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Ten THOUSAND Thank Yous

Thank you typeThanks to YOU, we hit our $10,000 goal! I can not thank you enough. Those who donated. Those who read us. Those who share our posts. Those who contributed over the last 15 years. And most of all, Laura and Richard Hayes, our benefactors who so generously matched the $10,000. I'll let you in on a secret. We are what is known in IRS tax parlance as a "post card" organization. That does not mean that we vacation so often we send postcards weekly. It means we are small but mighty - and our tax return fits on a post card! I feel energized and grateful. Losing Dan Olmsted in 2017 was earth shattering. He was our co-founder, our journalism genius, our kind-hearted, rapier witted Rebel Alliance leader. Dan knew instinctively that the story of autism was profoundly important. Scandalous even. It remains so. And I'd wager (not with our $10,000 though) that Covid has inadvertently advanced our work. Millions are now aware that medicine is NOT on the up and up. Health is not the goal. Coercion is ugly. And CHOICE IS CHOICE. You can still make a year end donation here.

Thank you.

Kim Rossi
Executive Director, Chief, cook and bottle washer. (My Navy Dad used that term.)

Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (Children’s Health Defense)
A guide for the times—breaking down the lies about COVID-19 and shedding light on why we came to believe them. 



Thank you Kim, Laura and Richard!

Angus Files

Many thanks Kim,Laura,rRichard and all, very,very, much appreciated.

Pharma For Prison



I echo a tremendous thank you to Laura and Richard Hayes. Bless you Kim.


Thank you Kim, Laura and Richard for keeping this free speech forum up and running.
Age of Autism is for a time such as this.


Thank you Laura and Richard Hayes for your very generous matching donation! Age of Autism is the one of the best sites for us parents with children and adults with autism spectrum. I read it every day and the staff does an excellent job of keeping us informed about issues concerning the autism community. Kim-You are a great Executive Chief, cook and bottle washer. My father was in the Navy and he always used to say that phrase too!

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