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Jeremy Hammond: Why the Claim ‘Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism’ Is Disinformation

The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense)

Jacob MarleyNew from Robert Kennedy, Jr and Skyhorse Publishing. The Wuhan Cover-Up 

The Wuhan Cover-Up pulls back the curtain on how the US government's increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks—facilitated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)—set in motion a plan to transform the NIAID into a de facto Defense Department agency.

Not the cheeriest topic for the holidays, we admit. Still, we can't ignore the implications of this complicated story that rocked the entire planet for now, almost three years. No matter how ugly. Unless we want the life of holidays future to be as bad or worse than 2021, we'd best look at the PAST or be stuck in chains forever.

The Wuhan Cover-Up


From the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Publishers Weekly bestselling author of The Real Anthony Fauci comes an explosive exposé of the cover-up behind the true origins of COVID-19.
“Gain-of-function” experiments are often conducted to deliberately develop highly virulent, easily transmissible pathogens for the stated purpose of developing preemptive vaccines for animal viruses before they jump to humans. More insidious is the “dual use” nature of this research, specifically directed toward bioweapons development.
The Wuhan Cover-Up pulls back the curtain on how the US government's increase in biosecurity spending after the 2001 terror attacks—facilitated by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)—set in motion a plan to transform the NIAID into a de facto Defense Department agency.
While Dr. Fauci zealously funded and pursued gain-of-function research, concern grew among some scientists and government officials about the potential for accidental or deliberate release of weaponized viruses from labs that might trigger worldwide pandemics. A moratorium was placed on this research, but true to form, Dr. Fauci found ways to continue unperturbed—outsourcing some of the most controversial experiments offshore to China and providing federal funding to Wuhan Institute of Virology's (WIV's) leading researchers for gain-of-function studies in partnership with the Chinese military and the Chinese Communist Party.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose meticulously researched and rigorously sourced analysis, leads readers on a staggering journey to learn about:
    * the key enablers and henchmen pushing for gain-of-function research
    * the economic motives behind gain-of-function research
    * successfully engineered “chimeric viruses” that can infect and kill humans
    * the coordinated effort to silence speculation of COVID-19’s laboratory genesis
    * the complicity of scientific journals to hide the origins of COVID-19
    * the role of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China’s biowarfare/biodefense program
    * the relationships between US health, military, and intelligence bureaucracies and scientists and their Chinese counterparts
    * the roles of Bill Gates and Sir Jeremy Farrar in helping to orchestrate China’s global cover-up 
The Wuhan Cover-Up unveils a global conspiracy of epic proportion and lethal consequence.


Trio iV


You always have my vote Ms Hayes! Thank you so much for all you do! Wouldn’t it be a glorious thing if Elon Musk dubbed the word antivaxxer (or any expression there of) as hate speech. I mean that is quite literally what it is. That word is meant to gin up hate against a group of people, and until recently it was hurled mainly at families with severely disabled loved ones. The constant persecution of an extremely vulnerable group! What could be more hateful than that?!

Trios iV

Enemy within in and without.

Angus Files

An honorable pharma puppet,muppet.

'China's puppet' the World Health Organization names Sir Jeremy Farrar - the influential scientist who helped to crush Covid lab leak theory as 'conspiracy' - as its new chief scientist
Jeremy Farrar originally believed pandemic sparked by 'Wild West' experiments
But he soon changed his position, dismissing idea the virus originated in the lab
Now, WHO has given him one of most prestigious roles in the world of science
Sir Jeremy, a distinguished tropical diseases expert, who was knighted in 2019, is set to be interviewed under oath by the US congress over concerns he was at the centre of a cover-up about the origins of Covid.

The scientist, who was paid £500,000 last year for his role at Wellcome, will be questioned on-the-record over his role in 'apparent conflicts of interest' and 'suppression of scientific discourse'.

Committee members tasked with probing his insights demanded he handed over all the documents related to his discussions with senior figures on the subject.

Pharma For Prison

Laura Hayes

Nothing new under the sun. Related to the above is the 170 years of lies, fraud, deception, and cover ups with regard to the history of vaccination, excellently captured by Pam Popper in her article yesterday, cut and pasted below. Vaccinations have harmed and killed since their inception…with doctors, vaccine makers, and government officials turning a blind eye to those horrific truths. What I really appreciate is that Pam Popper is not for settling or compromising, she is for completely taking down the medical cabal. I, too, am for no settling or compromising, specifically when it comes to self autonomy and bodily integrity. Exemptions to vaccinations are not an acceptable “solution”. There can be no medical mandates of any sort in a free and ethical society. When one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for themselves or their children, a simple “no thank you” should always suffice, without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty.

News You Can Use
The More Things Change, The More they Stay The Same
Vaccination Policies in Britain in the 1800s
Pamela A. Popper, President
Wellness Forum Health

As I’ve said again and again, the COVID debacle is not a new phenomenon. It’s just a bigger version of what has been going on – mostly under the radar - for a very, very long time. The combination of poor training, low standards, incompetence, financial influence, conflicts of interest, government interference and malfeasance, lack of accountability – all of which got worse over decades of time – culminated in the COVID debacle. Once one understands just a little about medical history, the question changes from "How could this happen?" to "Why did it take so long for this to happen?"

