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How To Cheat and Lie with Vaccine Science: A Review of Turtles All The Way Down

Dr gaunt turtles review
By Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD

Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth was first published in Israel in early 2019. It was written in Hebrew. It has now been published in English. The authors are anonymous because doctors and scientists who question the veracity of the vaccine agenda get crushed. This is the most important book ever written about vaccines. It was written pre-Covid. Covid-19 vaccines are not covered in this book. What this book does show is clear and compelling evidence of cheating and lying with the vaccines on the CDC schedule for children. It was written, first and foremost, for parents and future parents. It is also a great resource for all others who want to know the truth about vaccines. In the introduction on page 29, the authors state: “If you choose to continue reading, you will have to gather the courage required for a journey to the other side of reality, courage to face new facts and examine them objectively, courage to ask hard questions when you are expected to merely obey, and courage to stand your ground in the face of pressure from family, friends, doctors, government officials, and what will probably feel like everyone else.” If you are ready for this challenge, read on.

The Vaccine Safety Trials for Every Vaccine on the CDC Schedule Are Fraudulent

On page 37, the authors make this clear: “Clinical trials of vaccines are rigged to hide their true (and high) rate of side effects, which means that the medical establishment’s longstanding claim that vaccines are safe has no scientific merit.” This is a serious claim and the authors back it up with solid evidence as you will see.

How Exactly Do They Cheat?

A valid safety trial should compare an Experimental Group which gets the vaccine with a Control Group that gets an Inert placebo (which is harmless). If trials are done in this way and the vaccine group has more adverse events (injuries and deaths) than the control group, those adverse events can be attributed to the vaccine being tested. In order to hide the adverse events caused by vaccines, the trials are now arranged so the “control group” gets a different vaccine instead of an inert placebo. The result is that a similar number of adverse events occur in both groups because one toxic vaccine is being compared to another toxic vaccine. The claim is then made that the vaccine being tested is safe. Doing safety trials in this way is clever but it is clearly cheating. On page 52, the authors state: “Vaccine trials in general and childhood vaccine trials specifically, are purposely designed to obscure the true incidence of adverse events of the vaccine being tested.”

Here Is an Example of Fraudulent Vaccine Safety Testing:

In a safety trial for the new DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine, the “control group” received the older DTP vaccine. 1 in every 22 subjects in the experimental group became so ill that they were admitted to the hospital. A similar rate of hospitalization was also reported in the control group. This trial does not show that the DTaP vaccine is safe as claimed. A more logical interpretation would be that the DTaP vaccine and the older DTP vaccine both have a high rate of adverse events which caused a significant number of children to be hospitalized. Doing this safety trial with a control group which received an inert placebo would have clearly shown that the DTaP vaccine is not safe. The authors describe this safety trial on page 78.

Why Doesn’t the CDC Prevent these Shenanigans?

Regulatory capture is when an industry gains control of the government agency which regulates it and is supposed to protect the public. This has been accomplished with the CDC and other agencies. After they are captured, they function to promote and protect the industry rather than protect the public. This situation is widespread across many industries. The CDC is firmly on the side of big pharma and the vaccine companies.

Imagine That You Are a Scientist at a Major University

Let’s say that you get a multimillion dollar grant to safety test a new vaccine. If you do a safety trial and find out that this vaccine causes serious adverse events and you publish that conclusion, what do you think your chances would be to get another multimillion dollar grant in the future? Probably slim to none. There is a lot of money on the line and there is great pressure to conclude that new vaccines are safe regardless of the facts.

What Is the Takeaway for Chapter One?

A summary of chapter one appears on pages 81 and 82: “Vaccine trials are designed and performed in such a way as to ensure that the true extent of adverse events is hidden from the public. There is not a single vaccine in the U.S. routine childhood vaccination program whose true rate of adverse events is known. The assertion that vaccines cause serious side effects in “one in a million” vaccines disregards the results of numerous clinical trials in which serious adverse events were reported in 1 in 40, 30, or even as few as 20 vaccinated infants.”

