A Cornucopia of Disabled Children Threatens UK Education Systems
Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Died Suddenly From Stew Peters Network

Died Suddenly Movie
Oh, the irony. Children.

The documentary Died Suddenly went live this week on Rumble. You can watch it here. Perhaps we are more in tune with the increase in obituaries that include the words, "died suddenly," and " died peacefully in her sleep" (at age 22? ) and other vague euphemisms because of our jaded history with vaccination injury. Whether the increase is a planned effort to depopulate or "simply" another consequence of unbridled pharmaceutical greed, it hardly matters when you bury a loved one.  Do you have a story to share, someone you knew and loved, or knew of, who died under abnormal circumstances with no answers for a grieving family? We've come to "accept" the rise in death from suicide and overdoses perhaps because an answer, no matter how difficult to swallow, is  better than NO answer. In time, insurance actuarial data will shed light on what's happening. Life insurers will have to pay out policies far before the expected age, and maybe, just maybe, as their bottom lines are hit, they will speak out, and take "died suddenly" from what the mainstream media calls another conspiracy theory, to a terrifying and heartbreaking truth. Let us know your thoughts. I'm not sure why the producers would launch this grim tale during Thanksgiving week. It seems macabre to me. But the grim reaper doesn't care what day it is when he appears, so perhaps this week, one in which many who watch will be grateful for having said "no," is appropriate indeed.

Healthy adults are dropping dead all across the globe. In the last 18 months, the term “Died Suddenly” has risen to the very top of “most searched” Google terms. Now, the award-winning documentary team that brought you, “Watch The Water”, and “These Little Ones” travels around the world to find answers, and tell the stories, of those who Died Suddenly.  Watch here.

Another look at the rise in unexpected deaths is this book from Skyhorse Publishing and Children's Health Defense:

Cause Unknown by Edward Dowd  
Edward Dowd, a former Wall Street analyst and BlackRock portfolio manager, examines the epidemic of sudden deaths in America. Throughout his stock picking career, he utilized pattern recognition to get ahead of his peers and the street before his bullish or bearish thesis became consensus. Early in 2021, he noticed a rise of news anecdotes about sudden deaths among very fit athletes and other seemingly healthy young people across the country. His question was simple: What changed in 2021? 




"The vaccine industry has several unique characteristics that no other industry has. First, they are one of the only medical products that are not prescribed to treat a disease. They are medical products that are designed after the very profitable insurance industry, by selling a product based on fear of what might happen to you in the future. As such, they can be prescribed to EVERYONE, unlike other medical products that require sick people to sell a drug to for curing their illness."

"And while the pro-vaccine zealots want to label anti-vaxxers as mentally disabled, neurological diseases have exploded in those who have been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines based on statistics recorded in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS.)"

Morag Lyons

Obviously the plan of action organisers, did not account for undertakers embalmers findings ?
Don't get scared, get wise instead !

https//www.uk column.
UK Column
Exclusive; MHRA Board Meeting 15 November 2022 [ Champagne on Ice ]

Weight and tonnage assessment/evaluation ?
Gaelic Proverb - It only takes a small hole tae sink a big ship .

MHRA Pleading poverty ,apparently can not afford to spend approx £600 per " Died Suddenly Person " to establish cause of demise ? with post-mortem autopsy evaluation /
Truth torpedoes and laughter suppositories got it ear-marked ,ring-fenced ,spear-headed ,stream-lined and dove-tailed as per the NHS buzz word squidgers !

The Message Runrig - YouTube

Angus Files

More vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated deaths from covid (US)

Dr John Campbell 25/11/22


Pharma For Prison



If you've had the jab, avoid the train tracks.....

"In a social media post on Friday, Commissioner Keechant Sewell said, “For the @NYPD25Pct officers who rescued a man from an oncoming train after he accidentally fell on the subway tracks yesterday in Manhattan — the courage is second nature.”

The victim apparently experienced a medical episode at the station and suffered minor injuries in the fall but is expected to recover."


