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Serenity Now or Never


I saw this Tweet from Dr. Peter McCullough yesterday. "Young people should have thought through genetic shots...."  I wrote two Tweet responses to voice my frustration.


Think about it. An MD asking the young adults who were raised on the birthing person's milk of pharma trust to suddenly have the capability, let alone the nerve, to question a new vaccine out of the blue. Young adults who watched Elmo tell them to get their vaccines. Young adults who never had a moment to themselves to think, process, problem solve. Kids whose critical thinking skills were not installed because Mom and Dad wanted to make sure they never felt discomfort, pain, failure, loss. Kids who never saw a D on a report card because all kids needed to feel safe. And now we're going to tell them their troubles are their own fault? How about the decades of data, science and heartache doled out daily by the autism vaccine injury community. We have a lot of work ahead of us to help people process the damage here, and coming. 



Ed Dowd's Cause Unknown can't be updated fast enough as we see a steady stream of sudden heart attacks and deaths in the news. Dr. Robert Malone's Lies My Government Told Me and the Better Future Coming speaks to the power of action and personal growth based on knowledge. 

Cause Unknown Hardcover
Kindle Edition

Lies My Government Told Me Hardcover
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High Tea at Auntie Morag's

No problem Laura ,if you have time tae a wee peek via Per Mare Per Terras on sea or on land '
Fire Brigade, Fire Boat Pier Review with a Dockside multi faceted nose to tail disection , before a judgemental inquest . Off -The- Run with it aye right off -it!
https/>green news
Spain makes history by giving personhoodstatus tosalt-water lagoon -27Sept 2022
Mar Menor Lagoon . Boiled frogs will be toad away ,Oh What?

Childrens Health Defense Interview with the "Just Fabulous " Vandana Shiva talks with Dr Mercola
re Book Oneness vs The One Percent /

WHO announces plans to establish a TB Vaccine Accelerator 17 January 2023
Departmental News Davos .

Laura Hayes


Thank you for your comment of support…much appreciated :)

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Thank you Laura Hayes, your comments are spot- on accurate .
The Mercantile Citadel have seriously managed to take human health, animal health and companion animal health tae a cliff edge/precipice. If we don't step back and away from it we are heading off- it, seriously and really right off-it .
Essential reading =The Flexner Report 1910 .by Abraham Flexner and Herman Gates Wisekotten .

Hart-Health Advisory and Recovery Team .

Runrig -The Stamping Ground -Lyrics -You Tube .

Laura Hayes

I should have highlighted this portion from the excerpt I included in my previous comment:

“Perhaps most importantly, we need those who comprise the mafia described above, and their many minions, behind bars.”

Laura Hayes


Well said.

I included the importance of exercising one’s personal agency, without permitting it to be compromised by tyrants, and the personal accountability and responsibility that go hand in hand with making one’s own choices, in my August, 2020 article that ran here on AoA:

“The Catastrophic Costs of Complying”

Here is a relevant excerpt from the end of my article:

“It is not wise or virtuous to condone or support that which eliminates the most basic rights of human beings. It is not wise or virtuous to willingly give up our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and freedoms, in exchange for tyranny, threats, and torture. It is not wise or virtuous to accept mafia dominance over our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, or the lives of others.

None of what I have written prohibits anyone from doing that which they believe protects their health, or the health of their children. If someone believes that masks are protective, not harmful, prevent the transmission of viruses, and/or believe that they or their children are particularly vulnerable for some reason, they are free to wear a mask. If their mask works as they believe it does, it should not matter to them whether or not anyone else is wearing a mask. The same argument holds true for vaccination. If someone wants to permit a vaccine for themselves or their child, they are free to do so. If they believe that a vaccine is protective for them or their child, it should make no difference to them whether or not anyone else is vaccinated.

And therein lies the truth…when individuals and parents are free to make their own health-related decisions, that is how and when individuals, children, communities, and society at large thrive. When something is effective, it is continued, or repeated if/when necessary. When something is ineffective, or harmful, it is discontinued, not repeated, and something else may be tried in the future. No one has a more vested and sincere interest in an individual or child being healthy and well than the individual or parent. No one has a better firsthand account of the results of health-related decisions than the individual or parent, and therefore, it is their experiences and their decisions that matter most. No one will be more accountable and personally responsible for individual and parental health-related decisions than the individual and parent, and therefore, such accountability and personal responsibility are the most natural and effective motivators for beneficial and effective decisions to be made, or adjusted as needed, and for harmful and ineffective decisions to be completely avoided, or never repeated.