VAERS Is Deficient by Design

VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. Why does it pick up only between 1 and 10 percent of vaccine injuries? One reason is that most parents are completely unaware that they can report their child’s post-vaccination adverse health events directly. Another reason is that medical professionals only report a tiny fraction of vaccine injuries and there is no consequence for not reporting. In a government funded study, a system was developed by researcher Ross Lazarus and his team that would automatically indicate a likely vaccine injury. This system would identify a much larger percent of vaccine injuries. The CDC rejected this more efficient system. Who benefits when only a small percentage of vaccine injuries and deaths are reported? The current system only helps perpetuate the false narrative that vaccine adverse events are very rare. The authors comment on page 125: “Health authorities appear quite comfortable with deficient and unreliable-by-design reporting systems, whose data cannot be used to challenge their “Vaccines are safe” message, as exemplified by the CDC inexplicably blocking a government-funded project to improve VAERS.” The CDC does not want VAERS to be more efficient at detecting vaccine injuries and deaths. Remember regulatory capture.

Purposely Biased Science

At the beginning of chapter 5, the authors state: “In this chapter we will look at how medical and scientific bodies make use of biased epidemiological research to present an illusion of vaccine safety to the public … a coherent picture emerges of a deliberate and systemic process used to generate a complex of misleading scientific research designed to cover up the truth about vaccine safety.” On pages 162-199, the authors provide a detailed analysis of five “doctored” vaccine studies. The details of these studies are too voluminous to be included in this article but interested readers are encouraged to read about these studies to see how biased and dishonest vaccine science can be. The authors describe these studies as deeply flawed, misleading science that serves the vested interests of the funders of the medical journals (big pharma) in which they were published instead of the truth. On pages 191-192, they state: “The obvious question, then, is how did this quintet of purposely flawed studies ever make it through that rigorous screening process [peer review]? Why and how did prestigious journals such as NEJM [New England Journal of Medicine] and Pediatrics print studies with such glaring faults? Why would leading medical journals put their hard-earned reputations at risk by publishing flawed research?” Part of the answer is that big pharma is quite powerful and generally gets what it wants. Is this not cheating and lying?

Why are Epidemiological Studies So Popular?

In the summary of chapter 5 on pages 198 and 199, the authors answer this question: “Epidemiological studies are the tool of choice for health authorities and pharma companies to maintain a façade of vaccine safety science. They are cheap, relatively simple to conduct, and, above all, their results are easily manipulated … Would you expect pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to fund vaccine safety studies that could potentially find serious faults in the vaccines they manufacture, license, and recommend to the public?”

Studies That the CDC and Big Pharma Will Never Fund

Vaccinated versus unvaccinated studies (VU studies) will apparently never be funded despite parents demanding these studies for more than 30 years. Imagine a large study which compared fully vaccinated children with never vaccinated children. Why are such studies avoided like the plague? Answer: The results would show that completely unvaccinated children are far healthier than fully vaccinated children. On page 206 and 207, the authors address this issue: “…the overall health impact of routinely administering an ever-increasing number of vaccines to American infants has never been studied. In other words, the fundamental question that bothers every vaccine-informed parent – “Will my child be better off fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, or unvaccinated?” – has never been adequately answered by science. No study that compares the overall health of vaccinated children to that of unvaccinated children has ever been done by the medical establishment.” [A few VU studies not mentioned in this book have been privately funded and published in less well-known scientific journals. If you click this link: Article 1, you will be instantly teleported through a black hole to my article titled “Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier”. You will see that the unvaccinated children in these studies are substantially healthier than the vaccinated children. Enjoy.] If the authorities who control money for vaccine research wanted to settle the “vaccines cause autism” accusation, they would fund a VU study. Which group would have a much higher rate of autism?

