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Who Is The OG Godfather of Protecting Children?

Callous Dis Sticker
Who is the OG Godfather of protecting children? It's not the marquis MDs who are enjoying the social media spotlight today. Sure, the Covid vaccine opened eyes to the utter disconnect from health and the carefully orchestrated symphony of coercion.  Some even learned that to be a vaccine is to live on the mountain of infallibility.  Many doctors have been censored. It's all old news to us. Tiresome even, to be honest. We CAN NOT let the Covid crew ignore the pediatric schedule and I mean this with all my heart. We've been spitting into the storm for fifteen years. We need to act and think fast. Case in point:

Yesterday, I was listening to Fox Business and a doctor was lamenting having been deplatformed from YouTube because he advocated against Covid vaccine mandates. Laudable. He then went on to say that there are cases of (insert Jaws music here) MEASLES in Ohio, and that children MUST get the full pediatric schedule because those vaccines have been around for a very long time, and therefore are proven safe. I didn't catch his name in the sign off, I'd changed over to the Big 80s channel to listen to music from before the NCVIP. Download Dr. Andrew Wakefield's Callous Disregard onto the Kindle App. It's 11 years old now. Yet fresh as a newborn.  Start making Kindle Quotes - share them.   I dare you not to weep when you read the opening lines.

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Angus Files

Dr Wakefield and co were certainly the canary's down the mine.Dr Wakefield can certainly give chapter and verse so articulately and so simply of such a complicated messy murderous time for children.Thats why Dr Wakefield was targetted I think one because he was right and 2 he had the abikity to teach and explain .Thank you Dr Wakefield Rimland Dan et-al.

And thanks to the CEO`s and pharma profits - the mantra must be -we want more! more vaccine damage means more disabilities means more for all the co -conspirator's who write articles supporting vaccines,who defend vaccines in papers,who shout down the truth tellers such as Dr Wakefield shame on them all.

Profit in vaccines prime example..

I seen last year an article a real spit out my coffee job, which is quite hard for me to find these days concerning autism and disabilities. The article was the CEO of Motability a company who supply leased cars to the profoundly dyed in te wool disabled from their sparse benefit payments from the state here in the UK.The CEO was taking home 1.7 million gbp per year ....

Motability chair defends high executive pay at connected company
10 January 2019 by Liam Kay

And today glad to see someone is sticking up for all the disabled..ONE BILLION GBP PROFIT From the disabled who scrape by day to day.

Firm providing Scots mobility cars accused of 'overcharging' as profits hit £1bn
An influential adviser to the Scottish Government on disabled rights is demanding Motability Operations hands back a percentage of profits to its 60,000 Scots clients.
The firm that provides Motability cars to disabled Scots on benefits has been accused of overcharging after profits increased to almost £1billion in a single year.

Linda Bamford, an influential adviser to the Scottish Government on disabled rights, is demanding that Motability Operations hands back a percentage of its profits to its 60,000 Scottish clients.

Motability Operations Ltd runs the Motability Scheme intended to enable disabled people, their families and their carers to lease a new car, scooter or powered wheelchair, using their disability benefit.

Pharma For Prison


Gerardo Martinez

Thank you Dr. Wakefield. Your love and dedication to the truth will never be forgotten!

Wakefield Rimland

Thank you for this. Wakefield deserves every honor. Including the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Dr Rimland before him.

We need to remember our history. Thank you.

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