Difference or Disease?
CHD Details Pfizer's Quest for More Maternal Vaccines

Mid-Terms Post-Mortem

This was much funnier 10 years ago when I ran it on Facebook

Curious how Age of Autism readers feel after last week's mid-term election. Which topics were important to you? Which topics featured prominently by either party were not as important to you as the media suggested?  The "red wave" predicted by pollsters did not happen. A crime wave is gripping cities and small towns alike. Every trip to the grocery store is a reminder of paycheck devouring inflation. In New England, a gallon of heating oil (diesel) costs more than $5.25. A 300 gallon tank lasts 4-6 weeks during the cold weather. A woman's right to choose an abortion took center stage and may have been a catalyst after SCOTUS' decision. Yet, medical choice, the right to say "no" to vaccines was missing in every post-mortem I have heard. In fact, nothing about Covid; the lockdown, masks for children, firings, social segregation was mentioned in the Sunday talk shows.

What do you hope to see between now and the 2024 Presidential election?

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Lies My Gov't Told Me: And the Better Future Coming (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert W. Malone

With contributions from eminent doctors, scientists, and experts in their fields, Lies My Gov't Told Me offers a comprehensive look at the coronavirus pandemic–where we are today, how we got here, and what's on the horizon. Challenging the mainstream government-pharma-media narrative, the chapters in this book will not only outrage readers but will also inform and give readers hope.



FTX scandal looks like a modern version of the BCCI banking scandal.

The goal appears to be money laundering (to Dems and RINOS) via Ukraine and the ultimate Federal regulation of Crypto. The FED doesn't want competition with their own digital dollar- the China model... Oh, and they are talking about a U.S. digital passport again.

Evidence FTX Was a Deep State Plan to Capture Crypto

Morag Lyons

Homepage/UK Column
Video- UK Column Interviews
Interview Part 1 . 2, and 3 . Agenda 2030 with Sandi Adams . A compact summary of what is what, and who is where ? on the infodemic inversion landscape ?
And , excellent interview with Professor Richard Ennos ; A Covid Retrospective conversation with David Scott .

Evil only thrives where people are left ignorant? but every culture has it's own version of ,
Karma and the milk bottle YouTube , funny Karma video .
The more you give, the more you get returned to you, good -bad-or indifferent !



Evil always wins.


Amazon 'ain't smiling.....
CEO Jeff Bezos wants carbon life forms....GONE

"Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos is planning to donate the majority of his $124 billion fortune to charities that fight climate change, according to CNN."

He's following in the footsteps of Bill Gates. How is that going for you?
No more Prime orders for me. EVER.



It has been said, "If you want to rob a bank, own one. If you want to cover it up, be the investigator."

Interestingly, John Forbes Kerry was on a Senate subcommittee looking into the HUGE globalist crime syndicate BCCI banking scandal. Most citizens today do not know of this or have long forgotten. ALL should read this committee report submitted by then Senator Kerry. IT IS SHOCKING! But did the organized criminals ever really go away? After reading it, why would we be surprised by any voting "irregularities , or current Pharma behavior?"

Benedetta Stilwell

Ohh, John Kerry such a villain from the very minute I saw him testify in front of Congress as a young woman. What is it that we can not get rid of bad people and they stick around to stick it to us for a life time?

What I think is the same thing that Naomi Wolff voiced early this spring. That the Democrats in spite of their wild, crazy, insane policies that is ruining the country; all did not seem a bit afraid of the coming election in November.
And did you all ever know a time that they can't get the votes counted and it takes days, weeks, and so forth?

And the same president that told me his patience was running out about me and mine getting a vaccine - an experimental vaccine; says we all got to be patient as those votes are slowly counted. I say Fraud again.

And I did not know that the laws of this country , important laws, did not have to be -- would not be in forced.
I think that something really bad is going to happen, is happening. I think we got crooks in power so evil that we as a country is going to have to pay a very heavy price.
I think that Gates has Trump on something but not to worry cause vaccine what ever we are - injuried and awake and in the know is just this fringe group.