Autism In Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated Children  

On page 209, the authors describe the sad state of autism research: “Over the past 15 years, dozens of epidemiological studies have been conducted examining the association between vaccines and autism, but not even one compared the rate of autism in fully vaccinated versus fully unvaccinated children. Despite the fact that autism has become a huge social and financial burden on American society, the U.S. medical establishment has stubbornly rejected every opportunity to dive deeper into its root causes by investigating the rates of autism in unvaccinated populations.” Here are a few of the situations that have been ignored instead of investigated: (1) In 2005, Dan Olmsted discovered that the large Amish population in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania had a strikingly low rate of autism. They also had a low rate of vaccination. This was an excellent opportunity to investigate the causes of autism, but the authorities looked the other way. (2) Olmsted also investigated the Homefirst clinic of Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and colleagues near Chicago. They did home births and many of their patients choose to avoid vaccines. These doctors said they had zero cases of autism among the thousands of unvaccinated children they’d had under their care over more than 30 years. This is another situation that cries out to be investigated, but the CDC did nothing. (3) In 2004, the Ruppin Academic Center in Israel compared the rate of autism among Israeli children of Ethiopian descent born in Ethiopia with those born in Israel. The children born in Israel had an autism rate equal to the Israeli national rate while those born in Ethiopia had an autism rate of zero. Israel’s vaccine schedule is very similar to the U.S. schedule. It is not surprising that the Ruppin study was not investigated. (4) In 2008, there were news stories reporting a high rate of autism in children of Somali descent born in Minnesota. The rate of autism in the children born in Somalia who got far fewer vaccines was zero. Again, no investigation. Another missed opportunity to do a naturally occurring vaccinated/unvaccinated autism study. The authors discuss these cases on pages 209 through 213. There are lots of excuses claiming that VU studies cannot be done but the authors disagree. Less than one percent of children born in the U.S. are completely unvaccinated but that still adds up to at least 30,000 unvaccinated children born each year. Many of their parents would be happy for these children to be the unvaccinated part of a VU study.

VU Studies Have Most Likely Been Done Then Buried

The authors speculate on this possibility on page 233: “If these internal VU studies were indeed quietly performed, as seems very likely, why weren’t they published? … There can be only one explanation: The results were markedly in favor of the unvaccinated … If those informal VU studies showed a positive result for vaccines, they would have been published faster than you can say “vaccines are safe and effective!” – no doubt about it.”

More and More Vaccines à More and More Chronic Diseases

On page 206, the authors point out: “…No VU studies have been conducted for cancer, asthma, diabetes, learning disorders, ADHD, Crohn’s disease, and many other life-altering conditions, although all of them have become increasingly common in recent decades.” [If you click this link: Article 2, you will be beamed up to my article titled “Chronic Diseases in Vaccinated Versus Unvaccinated” to see the results of a pilot study which shows much higher rates of chronic diseases in vaccinated children and adults compared to an unvaccinated control group.]

Did Vaccines Save Us All from Deadly Infectious Diseases?

On page 267, the authors address this widely believed misconception: “The idea that vaccines have freed humanity from the deadly diseases of yore is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness … Everyone knows we have the medical profession and vaccines to thank for our (relatively) disease-less lives … Unfortunately, everyone is wrong … Historical evidence uncovered in the second half of the 20th century shows, clearly and unequivocally, that the narrative of “life-saving vaccines” is largely fictitious.” For example, mortality from measles dropped almost 99% before the measles vaccine was introduced. The authors point out on page 270: “nearly 90% of the decline in infectious disease mortality among U.S. children occurred before 1940 when few antibiotics or vaccines were available.” So, what did cause this drastic decrease in infectious disease mortality if it wasn’t vaccines and antibiotics? Sanitation in many forms and improved nutrition are the real heroes that deserve credit for most of the decrease in infectious disease mortality. The authors sum this up on page 306: “Although they are well aware that the bulk of the reduction in the burden of infectious disease cannot be attributed to vaccines, and that extensive research literature and rock-solid scientific evidence have proven that fact, health authorities around the world continue to promote the largely false “vaccines eradicated the great diseases of yore” myth.” Let’s end with this quote on page 509-510: “…One must inevitably conclude that all parties involved are engaged in deliberate and systematic efforts to hide the painful, astonishing, and earth-shattering truth regarding the “safety” of vaccines from the public.”   