We do not need elected officials legislating and dictating our health-related decisions, nor do we need public and global health officials pronouncing and enforcing what they deem is and isn’t healthy for us and our families, especially given their terrible track records, their conflicts of interest, and the many lawsuits against and criminal convictions of the companies who bribe, buy, influence, and control them. What we need is health and medical choice freedom, paired with rock-solid parental rights. What we need is the free flow of information so that people can make fully informed decisions. The censorship of anything and everything that challenges or disproves the mafia’s propaganda must be stopped. Perhaps most importantly, we need those who comprise the mafia described above, and their many minions, behind bars.

We need to be the change we want to see. Continued compliance will lead to increasing tyranny. We need to act individually and collectively. Connect with like-minded people in your area and get involved with Dr. Pam Popper’s “Make Americans Free Again” and Peggy Hall’s “The Healthy American”. Become a member of the Weston A Price Foundation, which provides excellent health-related information as well as action items related to protecting and regaining rights and freedoms.

Refusing to comply today is the path to regaining our rights and freedoms tomorrow.”

I am also reminded of Ephesians 5:11 when it comes to the pharmaceutical/medical mafia and many related vaccine profiteers:

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

Thanks again for posting your thoughts here, Ben.


I think it's important to differentiate between two important concepts here.

The point you raise is a valid one, the system, parent, and society all conspired to groom a generation of people to trust authority, in particular medical authority. What the medical system has done -- with the acceptance of society -- was highly unethical.

Dr McCullough's point is also a valid one. At the end of the day, every single adult -- that includes young adults -- are responsible for the choices they make.

I grew up in a time where sugar cereals were advertised not only as health but as essential elements of a healthy diet. If I spent my whole life eating that food -- I would argue the propaganda was as strong -- trusting the authorities, can I abdicate my own responsibility if I am obese and live a low quality life?

I don't think so.

Reminding people that their choices -- every choice about diet, and medicine, and exercise -- have consequences does not abdicate any bad actors and what they have done.

But at the end of the day, the whole systemic monster that is the medical complex was enabled because individuals blindly trusted authority and did not take responsibility for their own choices. That means investing time to research information, and thinking critically about every choice that can affect your health. Or you decide to abdicate that work to someone else, and then you have to accept the consequences of those decisions.

I am a parent of two children. One of whom decided to get this vaccine to attend school. Prior to that she was completely unvaccinated and as a parent, I invested a lot of effort to achieve that.

I am enraged by what was done to those kids. BUT, at the end of the day, it was their choice as adults, and regardless of the malfeasance surrounding what happened, they have to accept responsibility for those decisions and sadly live with the consequences of them.

Not accepting personal responsibility and blaming the system, or the doctor, or the parents, or the government for one's own decisions is exactly one of the key issues that got us into a society that is very unhealthy.

High Tea at Auntie Morag's

Good God in Govan ! it's enough tae cause a caustic commotion a rumpus and a revolting riot in an empty hospital canteen!
Is it ok to push the pause button for a moment ?
Awkward clumsy comments or serious Gaffs ?
Andrew Bridgen? [spell check] MP in The Palace of Westminster just got the same "Tweetment" as Lady Hussey, in the other Palace, down the road ? Remember a snapshot never is the whole picture or the full story?
Essential Reading -NUDGE By Richard H Thaler ,Cass Sunstein 25 August 2022 The completly updated final edition , £10.99
Take Note. Psychology Head Office Uk stated . All the fear messaging/narrative was not" COVERT" it was "INDIRECT" Oh What !
See https //
Dr Mattias Desmet, Dr Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCulloch Re Mass Formation Psychosis
6 January 2022
Daily Sceptic News Round up 21 January 2023
Dr Aseem Malhorta talks with Neil Oliver on GB News 18 January 2023
Mrna harm to heart, it's overwhelming .

Runrig Healer In Your Heart -Lyrics. YouTube

Laura Hayes


Thanks for chiming in :)

I don't agree with McCullough's statement that the "whole schedule needs reevaluation". What it needs is to be immediately halted, i.e. an immediate moratorium on each and every vaccine as not one has ever been studied or approved properly or ethically, and therefore, not one should currently be in use.