Meanwhile Rand Paul says he has a chair, a head chair and no bureaucrat is going to sit in front of Congress and lie. So there is my shining moment.


"Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), who is vying for House Republican leadership, has voted for legislation that has advanced Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives and received funding from Wall Street giant BlackRock." -Breitbart

Looks like the Black Rock Uniparty is the winner.
Emmer wants to escape the Own nothing, Be Happy crowd.


The AMAZING Whitney Webb unravels the zero carbon web of deceit:

Whitney Webb & Iain Davis | Sustainable Debt Slavery

All those who own NOTHING and are HAPPY are cordially invited to John Forbes Kerry's family private island to live......NOT.

Morag Lyons

Thank you Emmaphiladelphia , Chatam House interview with John Kerry it's a howler 1
States best economic opportunities ever in history ?
Barcoded babies ?- China copycat Social credit score system for methane beltchers! after survival of the fittest culling and thining out of the human herd !
Drooling over the thought of the great reset ,next industrial revolution , clean healthier,cleaner,safer,community State Planet in which we live .

New World Governance half Communism half Capitalism Communitarianism Cap Badges on full public display .

"Se vis pacem ,para bellum " if you want peace prepare for war , said so in John Wick Chapter 3 2019 film!

We will give their Anaconda Plan- mark 2. A Clan Gunn Salute
"Auz Pax Aut Bellum " Meaning "Either Peace Or War " Because that's their choices that.s their options so they can take it or leave it .
Lord Lovat;s Lament The Lone Piper YouTube


Spock and Dr. McCoy know......

"Carbon-based units? -Humans, Ensign Perez. Us."


"Yet, medical choice, the right to say "no" to vaccines was missing in every post-mortem I have heard. In fact, nothing about Covid; the lockdown, masks for children, firings, social segregation was mentioned in the Sunday talk shows."

Why would pharma sponsored Sunday shows (which I never watch) ever talk about such things?
There IS a red wave in Florida (DeSantis) and Wisconsin (Ron Johnson). Both men were health freedom hardliners (at least for now).

The real news is that old British East India Co.-Committee of 300-Royal Institute For International Affairs- Chatham House -Secretary of State- Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Forbes Kerry (whose stepson was partners with Hunter Biden in the Ukraine energy deal with China) is delivering the "Committee's" climate message to the American taxpayers as predicted by Dr. John Coleman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsbZ3AdFxSM


Here is how they will rid the world of excess carbon.....YOU:

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry announced a major expansion of the First Movers Coalition, the public-private partnership to commercialize clean technologies through advance purchase commitments, on the initiative’s first anniversary. Launched by President Biden in partnership with the World Economic Forum at COP26, the First Movers Coalition has expanded to include 65 companies, representing more than 10 percent of the global Fortune 2000 by market value, as well as ten government partners. New corporate members include General Motors, PepsiCo, and Rio Tinto.

In addition, today the First Movers Coalition launched an unprecedented set of new commitments focused on cement and concrete – in which companies will purchase at least 10 percent near-zero carbon cement and concrete by 2030 – anchored by world-leading companies such as General Motors. Cement and concrete make up 7 percent of global emissions today and are on track to reach 9 percent by 2050. This ambitious set of purchasing commitments by First Movers Coalition members will create an early market to stimulate investment in the next generation of technologies needed to decarbonize cement and concrete.

In total, First Movers Coalition corporate members have pledged $12 billion, the world’s strongest demand signal, for bringing emerging innovations to scale. These commitments will drive investment in next-generation clean steel, aluminum, and cement; near-zero carbon aviation fuels; zero-emission trucking and shipping; and carbon dioxide removal. The companies that have stepped forward as First Movers will drive down the cost of emerging technologies and bring them to market this decade in order to decarbonize the sectors of the global economy that produce a third of global emissions."

What next? A vaccine to remove all the carbon in your body? LOL!

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