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Start Popping Spellers The Movie is Coming!

Spellers The MovieA couple of years ago, I got a call from JB Handley (hey, this sounds familiar!) and he was wicked stoked! That's a little Massachusetts meets West Coast parlance for wildly excited. His son had begun this thing called "spelling," and he was having success.  Life changing success. JB being JB, wanted to make sure I knew about spelling for my daughters. He wanted, and wants, EVERYONE to know that spelling can open the communication channel for even the most profoundly autistic individuals. He and his son Jameson wrote Underestimated: An Autism Miracle (from Skyhorse Publishing.) I am spelling with my youngest daughter. It's a slow process for her because of her vision and gross motor planning. But I can see that she will become successful in time, in her own way.

Subscribe to the Spellers alerts to learn when, where and how you can watch the movie. We'll keep you posted with updates.  Spell on!

Ed Dowd's Cause Unknown can't be updated fast enough as we see a steady stream of sudden heart attacks and deaths in the news. Dr. Robert Malone's Lies My Government Told Me and the Better Future Coming speaks to the power of action and personal growth based on knowledge.  See you on Sunday with Cathy's post.

Cause Unknown Hardcover
Kindle Edition

Lies My Government Told Me Hardcover
Kindle Edition



"Facilitated Comunication" which "Spelling" is a type of is horrible. There have been actual sexual abuse incidents as well as false allegation of sexual abuse related to Faciltated Communication. This is in addition to false promises of effective communication from FC. Get your child the $300 communication application for their IPad if you want the non-verbal child or teenager to "talk". There are several options and companies that sell the downloadable software. the IPad mini is about $400 and the cheapest communication software is $150


I started spelling about 2 years ago with my son, 12. Not much progress yet, but we keep at it every day. I'm also excited for JB and Jamie, and look forward to the movie!

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