Here's an interesting episode in history that proves my point:
In Britain in 1853 vaccination for smallpox was thought to be so effective that it was made mandatory for all newborn children. When an epidemic of smallpox occurred during the years 1864-1868, enforcement of the mandate increased. The Boards of Guardians were put charge of enforcement and parents who did not comply were prosecuted.

But parents started objecting to the mandate after severe and sometimes fatal side effects of the vaccines were made public. Anti-Vaccination Leagues formed that demanded repeal of compulsory vaccination. These groups advocated for other methods for containing disease such as isolation of the sick, along with people who had come in contact with them.

For two decades both enforcement and opposition escalated, and approximately 6000 prosecutions were brought in Leicester alone.

Here are two stories that appeared in the Leicester press in 1884 (I have paraphrased and summarized to make these more readable):
Edward Irons refused to comply with an order to vaccinate his 2-year-old son based on conscientious objection; and also the advice of his doctor, who stated that the child should not have the vaccination due to his health status. One of Irons’ children had already been injured by the vaccine. During the hearing, the opinions of several doctors who opposed compulsory vaccination (who would be referred to today as "anti-vaxers") were cited. Irons lost his case and was ordered to vaccinate his son.
George Banford also refused. One of his children was born in 1868. After vaccination the child was covered with sores, and for a long time was not even able to leave the house. Mr. Banford allowed his second child to be vaccinated in 1870, and this child developed a severe skin infection and was bedridden for some time. Banford’s third child was born in 1972 and died 14 days after vaccination. For refusing to vaccinate his fourth child, Banford was fined 10 shillings with an option to spend 7 days in prison instead.

Some parents were taken to court again and again. Some paid the fine every time while others chose prison.

The Leicester Mercury described a public demonstration concerning the vaccine issue:
"By about 7.30 a goodly number of anti-vaccinators were present, and an escort was formed, preceded by a banner, to accompany a young mother and two men, all of whom had resolved to give themselves up to the police and undergo imprisonment in preference to having their children vaccinated. The utmost sympathy was expressed for the poor woman, who bore up bravely… The three were attended by a numerous crowd and in Gallowtreegate three hearty cheers were given for them, which were renewed with increased vigour as they entered the doors of the police cells."

In some cases, the fine for noncompliance and the cost of the prosecution were paid for by seizure and sale of the parents’ furniture. This story also appeared in the Leicester Mercury:
"A man named Arthur Ward had two children injured through vaccination and refused to submit another one to the operation. A fine was imposed and on 24th November two police officers called for the penalty, or in default to ticket the goods. The husband was out at the market, and the poor woman had no money to pay. The goods downstairs were considered insufficient to cover the amount, and the officers demanded to go upstairs. The woman refused to allow this, and an altercation took place, and harsh language was used by the officers, who threatened to take her husband to prison, terrifying Mrs. Ward. At that time she was pregnant, and the shock to the system, and the fright, were of such a character that symptoms ensued which ultimately led to a premature confinement, and on 26th December she gave birth to a still-born child. She never recovered and last week she expired. The doctor who had attended Mrs Ward said that although he believed in vaccination he did not think it was the duty of any professional man to carry out the laws in the outrageous and brutal manner in which they were enforced."

Perhaps the most incredible aspect of this story was that the mandated vaccines did not work. In 1884 outbreaks were occurring in several places including in Sunderland, Birmingham, and Liverpool, and 1400 patients were being treated in London.
This appeared in the Leicester Mercury:
"It must strike the reflective observer as rather singular that all the recent smallpox outbreaks have made their appearance among populations where the laws enforcing vaccination have been rigorously and systematically carried out. 96% of births in London are protected by vaccination. May I venture to ask whether medical men who have defended and fostered a system of medical procedure which eighty years' experience has demonstrated a disastrous and humiliating failure ought not to feel honourably bound on public grounds to retrace their steps and confess that vaccination, like other once popular prescriptions of inoculation, bleeding and mercurization, is a serious and mischievous blunder. Every municipality is in possession of evidence establishing the fact that zymotic diseases originate in and are fostered by insanitary conditions, and are preventable by personal and municipal cleanliness."

Eventually, members of Parliament from Leicester managed to convince a Royal Commission to investigate. As a result of the findings of this commission, compulsory vaccination was abolished, and exemptions were permitted.

As you can clearly see, we are facing the same problem 169 years later. COVID vaccines do not work and cause harm to children and adults. Most doctors promote the vaccines, while a few have dissenting opinions and they are ignored and vilified. Government agencies and employees are the enforcers. Medical history and religious beliefs are ignored. This is going on all over the world, including in Britain, today.

The bottom line: Many incredible discoveries and developments in medicine have improved quality of life and saved the lives of millions of people. But the dark side of medicine has become more and more powerful and is now dominant. Prior efforts to address this situation have failed. We now have a choice: We either organize to do whatever is required to take down this cabal permanently, or we settle for whatever freedoms the medical cabal (government, medicine, and drug companies) decides to grant us.

I vote for taking it down. How about you?

Join our cause at
Donate and support our litigation.
Start a group and help us grow.
Email [email protected] for more information.

Williamson S. "Anti-Vaccination Leagues." Arch of Dis Child 1984;59:1195-1196

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