Additionally, he stated, "Infectious agent epidemiology changes and data now suggest natural is best." Data do not all of a sudden suggest that "natural is best". That data has existed since the inception of vaccine usage, and has become increasingly apparent each and every decade.

Has he made a public statement in any interview to date denouncing the entire childhood vaccination schedule, or strongly warning parents against following it, and doctors against administering it? If he has, please post it here. Thanks!


Please read:

(better layout of graphics)
(original source)

Dr. Peter McCullough vs. The System: A Battle for His Career
January 18, 2023 • by Etana Hecht



That is a very profound and wonderful picture.


Biden sued for illegally handing power to World Health Organization
States accuse administration of unlawful delegation of emergency declaration

David Weiner
David W

Photo & caption (11/12/22): "No beuno! At ICI Hold Strong Conference in Des Moines. Whole schedule needs reevaluation for medical necessity, safety, and efficacy. Infectious agent epidemiology changes and data now suggest natural is best. #courageousdiscourse"

I love the man, personally, starting with his leadership developing & publicizing early treatment protocols with AAPS in 2020 (updated):

Michael S.

From Laura's last post:

"Lastly, if the inexcusable and tragic state of children’s health the past 30 years has escaped his notice, I would again question his competence for his current occupation."
No more time for making excuses for vaccine-promoting doctors. They are a danger to all, and have no business being anywhere near children."

With all the information available to us "laypeople," how can the epidemic of vaccine-injured children go unnoticed by the majority of doctors and scientists? Where are they getting their information from? Sesame Street? How can they continue to promote products by companies who have a long history of felony criminal convictions?

Why are doctors still promoting a flu shot when the probability AT BEST is that out of 100 jabbed, it "might" protect one person from getting the flu. Might.

I will tell you why - it is the reason why pharma and the medical cartel are expanding their markets and increasing their profits - repeat business. All pharma products cause side effects after prolonged use, but NEVER have any long term studies been done on vaccines because they all cause serious side effects, and the medical industry counts on this for their tremendous increase in patients. For example, who is going to be able to prove that after your third tetanus booster you have a largely increased risk of Bell's Palsy? Etc. Etc. Etc. But the data exists. Kaiser keeps meticulous records on all their patient's vaccine and health status: Which shots cause what illness in how many people and which year they are going to become sick. It's all been worked out years ago - every single bit of it - otherwise they would come up short every year with the "cure" for the disease they caused. The manufactures always seem to produce just the right amount of medicine to go around. They couldn't do it any other way. They are not in business to heal, they are in business to make a profit, and will do whatever it takes to continue making obscene profits at the risk of their patient's future health.

I've always supported Laura's nearly lone voice in rejecting all vaccine use because I don't think vaccines are the most important medical discovery - I think they are one of the biggest detriments to our survival and have been recently PROVEN to be effective at coercing Americans to give up their cherished freedoms. And the people who survive the vaccines and the poison food and the wireless communications radiation will likely be eliminated by the extreme and unwise environmental sanctions imposed upon us by forces outside our countries.

Laura Hayes

Watch this clip of 2 reporters (non-MSM) pound Pfizer CEO Bourla with questions he refuses to answer. Just excellent!

I am inspired to make a donation today to these non-MSM reporters who are in Davos. Click here to learn more:

Angus Files

Earth to Dr. McCullough,hello!!anyone at home?

Dissenting voices are now to be encouraged? I remember the MMR litigation which I was in right up to the last throw of the litigation. This was thanks to Kings Council Jennie Horne Roberts. working Pro-Bono for anyone who wished to take the case forward after all the litigants were threatened with pharma costs. Out of the two and half thousand parents who had originally been involved only 11 went forward .Jennie stepped forward as offered and supplied her services Pro Bono to the remaining 11 right to the end.

That's what the Pharma did on silencing the parents dissenting voices and daring to think for themselves and hold the pharma accountable for the vaccine damage mass cull.

But now everyone is allowed to think for themselves implies Dr. McCullough. This is despite untold tyrannical suppression of thought and process over the many decades. And now as if by magic we can by choice wake up and do as we choose because Dr. McCullough says so...what planet is he on?

