Happy New Year!
New Year, Same Problem with Overwhelming Special Education Needs

Is Quicker Better?

Sleeping-at-computer-300x199Would a quicker diagnosis have helped you?  And what do you think of virtual visits to diagnose something as serious as autism? Medicine is trending to virtual - but when you have a diagnosis that involves gross and fine motor skills, ability to listen and most of all behaviors, can the diagnosis be accurate? I appreciate wanting to cut back the incredible backlog of appointments. Last week we talked about a woman who is struggling to figure out services. Like we ALL did when our kids were first diagnosed. Early action is good. And a diagnosis is a credit card that can start services. Perhaps we should be looking at WHY we need fast appointments. From Fox Tampa:

A new company that has expanded to Florida is helping children get diagnosed with autism quicker by utilizing virtual visits.

Now available from Skyhorse Publishing:

Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022

By Ed Dowd, from Skyhorse Publishing. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic.






Does age of autism care about homicide victims with autism? Why not report on a murderer named Gigi Jordan a wealthy pharmaceutical employee who committed suicide after being convicted of MURDER of her 8 year old son with autism in 2010. This news story is only a few days old. It took prosecution years to convict this wench. I am more interested in the justice served to the child than the damn mother's who committed the Pedocide and her job.

Maurine Ellen Meleck

Of course a quicker diagnosis is better-so long as there are helpfuLRESOURCES and money available, Florida right now has about 40,00 children and young adults waiting for a waiver. Some waiting for over 20 years.

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