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Autism Parents Face Decades Old Hurdles

Now whatEarlier this week I had a phone chat with a young Mom of three children under 9, each with diagnosable needs, one including autism. She asked me the same question I screamed at the four walls of my house 26 years ago: "WHERE DO I START?" Nothing has changed for parents who have newly diagnosed kids. Decades of "learn the signs" has added up to zilch. Pediatricians have no tools to offer in their toolbox except "Call school. Or Early Intervention."

Parents are left to make life changing choices for their kids with no guidance. Insurance payments are a crapshoot. Families hemorrhage money, assuming they can pay out of pocket.  All of this sounds familiar, yes?

There isn't another diagnosis in the world that comes with so little support. I suggested the TACA website as a great starting point. And National Autism Association. Between them, they cover a wide range of topics parents need. But really, should a child's future be subject to a referral by a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone? In this case me?


Why is this still happening?


Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022

By Ed Dowd, from Skyhorse Publishing. The CEO of the OneAmerica insurance company publicly disclosed that during the third and fourth quarters of 2021, death in people of working age (18–64) was 40 percent higher than it was before the pandemic.






As the "neurodiversity" movement grows, UK is taking out the elderly and disabled, thousands in a short period of time. This also includes disabled children - via NG191 and C-"treatments"/Remdesivir. https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/ng191-kate-shemirani:9

NG191 Death Protocol: Upcoming UK Depopulation Cull, Whistleblower Nurse Kate Shemirani Sounds Alarm. Very evil events going past the radar.

Laura Hayes

Anita Donnelly,

I reached out to you with an email address that Kim provided for me. If you didn’t receive my email, please email Kim with an email I should use. Thanks!

Laura Hayes

Anita Donnelly,

Thanks for replying! I will be in touch :)

Anita Donnelly

Laura thanks for asking!
I lived in California for years but recently moved to Erie county PA. I would love to connect; I am using a pseudonym though. I have often admired your writing in AOA and elsewhere. It would be great to meet other moms (and their kids?) some weekend ! I am willing to drive 2-3 hours but not in the ice. Still getting used to it!

Laura Hayes

Anita Donnelly,

Wondering where you live, in case any of us lives somewhere near you, for connecting in person on occasion?

Anita Donnelly

Yes thank you Benedetta and those who post here often for helping keeping us sane.

My child was injured in 2002. There was this window of time around 2004-2006? when we were kind of allowed to talk about it. I went to the Green our Vaccines rally with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. I saw Bob Edwards nearby, he was running for President. I got in line to talk to him and I said "Look, I have the money and the time to save and fight for my son" (I did then until his Dad dumped me and decided to become a hippie). " But I see impoverished people with autistic children. They are forced to lave theeir child in special ed classes where they just roll on the floor and people give them M&M's. We know there are medical causes". Bob Edwards was very very compassionate and said "YEs, I know about that. I'm on it. Special needs magnify in poverty. We have to help these kids. " He didn't dispute what I said about vaccines. Around that time John Kerry also mentioned that he had met a truck driver who had identical twin sons. One had severe autism. He said "that cannot be fully genetic".
Both of those guys got destroyed and did not win. Bob Edwards arguably destroyed himself, but Kerry got lied about in the Swift Boat stories.
At that time, the democrats had our back. The Republicans put in the thing about ELI LILLY exemption in the 9-11 bill. But there were good Republicans too, I can't remember their names, but there was one in Congreee or the Senate. At least we got respect. We had Bernie Rimland. Wakefield, though attacked, was working at Thoughtful House in Austin. His theories helped my son.
This brief, shining moment. I don't know what happened, but it all slipped away. It was so heart breaking. Suddenly if I suggested that the toxins in vaccines caused my son to act as if he had been poisoned, I got "othered". Suddenly a relative who had seen Lorenzo's Oil and finally realized we were heros not nutcases, went back in his cave and made sarcastic comments about my child's GFCF diet and what a pain it was around the holidays to accommodate. Rather than having compassion that we had this "pain" around the clock. And our work to keep our child okay, was why he had a nephew he could talk to and joke with instead of a whirling dirvish who ran into walls for amusement. Okay he still paces. But he's acing community college. His autistic traits are mostly invisible (severe constipation we've tried everything for, a weird odor even after a shower, but not always. Sometimes I get so discouraged for him and yet I get to hear him tell funny jokes that we all laugh at. I get to see him do amazing things on wordle. . . . . it was all worth it to do the ARI / TACA/ Generation Rescue approaches. But sometimes I"m so lonely I could die. I don't know how to find other moms nearby who have almost recovered kids or how to help newly autistic families that are terrified when I tell them to stop vaccines and then cut me off. This pariah stuff sucks Benedetta, doesn't it. ? It so sucks. I have so much to feel joy about, I really do. But the being 3rd class citizens, a danger to others when I tell my truth, when being silent is being complicit. Some days I feel like I am in a slog of sadness. Thank God for Age of Autism and Kim and Cathy and all of you speaking truth to sorrow. I lost literally 3 jobs in tech that I know of when I mentioned anything about my son. In one case that he was my mostly recovered (that's impossible) in another that he struggled (that's against neurodiversity concepts , another when I saw a coworker experiencing vax injury with her child. Lost jobs, stalled my career. Now I stay silent, and I used my Mom's name here at times. She got Alzheimers from having to get yearly flu vaccines she did not want to work in a nursing home .Under intense pressure, she got Pfizer, collapsed, and died 8 days later. She would want me to speak out. She did all she could to help me with my son and said we'd have vaccine injuries in our family since 1940 when she saw her brother almost die after a shot. I believe the shot was a tetanus shot. It would have had mercury. The doctor stopped giving them shots, and no one attacked him. That was what you were supposed to do when anyone in the family had a shot reaction in the 1940-s through the early 1980's. It protected the vaccine manufacturer because they knew if you reacted to a shot, you would react worse to the next one. They suspected it ran in families. They forgot all this after the 1986 Act.

sarah i

Thank you for this astute yet dismal post. I am still baffled and deeply offended that my child and I have been left alone to navigate this pervasive and cruel illness. The pediatrician doesn't even mention autism when we come in for well or sick visits. The lack of curiosity and concern is maddening.

And thank you Benedetta for your comments here, which resonate with me. "I have been gagged for years from speaking up to the point that does something deep inside a person."
Simmering, trying not to let all my energy evaporate, because I still have autism work to do here.

Benedetta Stilwell

20 years back; I use to go to a doctor's office in a larger city. The large pratice also included a pediatrician part too. It was right next to Krogers.

In Krogers I would see a toddler in a shopping cart, eat up with some type of horrible rash. I would ask their mommy what was the rash, and they would say some sort of allergy.
Or I would see a pre teen wearing a mask and their mother would say they had cancer treatments recently.

Plenty of sadness around a pediatrician office for sure.

I am thinking at that time, which was 2004 or 2005 that I knew what was the cause, from what happened to my kids 20 years before that. Hard, frustrating, I have been gagged for years from speaking up to the point that does something deep inside a person. This banning on facebook and Twitter is more of the same. I don't think those in charge really understand what not being able to speak the truth and having the freedom does to people.

It makes them simmer for a long time, with the potential to boil over.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talked of this recently, of how Fauci has made a lot of enemies that might have gone along, but there is deep resentment. IT is going to boil over, but it sure has simmered for so very long too. And even if some of us have simmered till we have evaporated all of our water (energy of our youth, I suppose) Well the pot is still on heat, what will come next? The pot will smoke, melt and burn the house down. Just like J.F. Kennedy Jr. said.

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