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Quarantine Camps in New York -
Coming to your state?

Earlier his year New York Governor Kathy Hochul pushed through a regulation that would allow anyone suspected of having been exposed to a communicable disease (in other words "everybody") to be be detained and isolated for an indefinite period of time until the State decides they will let a person go.  No evidence of any illness or infection is required, and as the State admitted in Court, the regulation did not even create a way for a detained person to get their freedom.

A court stopped the regulation for now, but Gov. Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James are appealing to a higher court. They clearly want this power. The question is why? What are they planning to do?

New York, like California, is where the really bad ideas are rolled out first. And they intend to bring this to you.

Watch this panel discussion by a group of activists and attorneys who have fought this regulation layout what is going on and how to fight quarantine camps when they try it in your state. 



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The Real Anthony Fauci Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) by Robert Kennedy, Jr.
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Gerardo Martinez

Good evening to all on this mid term election night. Rest assured it is not the politicians in New York and CA that are coming up with these ideas, but players, individual powerful evil doers in the shawdows and backgrounds that are suggesting to these sell outs what to do. Do these proposed power grabs look similar to what is happening in China right now with their covid fanatics? I think they do. If so what does that tell us? I hear that China wants to collect Americans DNA. For what purpose? Scary thoughts to ponder on this night. Peace and blessings.
G. Martinez


@ Anonymous

Have you tried Jesus rather than puberty blockers?
Matthew 7:7-11
Matthew 14:34-36
Matthew 15:29-31


I'm sorry but Trump (and Desantis) are 100% provaxx and they were both praising the jab in some of their speeches. All the world's a stage. Book of Matthew and Mark warns us numerous false christs shall arise, deceiving even the very elect. I believe the majority of self-proclaimed christians are going to hell because they're willingly taking the M0TB without repentance or/and they love mortal sinful man more than Yeshua Jesus/God. Trump and Desantis will backfire and become more "progressive" in the long run as their disastrous policies - just like Biden's inflation - will particularly impact those with severe ASD and emotional disorders who can't function/are at extreme risk of extremely violent behavior (remember Sky Walker and Kreed Joshua) if being denied puberty blockers as ASD usually becomes much more violent with puberty. States shouldn't have ANY control over kids bodies or anyones bodies on either political side, especially for such fragile and emotionally unstable/violent children who can't stay calm without such medications atop behavioral meds. These governors and politicians have no idea what its like to raise a child with violent regressive autism or Sky Walker.

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