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"Rich People Are Different From You And Me" Dan Olmsted

WeepOur beloved founding editor Dan Olmsted had a saying, "Rich people are different from you and me." He'd tell me that when we were struggling to launch and continue Age of Autism, even as gobs of money swirled around us. Here's a prime example, and one that brings us back to the thick of autism agony. Gigi Jordan was a wealthy autism Mom who was convicted of murdering her son in a 5 star hotel some 12 years ago. We wrote about it, just as we wrote about the other parents who murdered their autistic kids. In 2020, I wrote WE CAN NOT KILL OUR KIDS following another murder. Jordan was back in the news this week, having likely committed suicide rather than face more prison time. I didn't have the heart to open the new year with this grim reminder story. The average Joe and Jane would never have been able to turn a vicious murder (she stuffed pills down her son Jude's throat causing his death) into a mental health excuse and then find a procedural error that sprung her. Imagine what that cost in lawyer fees? Never forget Jude and his agony. And never forget that autism affects the entire family. Even rich people.

Millionaire pharma exec Gigi Jordan, who killed 8-year-old son, found dead inside NYC home in possible suicide

...During a strange, six-week trial, Jordan’s defense lawyers argued she killed the boy while in a state of extreme emotional disturbance, fearing he was about to be murdered by her ex-husband.

A Manhattan jury acquitted her of the top murder count, but found Jordan guilty of manslaughter in 2014.

Jordan was sentenced to 18 years in prison — but a federal judge tossed her conviction in 2020 over a procedural misstep...

Read the full story at the NY Post.

Now available from Skyhorse Publishing:

Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022

By Ed Dowd, from Skyhorse Publishing. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic.




I agree with what Bill and Annie said very much. I'm sorry to say this and don't want to say it, but soon the mark of the beast (mainly the vaxx I'll never take) will be mandatory everywhere, and is/was already mandatory in many "free countries" such as Denmark and China, and will soon come to "free states" such as Florida regardless of what "savior" skull and bones puppet/Jesuit etc gets selected under the guise of "pro-life", "anti-woke" and such handsome traps.

Ron Desantis (according to official government website has been involved in anti-"antisemitism" bills, he has been a cosponsor of bills created/brought into action by the United Nations (an organization that rapes 60,000 poor children a year - children are forced to have oral sex by UN adults just to have food) and Health Impact News exposed the pro-modern-medicine (vaccines including the bioweapon A.I. shots, Ladapope still recommends them for pregnant women and girls) hypocrisy and Masonic duality of Ron Desantis. Is this man the antichrist/antichrist spawn of Operation Warp Speed daddy Trump, or is he another false christ to dupe and deceive lukewarm christians - even the very elect - in the end times? Is Florida Mystery Babylon or another iron fist to usher in the Masonic NWO via both political parties?



Murder is never the answer. I would just like to say in this moment that the vast majority of Autism parents are the most devoted, loving, brave, inspiring and brilliant parents in the world! I am awed by their strength!

Speaking of monied interests (and forgive the subject change) with calls to end football violence, I wonder if the NFL will leverage its power to get to the bottom of what really injured Damar Hamlin?


Angus Files

A doctor friend whose twins were dyed in the wool full metal jacket low fuctionig autism aka vaccine damage."There is only one thing worse than knowing that you took your baby to the quack to get its safe vaccines is doing it yourself" and then" The medical community fellow practitioners et-al close rank and turn against you because you dare to say it was the vaccines" Disturbingly the lady Dr has spent the last 20 years in a mental institution.

It could be Ms. Jordan had been turned on by her ex-professional friends and found it too much.

Pharma For Prison



Bill Bradford :

Feed back for what it is worth, Not even a penny for sure!

Some years back on "Age of Autism" there was a very interesting discussion of what does it take to get more than ahead, but filthy rich ahead.

Many here thought that it might take a personality disorder, a mental disorder, maybe caused by soft, mild brain injuries that in itself was caused by vaccines and toxins. Such injuries may even increase an I.Q. in certain areas, or at least intense focus, while still effecting mood, obsessions, twisted thinking and self-absorption. You know the examples of evil genius sort of thing, or mad scientist. All of this; however, was favorable when it comes to rising to the top of the heap, in obtaining power and making money. Psychopaths or sociopaths, or some sort of mental disorder is what it takes to be successful.

Tucker Carlson said recently, "They have to keep making money to try to fill their empty souls". Maybe he said, bottomless soul?
I love the way he describes things. That is why he has the job he has. Just like Dan had a way with words and was a world renown reporter.

That is what Kim was referring to when it comes to rich people.

This past discussion even extended into the insanity of WWI. That the king of Germany was having angry outburst, bizarre behavior before the war. Some found some historical notes on his bizarre behavior, and then there were some thoughts on arsenic used in wall paper at that time. It left us wondering if all though out history that toxins and brain injuries have shaped history.

The discussion went further and turned to WWI with chemical warfare of toxins, gases, as well as typhoid vaccines (horrible vaccine), and the use of the first flu vaccines, may have caused the next generation of insanity that lead to WWII.

Well; something to chew on or not.