Dr. Gaunt’s conclusion: Many chronic diseases are being caused by vaccine ingredients. Cheating and lying by vaccine companies, the CDC, and others is clearly described in this book. Greed by big pharma and vaccine companies is the primary motivation. This article covers only the highest of highlights. Please read this book for yourself and spread the word far and wide. We need to help people wake up to the tragedy of great harms being caused by vaccines.

About the author: Dr. William H. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was a U.S. Navy helicopter pilot and later an instructor pilot for the Iranian Navy and the Saudi Arabian Air Force before attending medical school at Bastyr University near Seattle, Washington. Dr. Gaunt graduated with honors in 1983. He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels and published several articles related to vaccines. Dr. Gaunt and his wife have a blended family of 8 boys plus a girl adopted from China.

Also available from Skyhorse Publishing:

Lies My Government Told Me.
A guide for the times—breaking down the lies about COVID-19 and shedding light on why we came to believe them. 

The Truth About Wuhan
Shocking new insider information that shows what really happened in Wuhan, China, at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak and in the ensuing cover-up.




You have never answered MY questions, so why are you complaining? Just buy the book, read it, and post your own critique. Easy peasy.

Frederic Chopin

My first question wasn't answered, and in fact our managing editor discouraged the OP from answering it. Then my 2nd question wasn't even posted. That one was to Laura. Both questions simply asked for study titles to confirm their claims.



Your question was answered (Just like Nancy Pelosi says, "If you want to read what's in the book, you have to buy it.") You just commented. So there's that.

BTW, is this the best the pharma crowd can do? LOL!
Such scholarly work. How many "autist" bots did you have to pay for?
Vaccines and Autism: A Measured Response

Is VAERS the new money laundering prop for DOD spending? Or is the Covid jab REALLY THAT BAD?

FOIA'd Contracts Show CDC Expected up to 1,000 VAERS Reports per Day for COVID Vaccines
"With up to 40% of the reports serious in nature":

"So the next time somebody says that VAERS data is worthless, ask them why the Federal government paid contractors at least $40 million dollars over 2 years to maintain this “nationally critical function.”"So the next time somebody says that VAERS data is worthless, ask them why the Federal government paid contractors at least $40 million dollars over 2 years to maintain this “nationally critical function.”

Angus Files

Bat Sxxt crazy ..I read that the first cases of the C were exactly two weeks after the first batch of vaccines were given to the Wuhan lab.No C until after vaccines seen that somewhere before a bit like no shots no autism..

Virologist who funded Wuhan lab, then tried to silence COVID leak claims proudly shares videos of himself in Thai bat cave with 2.5 million of the animals which harbor pathogen that's believed to have sparked pandemic
Virologist Dr. Peter Daszak brazenly posted videos of himself and his research team standing in the midst of swarms of bats in Thailand this week
Daszak's charity EcoHealth Alliance was found to have funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology's research which some believe started the pandemic
Daszak has been accused of bullying other scientists into disavowing theories that COVID-19 was leaked from a lab as a conspiracy theory
Despite Daszak's ties with the Wuhan lab, EcoHealth Alliance was awarded over half a million dollars this fall to conduct viral research on bats

Pharma For Prison


Frederic Chopin

I understand why no one tries to answer my questions, but what happened to allowing me to comment?


