essential for autism research and practice to thrive” was recently published in Autism Research. Written by four mothers of individuals on the spectrum, the commentary takes on the controversial topic of “neutral” autism terminology that many in the neurodiversity movement favor. Recent articles written from the neurodiverse perspective suggest avoiding or replacing terms such as “disorder,” “deficit,” “risk,” “symptoms,” “challenging/problem behavior,” “comorbid,” and “prevention” when writing about autism. The neurodiverse community considers these terms “ableist,” even though the context in which those terms are used is not always considered. The commentary’s authors acknowledge that some scientific words may provoke feelings of social stigmatization for individuals in the neurodiversity movement. However, they believe those concerned should counter and address that stigma but should not eliminate scientifically accurate terminology while doing so. The authors also point out that the words targeted for elimination most often apply to individuals severely impacted by autism who are traditionally the most underserved despite having the most needs. Additionally, the authors state that censorship of certain terms exerts a chilling effect on research and clinical practice. They fear this chilling effect will again impact individuals and families that experience autism as a life-limiting condition versus a divergence or identity. The authors sum up the controversy by stating, “There does not need to be a battle between the two viewpoints around autism vocabulary; there is room across the spectrum to acknowledge that autism can be a state of being for some, an impairing condition for others and somewhere in between for many. Restricting terms used to describe autism will not change the nature of a person’s autism nor will it eliminate the impairments and symptoms experienced because of an autism diagnosis. It will not result in clinical benefit for some while reducing any services for anyone else.” They conclude by urging the autism community to ask families and individuals which terms they prefer to describe themselves and to accept the broad use of scientific terms in scientific research and studies. Ultimately, the authors believe that the push for neutral language is problematic since it robs the scientific community’s ability to describe the harsh realities people with autism face daily, particularly those with profound autism. In the end, they do not believe that anyone or any group should have the power to limit language that excludes the “observable realities of autism.” 

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I guess we should be marking the beginning of the age of the cardio-diverse.


Don’t know if anyone else has read this yet. James Lyons-Weilier has posted a new article:
After Enforcing Mandates of Vaccines Containing Aluminum Neurotoxin, Seattle School Districts Sue Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media Companies for Mental Health Crisis in Our Youth

James’s response: This is excellent. If the social media companies are smart, they will cite the studies that show aluminum and mercury in vaccines - and vaccination - are harmful and cause dementia.

Does anyone have Elon and Mark’s et. al. personal email addresses?


Diversity is used as one of those magic words to control the general public. It fits in with other magic words like environmental ,as it is being trashed, or renewables as they sell the real stuff to China, or equity cause it kind of sounds like equality, or choosing your own pronouns.

Hey; wait a minute that choosing your own pronouns stuff? Is that coming from the same playbook as neurodiverse? I do believe it is .

All of which is coming from those that are trying to cover their sorry rear ends, and it is not because they made a mistake either. It is on purpose from vaccines to fluoride in our water.

I just read that Salk was a big eugenics guy as well and was all worried about the population growth.
So many rich guys decides people are just an unwanted litter of dogs and cats?

There is no such things as a good - brain injury. No doubt a softer brain injury is better than a hard one. The homeless population is a testament to just how bad, softer brain injuries manifest into social problems.


The use of terms that favor people who are very high functioning does a tremendous harm to the more severely affected people on the autism spectrum. The high functioning people go on with their lives and can function almost as well as neurotypical people with some autism traits. People who are more severely affected do not have the same high level of functioning and are in need of greater support services and much needed research to address the causes and, hopefully, a real CURE to correct what has gone wrong with their neuro immune functioning. Families living with more severely affected children/adults like mine have been struggling for years with the challenges and hardships of a very demanding and stressful life. We need RESEARCH and we need it NOW! The priorities should be for the CDC, and other biotechnical companies to address and solve this need NOW!

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