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes

Michael S,

Thank you for reading and commenting :)

I thought you, and other AoA readers, might also appreciate 3 posts I posted on Jeff Childers' excellent blog 2 days ago (1-17-23). Here is the link to his blog that day (I was commenting on the section pertaining to Dr. Aseem Malhotra), and below the link are my 3 comments (2 in response to people who commented on my comment).

My first comment:

There is no such thing as "safe vaccine uptake", as stated by Dr. Aseem Malhotra.

It is getting beyond tiresome, not to mention frustrating and infuriating, to hear doctors who speak out against "Covid" injections then ignorantly and arrogantly state that all other vaccines are "safe and effective". Are they that daft? Do they really think that the same corrupt entities responsible for the "Covid" injections are pure, holy, and innocent when it comes to the whole lot of other vaccines they push and profit from, and for which they are not liable? Such a blind spot is unacceptable, and these doctors should not be touted as wonderful or as heroes for speaking out against "Covid" injections, while remaining silent about, or speaking in favor of, all other vaccinations that destroy lives from womb to grave.

It is my sincere hope that doctors still supporting, condoning, and administering vaccinations would read or watch my 2 comprehensive, vaccine-related presentations:

"Why Is This Legal?" by Laura Hayes

"Vaccines: What Is There to Be 'Pro' About?" by Laura Hayes

And for those interested in steps which need to be taken to restore our most fundamental human right, i.e. the right to decide what we permit, or don't permit, into our own bodies, and those of our children, here are 2 articles I have written, both of which contain a link for printing the article:

"Citizens Against Mandatory Vaccinations" by Laura Hayes

"Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations" by Laura Hayes

Additionally, having to formally opt out of vaccinations, via an exemption, is not acceptable...a simple "no thank you" should ALWAYS suffice, without any government interference, coercion, penalty, or cost. There can be NO medical mandates in a free and ethical society.

Laura Hayes

My second comment:


Aseem Malhotra stated, “I’ve promoted vaccines my entire career, including Covid vaccines on Good Morning Britain in early 2021.”

So, he readily and publicly admits he promotes that about which he either knows nothing or not enough. Unacceptable for one with trusting patients under his care, and also for one promoting treatments on air for millions who are not his patients.

Furthermore, if he has yet to connect the dots to other/all vaccines after what he now knows, I would argue he is not intelligent or meticulous enough for his chosen profession, which includes an oath to “first, do no harm.”

I hope you will make the time to read both of my presentations, as I have strong words aimed at doctors in each one.

Lastly, if the inexcusable and tragic state of children’s health the past 30 years has escaped his notice, I would again question his competence for his current occupation.

I have been screaming from the rooftops for over 25 years now about the dangers, failures, and lack of need for vaccines, along with MANY others. No more time for making excuses for vaccine-promoting doctors. They are a danger to all, and have no business being anywhere near children.

My third comment:

Politico Phil,

Posturing, or far worse.

One can’t help but wonder if the growing number of physicians who are speaking out about the “Covid” injections, while at the same time falling all over themselves to proclaim their complete support for all other vaccines, especially the ones for children, have been put forth by the powers that be who know the fallout from the “Covid” injections must be acknowledged at some level in order to maintain the illusion that all other vaccines continue to be unquestionably safe, effective, and of course, needed to avoid otherwise certain death. Maybe not all these physicians, but likely some.


It looks like Dr. McCullough is setting the stage for protection of the life insurance companies. If it is concluded that you died from the Covid jab, no insurance payout for your estate. We are being set up for lose-lose:

Dr Peterson Pierre - No Life Insurance
Payouts for the 'Vaccinated'

Michael S.

Kudos to Kim, Laura, and Laura's friend for the timely and incisive responses to Dr. McCullough's tweet. I always come to this site for exactly those type of comments. Thanks again.


Laura Hayes

A friend and longtime advocate read my comment below, then emailed me the following brilliant reply. I am posting it with her permission.

“No, they aren’t saying a word about the system and products that brought us to today.

All of a sudden the regulatory agencies are captured and corrupt

All of a sudden, the drug manufacturers are untruthful, greedy, and politically manipulative.

All of a sudden, individuals should make their own medical decisions, in private.