For the first time I remember, a very recent, LOCALLY PRODUCED free news/business magazine has an advertisement about fetal deaths/infant deaths - a support group for grieving mothers whose children died in the womb or shortly after birth. Before the M0TB plandemic/operation warp speed, I never saw ANY baby death support group advertisements in free, local, small business gazettes/magazines. The M0TB is killing innocent unborn babies, and those after birth are dying too.

Scarily, I believe the Neurodiversity movement is normalizing SIBs/self harming behaviors to also normalize the growing and horrifying mental hospitalization of children - mainstream doctors praise pharma-run "it's all your fault you got tranquilizer drugs in your ass" abusive CBT, antibiotics and reverse psychology - without serious biomed/probiotics/aluminum detox as a "miracle cure" for aluminum/bad microbe induced PANDAS/brain inflammation. Big Pharma's new, corporate CBT is extremely disgusting, especially for PANDAS/violent autism victims who can't really control their actions because of the poisons inside them, if your child needs CBT buy a cheap, good quality CBT journal for kids to use at home.


Joe's favorite, Fauci: The CHINESE made me do it!

Deposition: Fauci admits China convinced him to push lockdowns
No Explanation for change in mask policy. "I don't recall" for most of his COVID answers.
He should retire to the D.C. prison, indefinitely. Formal charges are not necessary. He will own nothing and be happy!


Doctor: Police put me in psych ward for COVID 'misinformation'
'These are really Soviet-style psychiatry methods'

Trios IV

You and I comprehend much alike.


This explains our current predicament......




DANGER: "Anti-Vaccine" Thoughts are a Mental Illness Requiring "Treatment"


For anyone still praising and attacking critics of RD, he has praised the M0TB spike protein shots and violent regressive ASD-inducing MMR shots in front of his hateful, idolatrous sheeple, just like the democrats and their idols: https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/republican-governors-join-biden-and-cdc-in-blaming-unvaccinated-for-alleged-new-covid-hospitalizations/

Vaxx Shedding is causing unvaxxed pregnant women's babies to die/suffer in the womb, those who survive might be "grey alien babies"/black eyed "DARPA 2018 Human Drone" designer babies that are secretly sought after by both political parties. The "virus" is gene-editing nanobots, graphene nanotechnology/nanowires/micro-circuits, Luciferase, and GMO parasites such as "water bears/Tardigrades" seen in the Jansen/J&J vaxx, scarily just below this "water bear" are swirls of foreign genetic material/triple helix "Alien DNA" like from X Files. Tardigrades and HV's are both immortal creatures that survive almost everything.
"Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said that the COVID-19 “vaccines are saving lives.”

“If you are vaccinated, fully vaccinated, the chances of you getting seriously ill or dying from COVID is effectively zero,” DeSantis said during a Wednesday press briefing.

“If you look at the people being admitted to hospitals, over 95 percent of them are either not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated. And so these vaccines are saving lives.”


It is a good movie.
And like everything else these last couple of years, scares me. Not as much as it first did.


Like Hera; my list is long.
Seems like it is mostly getting a vaccine, still catching covid, and then blood clots, or a heart attack or heart out of rhythm - beating too fast.

Three family members the above applies to, along with four neighbors.
Yet there is more:
One that was vaccinated five times has shingles, right now.
Another developed prostate cancer and lost his wife to symptoms like covid - covid like. Shortly after being vaccinated.

We lost the county veterinarian. He was vaccinated, caught covid this past July 2022, he got over it only to catch some virus off of a horse he was treating and died in the hospital on a respiratory.
I think we are being lied too?


The package insert of the "safer smaller" childhood autism/allergy/violence shots that "protect" against "viruses" is already massive enough. Somewhere online I saw that the DTAP/DTP/TDAP shots list autism, projectile vomiting and encephalitis (PANDAS) as symptoms.