Imagine using children to push vaccine damage acceptance propaganda - "neurodiversity" - this girl's mother has gruumed her into being a pawn of the UN-funded neurodiversity/ASD acceptance narrative:

Her mother has written several articles on several obscure websites claiming vaccines didn't cause her daughter's debilitating condition - ASD. I feel awful for Aisling - "extremely high functioning" enough to drive a car and do very complex maths, good for her since most ASD victims I've seen can't do that, but "not high functioning" enough to tolerate food that has vegetables or meat (that isn't chicken nuggets/fried chicken/fried fish) in it. Bittersweet and somewhat sad.


Even though I don't like abortion nor degenerate drag shows, this man refuses to abolish the childhood vaccine schedule, and he has been caught praising the MMR and C0VID shots (according to Health Impact News). He completely refuses to jail parents who willingly inject their children with MRNA poison or ASD inducing childhood vaccines, while threatening to seize children from families who have the slightest disagreements with his political views.

Are recent, sudden and massive abortion bans and AT bills - only after the 5-Gee rollout and Operation Warp Speed, both approved by DJT who I believe is the king of false christs/the antichrist - a false Christian trap to speed up and increase the rebirth of Nephilim monster/alien hybrids for a deceitful alien army to take over the world/birth of a new Esdras/Enoch/Genesis hybrid monster race? Almost none of these bills happened before the vaccine rollout or 5-Gee tower rollout, and RD and DJT (and the GOP) is as solidly pro vaccine as the left is.

Laura Hayes

Thank you for your summary, Dr. Gaunt…much appreciated!

For those who may not have the money to purchase a book right now, but who are interested in important vaccine-related information at no cost, please read or watch my 2 comprehensive presentations.

This first one is from 2016, and below the link is an excerpt about Merck’s Recombivax HB vaccine for Hepatitis B. Note that there were no controls in the “safety” study, which lasted a mere 5 (!) days.

“Let’s now move on to vaccine package inserts, which are rarely, if ever, read by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, parents, or vaccine recipients. In the packet you will receive after my presentation, you will find a link that will take you to all vaccine package inserts. I am going to read portions of just one package insert for you, but I do hope you will make the time to read at least a few vaccine package inserts for yourself. A few is all it will take to make you realize that these products should never have been licensed, much less be mandated.

I am going to focus on Merck’s Recombivax HB, a vaccine for hepatitis B. The hepatitis B vaccine is recommended to be given to all newborns in the U.S. within hours of being born. In the state of NY, it is mandated to be given to newborns whose mothers test positive for Hepatitis B, unless the mother knows she can utilize a religious exemption to refuse it. It is only advised against for premature babies weighing less than 4.4 lbs. Hepatitis B is a disease that is contracted sexually and via the sharing of needles by drug users. If a mother has hepatitis B, she can pass it on to her baby. Despite the fact that the vast majority of newborns in the U.S. is at zero risk for contracting hepatitis B, the vaccine is recommended and/or mandated for all. Right there, you know something very wrong is transpiring…and that something is others’ wealth being prioritized over your baby’s health.

When you look at the pre-licensure trials for this vaccine for infants and children, you will notice that there were no controls, only vaccinated subjects. A mere 147 subjects were studied, which included only healthy infants and children, from infants up to age 10. I have to wonder how many of those were of an age group that couldn’t talk and were unable to describe their symptoms? The insert does not say. You will notice that study subjects were followed for a mere 5 days post-vaccination. Does that sound like a reasonable, safe, or sufficient amount of time to you? Such a severely-limited timeframe doesn’t even correspond with the Vaccine Injury Table used by the VICP, in which it is acknowledged that many vaccine injuries, including death, may take up to a week, a month, and up to 6 months post-vaccination to manifest. And of course some vaccine injuries, such as what doctors choose to call “Autism” versus the catastrophic vaccine injury that it is, may take even longer to fully manifest and be diagnosed. Thus, the 5-day time period used to monitor and assess study subjects is in no way sufficient or ethical…and it shouldn’t be allowed by government regulators.