All of a sudden, HIPPA is just a piece of blank paper at the doctor’s office.

All of a sudden, there are injuries from vaccines after an entire generation of parents begged for anyone to listen.

All if a sudden, there are too few healthy young men and women to serve in the armed forces, and fill positions in the workforce.

All if a sudden, special education is required as routine, instead of the rare exception.

All of a f****** sudden.”

After granting me permission to post, she asked that I end with the following:

“It’s never too late to learn and then do better. We continue to beg for anyone to listen.”

Laura Hayes

Dear Peter McCullough,

How many times did you and your physician colleagues think through and “weight out” each and every non-“Covid” vaccination prior to condoning, recommending, coercing, and/or administering it/them, including in myriad combinations?

How many times did you and your colleagues put what you wanted (acceptance by peers, more money, career advancements, deference from patients, idol status, speaking opportunities, journal articles, grant money, life on “easy street”, avoidance of inconvenient truths, avoidance of being “Wakefielded”, and more) above the health, development, well being, fertility, and longevity of your patients as you carelessly and cavalierly promoted, administered, and/or profited from vaccines?
How many times did you and your colleagues violate your oath to “first, do no harm” when you condoned, recommended, coerced, and/or administered vaccines?

How many times did you and your colleagues think through the short and long term consequences of injecting pregnant women, newborns, infants, toddlers, children, and teens, repeatedly, with scores of witches’ brews of poisonous, toxic, truly-heinous cocktails in vial after vial, painfully and traumatically jabbed into arms, legs, and buttocks?

How many times did you and your colleagues ignore, dismiss, malign, and denigrate those who spoke about the injuries, disabilities, chronic illnesses, and deaths that they, their children, and/or loved ones suffered following vaccination? How much time and energy did you and your colleagues devote to listening to and investigating these reports?

To date, I have yet to hear you publicly speak out against any vaccines other than those for “Covid”. If you have yet to connect the dots about what you have learned with regard to the “Covid” injections to other vaccines, then you do not have the intelligence, meticulousness, competence, or ethics needed for your chosen profession. If you have connected the dots, but choose to remain silent, and refuse to speak publicly about what you now know, then you lack moral integrity, courage, and basic human decency.

Before you "should" on young people, be sure to take a look in the mirror first.

Laura Hayes

Benedetta Stilwell

I thank you Kim.
I know you had plenty of other stuff to do.
I see there is a lot of them in a fight?
Paul Elias Alexander had some big long rant about Malone saying something to him, or about him.

I like Malone's news letters. They are pretty good. And I am not talking about his personal life stuff, though I think that is interesting too.

I see that Paul Elias also has a news letter.

In these revolutions this is what we get Want to be leaders, maybe they do come forward and in a way are leaders; minor leaders. It is hard not to be grateful for those with a little power, with a great career, and success inside the system finally steps forward and risk it all . Malone is suing Breggs too. I don't know why really? Breggs caught on right away that Fauci was right in the middle of this corona virus making. Smart, and seems so kind, so does Malone.

There are always major egos to deal with. Speaking of Trump, the thought is his ego is in the way? I don't know; he sure gave Fauci and evil eye as Fauci spoke on stage. It is hard to know with Trump? However; I think it is something else going on. Some one said he is now in on it? But why?

Controlled opposition; can go both ways - Perhaps Paul Elias is controlled opposition, himself. He was an - unpaid professor before Trump brought him in? Do I understand that right? He was working for Trump's administration. Hard to know.

McCullough though, I am sure he has his heart in the right place.
His problems is that he just what was it that Bigtree said a couple of weeks ago? It was so profound. Something about each person is at a different place on the final realization of just how much they have been lied to.

Some body that can remember that quote please correct me.

It only took me 20 years to see it was not just the P in the DPT shot. I was blaming that shot on what the other shots were doing as well. Hard to tease them all out you know, but the Hep B and the meningitis vaccines I have since teased out and they too were no picnic.

David Weiner

Well done, Kim. Did Dr. McCullough reply?

Sadly, for most young adults, non-stop vaccination and vaccine requirements was the "normal" they grew up with. Of course, they were never really taught about the nature of and importance of individual liberty either.

And the ones deciding to take the jab either did not suffer serious effects from their childhood jabs or, if they did, they never connected the dots. So why worry?

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