Every time I see the very rich Bill Gates, I am always reminded of a pervious image of him, all young, thin, fragile, pale, little, rocking himself back and forth as he sat in front of Congress, wondering what the word "concern" might mean, that the Senator had asked him about. Was he concerned about crushing everyone around him to get ahead?

Some kind of mental illness going on there for sure.

As for Gigi, what did it take for her to be filthy rich? It seems that throughout history we have had this ongoing worry of really rich and powerful people taking it on themselves to control population - after they have collected huge sums of money from the population.

When they begin to fret over - over population, we need to worry as well about them. Their mental disorder that allowed them to get ahead, now really shows up and they end up being what they always have been at heart, thieves of even life itself. Murderers. They steal everything and then they steal lives. Just like millions of dollars it turns out to be millions of murdered people.

So Gigi Jordon was ambitious no doubt and nothing wrong with a little of that, she was very successful. What did she do to get in that position? Did she have one of those mental disorders? Did she need huge sums of money to fill her empty, bottomless soul.

What good did it do her? She could not buy some one to take care of her son when he got on her last nerve.

Can a predator be a victim too?
I think so. There were better predators over top of her. She might not have been a top predator.
Was she fooled by the safety of the vaccines? Probably. But she was still a predator.

I don't think she killed herself over the death of her son, because a lot of time had gone by, since she killed him. I do remember my two children at that age. They were so sweet, small, fragile, ill, and yes at times could really make things hard. Gigi though seems to have killed herself because her ability to collect huge sums of money to try to fill her bottomless soul was taken from her,.
It was all about her.

Something else:

Trump said he is a genius. He then paused, and then he said, but he was a sane genius.

Which makes me wonder how many filthy rich, and powerful geniuses that are out there, that are flat out off of their rocker, and plans on murdering us all.

3,000 farms on the line in the Netherlands to feed the masses.
I can't get fertilizer for our hay field to raise hay for our cattle in the winter. We are not the only ones. I don't think I can find enough jars to can enough meat in for the next, hard decade that is apparently coming our way.

Bill Bradford

Can we PLEASE LET COOLER HEADS PREVAIL?....Fact: Gigi Jordan killed her autistic son by stuffing pills down his throat. She was a wealthy high-level player in PhRMA, which is the legally-accepted legal prescription DRUGS RACKET. Given that PhRMA is an actual legal drugs racket, Gigi Jordan is ALSO a VICTIM of that drugs racket, and a high-level player & facilitator. None of this is even bringing the complications of her son's autism diagnosis into the picture. Back to the story at hand. So Jordan's son dies, and the crime comes to the attention of local law enforcement authorities. Now, we are dealing with a multi-BILLION$ drugs racket, AND the medical-industrial-financial/insurance complex("MIFIC"!), AND BOTH/ALL local, State & Federal Law Enforcement & Court System. Given that Jordan is criminally charged in Court, she is assigned a Public Defender, or other legal attorney representation. Apparently, her lawyer puts forth the idea that Jordan "killed her son because the Father was about to do the same". To me, this sounds far more like the kind of ridiculous nonsense that a defense attorney would assert as a defense of the client in Court. The notion is ludicrous on the face of it. So, was Jordan's claim a fact, or a fabrication of her attorney? Do any of you AoA readers know the answer here?
My point is that this case is far more complex, when seen carefully, than it at first appears. And, no, I am NOT absolving Jordan of culpability & criminal guilt in her son's death. What I AM QUESTIONING, is was she treated fairly & justly? Was her "punishment" in fact NOT "cruel & unusual"? Or, WAS HER PRISON SENTENCE ONLY FURTHER VICTIM-BLAMING?....
Yes, I believe that a Superior Court/State-or-Federal Criminal Court trial process MUST BE a necessary part of the overall process of justice.
But remember all those multi-BILLION$ industries who were directly involved in this case? PhRMA ITSELF manufactured and marketed the WEAPONS which actually ended Jordan's son's life. And, if her death was a pill overdose, her own life as well. Based on this analysis, it seems reasonable to me, to conclude, that PhRMA IS A DEATH MACHINE. PhRMA ITSELF killed a Mother and son..... Her autistic son was an innocent victim, who was FAILED by THE REST OF US IN SOCIETY..... Jordan, too, was a murderer, AND A VICTIM. Maybe the wrong people were punished here....
I'd really like some serious feedback here....
How do YOU see my analysis of the situation?....
And I haven't even read the N.Y. POST article yet!.....


I am glad Age of Autism mentioned the Gigi Jordan case a sticking murderer of an autistic person. There was a case of several non autistic people murdered by relatives because the victim "might" have had autism. One example the victim was a toddler in the US that was murdered because he misbehaved and acted "autistic". The murderer was the child's mother. Another strange murder of a supposedly autistic person was a young Hikikomori man in Japan who was killed by his own father because he was a physical disabled recluse. Mistaken identity of the victim is still a HATE CRIME. In this case against autistic people or thoseperceivedas such. Some of these bizzare murders are also NON Islamic honor killing like the case in Japan in which a non autistic volunerable adult was murdered because he brought shame of his physical illness or disability to his family. Autism Memorial is a blog spot with some of these crimes listed.

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