CHD Details Pfizer's Quest for More Maternal Vaccines
HFDF Helps Former Nike Employees Sue for Civil Rights Violations

Risk Analysis: Covid Vaccine vs Christmas Curtains

DE61DB74-A30D-4A02-AB71-BD26AA6BEEB9 Cheap curtains strung with lights get a CANCER and REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH warning in the catalog.

Curtains warning

Free Covid vaccines with less testing than a first grader get a denial of risk, lies about side effects, gross over exaggeration of efficacy and "public service" ads that say NOTHING about any of that.  Note the weasel words: "We've seen 'no trends' of serious side effects. No time had elapsed since the vaccines were created, shipped and injected. Of course there were no trends. TRENDS TAKE TIME.

Covid Ad no trends

Why? Because vaccines in the United States of America are a protected product. They face no product liability. They can be forced upon citizens from pregnant women, to newborns, to toddlers, to teens, to adults to the elderly. Mandates exist. Soft mandates exist - no shot no play. No work. No dinner. No theatre. And on it goes.

CHRISTMAS CURTAINS have a safety warning. Ho. Ho. NO.

Click the cover or title, buy the book.

Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert W. Malone

With contributions from eminent doctors, scientists, and experts in their fields, Lies My Gov't Told Me offers a comprehensive look at the coronavirus pandemic–where we are today, how we got here, and what's on the horizon. Challenging the mainstream government-pharma-media narrative, the chapters in this book will not only outrage readers but will also inform and give readers hope.


Morag Lyons

"Safe and Effective" as Grenfell tower high flats in a protective flammable cladding ,sold as a climate warming mitigation strategy ?

A basic health and safety risk assessment " Arsenic and Auld Lace " Criteria and Guidelines .
Perception pluckers prescription pads ,inspired by Dr Crippens perhaps !

Risk Assessments for behavioural defectives ? some will not pass a basic Lennox Castle Hospital "Gunsberg Assessment" for being capable or competent enough for tying their own shoe-laces or any other basic care assessment ?

The Dailt Sceptic
News Round-up by Will Jones 20 November 2022
" Conceptual Zero Draft " Draft copy of WHO's proposed "Pandemic Treaty "
WHO? is heading for the black hole, the dark dungeon's, them or ewes?

Runrig and Paul Mounsey- AN TOLL DUBH YouTube
An Toll Dubh [ Extended Version ] Runrig YouTube


Horrifying stories from those who took the "safer, smaller, aluminum-free" AstraZeneca jabs - screaming, agonizing headaches, and them passing away with extreme migranes/brain inflammation similar to aluminum brain swelling seen in regressive/violent ASDs:

AZ-victims on that searchlist with the word "screaming": Kasey Turner, and Vinessen Magon. Both deceased, died in massive pain from this "safer smaller alternative" to "Fizzer"/ModernaTX/J&J/Jansen/whoever else is behind this. These were healthy neurotypical adults til the serpent sunk its teeth into them.

And heartbreaking results here:

ASD therapy centers soon will completely and permanently run out of space, especially for violent ASD teens and unemployable adults, so this is being praised as a good thing:


It is OBVIOUS this is NOT about our health.

Read my posts at an earlier article, "Mid-Term Post-Mortem" for links to what is really going on.
The real question is what can citizens do about it.

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