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Happy Thanksgiving 2022






Wishing a peaceful day to everyone, and a special message for my autism family. Many of us have learned to transform holidays to accommodate our loved ones with autism. Some of us made radical changes in many areas of our lives. Some of those changes were thrust upon us. And yet we forge forward because that’s what we have to do for our kids, now teens and adults. Here? Mia, Gianna and Bella are beautiful, healthy, kind, funny, safe, warm, well fed and well loved by many, including their old Mom. I wouldn’t change a moment of our journey. Even the worst of it. All roads have lead to… gratitude. And that ain’t bad. 

Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your day.

Love, Kim Rossi Executive Director, Chief, Cook & Bottle washer. 


Trios IV

Happy Thanksgiving family!!!

I think some women are the closest we get to God in this world.

Here with my bother embracing the cross of the Lord.

They blessed me long before I understood how.

Sister Golden Hair



Happy Belated Thanksgiving Kim and your beautiful girls! Thank you for all you do to make Age of Autism such a great resource for our blessed and special children/adults.


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

John Stone

Rather belatedly Happy Thanksgiving Everybody

Angus Files

Thanks Kim, wishing you and your girls all the happiness in the world on this day...your only as old as you feel:)

Pharma For Prison



Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

Grateful for AofA

Morag Lyons

Thank you and appreciation for another year of Age of Autism ,providing another year of a unique and valuable resource service for people and families living with, disabilities - physical / learning disabilities/ learning difficulties, with or without autism involvement .
Have a good one !

Runrig - Harvest Moon { Official Video ] YouTube

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