So many heart disease drug/medical product advertisements on TV now. Those who tell us its normal for kids to savagely attack/bite themselves their loved ones (from aluminum destroying/controlling the neurons) are also telling us its normal for kids and literal babies to get a stroke/heart attack. Those who survive the man-to-machine nanowire formation completion will become cyborgs/killer zombies (seen in so many predictive programming shows and movies/World War Z) to search, devour, and destroy those who oppose the shots and other M0TB "solutions".

Japan (a nation worshipped by millions of young Americans) has nothing against the child sexualization agenda (VICE News report on its pedophilic manga industry) or M0TB shot agenda, 85% of Japan is vaxxed. Japan, South Korea, and China were the largest buyers of Klaus Schwab's 4th industrial revolution book. Another hideous theory I believe, is that the vaxxed EA "saviors" will take up the U.S. population as its domestic population is dropping like flies or developmentally disabled.

Angus Files

They really do think were stupid..

Excess deaths in Scotland since the start of the pandemic
Letter from the Convener to the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care , Scottish Government, 28 April 2022

Dear Humza,

The overriding message from this inquiry was that it is still too early to be definitive about the exact impact that the pandemic has had in terms of excess deaths in Scotland, given the short-term fluctuations in deaths and the complexity in disentangling those caused by COVID from those where COVID may have been contributary or coincidental. This inquiry found that figures from the National Records of Scotland, from the week beginning 24 January 2022, show that based on death certification there have been 11,817 excess deaths overall in 2020-22, of which 11,218 were either caused by Covid or where Covid was a contributory factor[1]. However, is acknowledged that it will take more time to gauge the pandemic’s full impact on mortality.


Pharma For Prison



In our family and acquaintance circle,
No covid deaths throughout the whole time period among anyone we know.
One long covid with eventual recovery of sense of smell after more than a year, ongoing respiratory issues, others lost sense of smell or taste for a month or so. Heard of a friend of a friend who had temporary loss of vision issues from covid?? Otherwise no long term effects for anybody that we know of.
2 elderly extended family members diagnosed with clots post vax.
20 year old, whole family vaccinated ( don't know booster status) they all caught covid, then about 2 months later, he developed Guilliame Barre syndrome requiring hospitalization, then crutches to walk, 20 year old, previously healthy, doctors don't know why..
Work colleague with previous mild heart condition pre vaccine, now fully disabled and unable to work pretty much straight after the vaccine.
Middle aged woman with two menstrual cycles a month after the booster
Vaccinated almost 60 year old, healthy , in group home, a month or two ?post vaccine developed heart condition and now needs nursing home type care.
Care home elderly parent of a friend, developed multiple clots after the booster, now may need nursing home care due to quickly worsening dementia.
Friends elderly alcoholic father got vaccinated, month or two later starting having rectal bleeding, and has now passed on. Unsure if it is related or not.
Many vaccinated and boosted people are catching covid, some more than once, the only one I know of who took paxlovid also got rebound covid.
So far most are still healthy, but I no longer take anybodies' health for granted. Reminding myself to hug my loved ones and treasure our time together.

What have you all been seeing? I trust the long term posters here more than almost anyone else in terms of data at this point.


Ronald Reagan was not an "innocent victim" pressured into glorifying childhood inoculations, but another agent of the ASD agenda just like the democrats. West Virginia and Mississippi have/had zero exemptions for ASD and violent rage/food allergy inducing childhood shots, yet are both Republican.

The true sickening agenda of the RIGHT's (and lefts) refusal to do anything about parents willingly injecting their children with mental illness/brain damage/etc appears to be linked to the secret Pro-Nephilim (fallen angel/"alien"/demon) Life movement on both parties, as seen on videos by TrumpetForYahweh the Book of Esdras, and recent TV shows such as Childhood's End. Both parties make millions, if not billions, on ASD services/therapy providers I believe.


Most parents are smart enough to avoid drag drama, but just dumb enough to force jabs on their kids (only 5 percent of US parents do not willingly V their kids).

Laura Hayes

Pilot, died suddenly this past Saturday, shortly after take off in Chicago:


Laura Hayes

This documentary is excellent. I highly recommend watching and sharing it.

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