Here are symptoms reported during the clinical trial, i.e. within the first 5 days post-vaccination: irritability, fever, diarrhea, fatigue/weakness, diminished appetite, and rhinitis (irritation and swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose). Would you wish even one of those on a newborn?

Perhaps much more importantly, however, are the adverse reactions that have been reported post-marketing, meaning after the vaccine was licensed and in use. I will be redefining some of the medical terms in layperson’s terms so you will have a better understanding of the horrors being reported after being vaccinated with Merck’s hepatitis B vaccine.” (To continue, use link above.)

My second presentation is from 2018. It is different from the presentation listed above, and it is my hope that those wishing to learn more will read or watch both.

Lastly, my first rally speech opposing SB 277 in CA back in 2015 is a brief and helpful primer, and can be viewed in 14 minutes:


Girl in UK is rushed to hospital after just two bites of Christmas dinner - with blood in her faeces and horrific stomach pain - similar to GI problems in ASD? But Neurodiversity told us ASD and gut problems "are completely unrelated" and to "celebrate autism":

"The prevalence of colorectal cancer in populations under 50 years has been increasing, statistics show. Worryingly, a great number of these individuals present to hospital in the advanced stages with atypical symptoms. Sometimes the condition is too advanced to treat once symptoms have been picked up."

Laura Hayes

So many paradigms which need to be examined and challenged, including the concept of viruses and viral contagion. I read the book “The Contagion Myth” when it came out a year or two ago, and found it to be both paradigm challenging and compelling. At the recent WAPF Conference in TN, I had the pleasure of hearing one of the book’s authors, Dr. Tom Cowan, speak. I am happy to share that his 2-part presentation is being offered for viewing at no charge. I am posting the link below. I highly recommend watching it, as it was both informative and captivating!

“What Doesn’t Make You Sick” and “What Does Make You Sick”


Have you ever been to a memorial service where all the families in the congregation have lost loved ones to murder or vehicular homicide?

Tonight I went to such a service. It was sponsored by our county DOJ for the victims of this years' violent crimes. Several churches joined to provide the setting, music, and boxed meals. I went because not only did I lose my neighbors to a murder suicide over Thanksgiving weekend, but also a lady in my Sunday school class had a son who was murdered three months ago in their front yard while taking out the garbage, and she asked me to come. It was such a powerful experience. The first song was one of my favorites by Sinach- The musicians put their soul into the worship music. One of the speakers was a Christian couple whose 20 year old daughter was murdered last year. Their faith is still strong and they lean on Jesus to get them through. In such a dark time, the Holy Spirit filled the room and lifted spirits. The name of every victim was called out, and a photo slide of each victim was projected on the front screen. Tears streamed from my eyes as I saw smiling faces of babies, toddlers, young men and women, some elderly- all cultures and skin colors were represented- flash before me in a steady stream for about ten minutes. Precious lives snuffed out violently. Tonight it occurred to me that Jesus was a murder victim as well. After the first murder, Abel's blood cried out for vengeance. But Jesus' blood cried out for our unmerited forgiveness. Another song by Sinach sums it up....

Kim for Dr. Gaunt

Dr. Gaunt, you are under no obligation to humor our anonymous gadfly. He does not come in good faith. He makes no positive contributions to our work. Frederick, you read us religiously, it seems. Only commenting to protect vaccination. You have shown known knowledge of or interest in autism. We allow you to comment - because we try to let everyone in unless egregiously rude or vulgar, which you are not.


Frederic Chopin

Dr Gaunt,

Thank you for your response. That looks like the header for an e-mail though.
What study did this claim come from: "In a safety trial for the new DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) vaccine, the “control group” received the older DTP vaccine. 1 in every 22 subjects in the experimental group became so ill that they were admitted to the hospital. A similar rate of hospitalization was also reported in the control group."?

