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Cara TwitterBeautiful, talented and 63 year young Irene Cara died a sudden death over the holiday. Social media was full of women of a certain age sharing their grief at the loss. Other women of a certain age (points at self) were asking questions. Was Ms. Cara another "Died Suddenly, Cause Unknown?" Seems folks started asking the Cara Twitter account if perhaps she had been vaccinated for Covid, and could the vaccine have played a role in her death. And the the publicist who runs her account, asked that the questions STOP. One would hope that people were asking as gently as possible, without the glee or malice we saw from the vaccinated when an unvaccinated person would get Covid.  Cara herself answered the question of uptake on March of 2021. Perhaps autopsy results will show something completely unrelated to the vaccine.

Cara vaccinated

Newcomers to the vaccine injury topic, those who did NOT acknowledge the injuries we've written about for 15 years, will be shocked when they are shut down from asking "the question." It's almost cute. Aw, they're surprised! Us? Please. We've known that anything that befalls a child or an adult, as long it came from a vaccine, no matter how disabling or murderous, it will never be discussed. In 2022, suicide, drug overdose and even car accidents that harm others (Ms. Heche) are preferable, and even honorable deaths, compared to the heretical, theoretical vaccine induced death.

So git along, little doggies. Don't ask.

In the meantime, I suggest we each send a copy of Cause Unknown The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2020 and 2021 by Ed Dowd to every publicist in the USA.



Videos exposing pandemics and "the virus" (a hoax to usher in the M0TBs and global government) are getting banned/erased on TikTok, and soon so will autism truther videos. "Infantilizing" and "anti-neurodiversity" i guess. What's your best respone to this article? https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/the-infantilization-of-autistic-people-on-tiktok-needs-to-stop/ar-AA14Fb7l?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=02b70f7a980445ba8fccaec59e939a69

This sounds like borderline anti-neurotypical Nazism: "The question of whether autistic people, especially minors, can consent to their caregivers cherry-picking moments of their lives to put online is a complicated question for another day. But as a lot of these accounts are spearheaded by neurotypical parents, everything we’re seeing is filtered through the neurotypical gaze—meaning the way an autistic person is portrayed onscreen is from the point of view of a neurotypical person."

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