Dr. William H. Gaunt

for Fredric Chopin: Here is the reference for the DTaP vaccine trial
SUBJECT: Clinical Review of Biological License Application

FROM: Antonia Geber, M.D.

Vaccines Clinical Trials Branch
Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications
Office of Vaccines Research and Review
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
Food and Drug Administration

DATE: 9 April 2002
To: PLA 96-0660
STN 103666\0

THROUGH: Karen Goldenthal, M.D.

Director, Division of Vaccines and
Related Products Applications
Office of Vaccines Research and Review
Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
Food and Drug Administration

Cc: Bruce Meade, Ph.D.
Martha Monser


Emma, very true. All those people (Pharisees, Sadducees, etc) probably got rebranded as Democrats and Republicans - "righteous" in their own eyes but in different flavors that cannot agree with each other. Both parties will completely destroy themselves via violent protests and unrest - now including deliberate power outages caused by civilians - to usher in Neurodiversity, the Metaverse and the Great Reset and all of its agendas. Involuntary intersex surgeries - and silicone breast implants for cisgender girls I read somewhere but I can't find the article - are protected/still allowed even in states with AT bills. This is very ominous and contradicts the GOP's claims of protecting women and girls, alongside the massive pimping and sexual trafficking of female children in Florida even under "lord and savior" RD who the GOP is wetting its pants over like he's Jesus or Shoko Asahara (a famous false christ who was executed for his crimes).

Just like CNN and MSNBC, all the "Christian Patriotic" news outlets like Faux News/Natural News/etc all praise false christs and preach only what their viewers want to hear. None of that preaching even mentions the A$D epidemic or what has happened to Gen Z - They pretend ASDs all magically disappeared with GD, C0VID and TikTok/"bad parenting"/"bad choices" as if these victims can somehow control all, if any of what they're doing... as if being injected with aluminum and neurotoxins is a choice.



Jesus didn't play well to the local Pharisees, Sadducees, or scribes either.
And they were as righteous as you could their own eyes.
How about you?


Frdric is very sure that all vaccines are wonderful and safe.
He did not understand the first of the 10 commandments in the Bible.
I don't think I did really either, for years and years.

It is not a house, or a car that is an idol.
People may love them, but they know they can burn down or wreck. They are things.
Worship is when you think that it is infallible, and it is a sin when it is something that is made by men, done by men, controlled by man that a person worships those men we have put over us and we are under their authority. It is called an idol.

What surprises me that the very first law was really there not because God is a jealous God, but rather God was trying to protect us from trusting and worshipping those that may in fact hurt us.

So, Fredrick is breaking the very first law of God, to not worship idols. Will he get hurt? Maybe he is the one trying to hurt us? Who knows.


Despite a complete total lack of outcry from the "Christian" news outlets such as TDC/Fox News/Newsmax on DTAP/DTP/MMR and A$D vaccines maiming and taking out children (both parties make massive profits from the childhood vaccine industry, even Republicans and the "Non RHINOs" also) the limelight is on American Girl books preaching diversity junk - similar to what Tractor Supply did to improve its ESG score - to avoid bankruptcy/being shut down by the UN and WEF.

Anyone with internet can google "4kids Censorship" and see what crosses/Christian refernces got taken out of the English dubs of international kids shows, or compare the original Super Sentai Series/Zyuranger to atheist fluff MMPR dookies 4kids/Fox News did back in the 90's. Although Disney's also teaching the same stuff as AG alongside witchcraft and magic, it's not just Disney, it's the entertainment industry as a whole. CNN/Democrats are already evil enough but Republicans disguise themselves as angelic flawless saviors that "love and protect girls, women and children". DT was the one who approved and carried out 5-Gee and OWS and true Christians are having nightmares about postvaxx SADS zombies - activated by 5-Gee nanobots - eating the flesh of the unvaxxed.


@Frederic Chopin

Why is that information important to you? What is your angle?

Fredric Chopin

What was the name of that DTaP vs DTP study?

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