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ASD and Gender Dysphoria

Rainbow vaccineFrom Safeminds.Without knowing the details of the study (Safeminds provides the links in their article) one might safely conclude that non-speaking, severely affected individuals were left out. Perhaps we should ask every independent speller how they feel about their gender. I feel like my own daughters have so many insanely difficult, life and safety threatening challenges that questioning their gender is pretty far down the list. We have commented in the past that the puzzle piece was summarily dismissed and replaced by a rainbow infinity symbol. By whom? Why? Are the mechanisms of vaccination that spurred "autism" now creating this gender confusion? I'm sure no one can ask that - no matter how they identify.

November 21, 2022
Evidence of a Link Should Raise Awareness of the Condition and Generate Screenings

The Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders published a new study that shows a link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and gender dysphoria/incongruence (GD/GI). The authors performed a meta-analysis that included 47 separate studies; five were conducted with children, 13 with children and adolescents, two with adolescents, two with children, adolescents, and adults, nine with adolescents and adults, and 16 with only adults. The research team came to three conclusions. First, they found “a positive relationship between ASD traits and GD/GI feelings among people from the general population.” Additionally, they discovered “an increased prevalence of GD/GI in the autistic population.” Finally, they determined that there is “an increased prevalence of ASD diagnoses and ASD traits in the GD/GI population.” The authors suggest that there is likely a link between autism and gender dysphoria, which “warrants the investigation of mechanisms that could explain that link and the intensification of clinical attention to autistic GD/GI individuals.” The authors also believe that their meta-analysis can help individuals on the spectrum that are facing GD/GI issues. They state, “Evidence about a link between ASD and GD/GI might stimulate the development of appropriate trainings to raise their awareness so that GD/GI people are screened for ASD and autistic people for gender-related issues.”

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CHOP is really involved in surgery and hormone treatments for transgender according to Tucker Carlson.
What do we know of CHOP.
Did they not kidnap a child with a mitochondria - problem and make her worse?
Sweet and kind Dr. Offit is beloved doctor of CHOP.

They seem on the cutting edge of gaining profit from anything that results from vaccine injury.


Your are an intelligent person.
Intelligence however does not mean you are sane.

There is a lot of that going around.


Pizzagate raises its ugly head....

The instagram photos are similar to the ones from Pizzagate.


Here we go again with some non-sense that connects autism with the transgender issue. Can a person with autism be a transgender? Yes they can be but, the two issues are not closely related if at all. Kleinfelter syndrome is a uncommon genetic disorder in which a "boy" has 2 X and one Y Chromosome. The person with KS wiener(giggle) may work but he is feminine naturally and he is infertile. Many if not most with Kleinfelter condition have autism tendencies and ADHD. Before you extreme bigots talk about the transgender think about intersex conditions and empathize instead of politicize.
There is some poetic justice when it comes to the transgender issues. Racist able bodied white feminist are getting hurt by the transgender community in some way. Some people think this is like payback for their exploiting of Affirmative Action. These Affirmative Action preferences where designed to help disabled people of any ethnicity and gender and even more so Native American and African american men not privileged able bodied white women!

Jeanne J

I have no doubt that the same neuro-toxic poisons (in vaccines, in pesticide-laced foods, etc.) that have altered our children's brains into autism have also hormonally altered other individuals into - whatever. That being said, I know these studies are more about agenda, rather than benevolence. If they were so worried about the ever increasing number of children diagnosed with autism, and had looked into the very obvious environmental toxins (vaccines, gmo foods, etc.), back when parents and educators first range the alarm bells about autism, we probably would have been able to decrease the number of children and adolescence with auto-immune and gender dysphoric issues. But then, how would they have achieved their population reduction goals!


All those studies. Just look what "researchers" are getting paid to "study" now.

Around the 1950's, the great sociologist/economist C. Wright Mills remarked that grants were a way to siphon off public money into useless projects. Unfortunately I can't recall in which of his several books he made that observation.

I have to add that Alex Jones (dare I say the name?) was very early to report to his widespread audience on the targeting of the ASD - and Downs - communities in this diabolical scheme.


I warned awhile back that the ASD community would be targeted.

This is a sick form of population control while turning "disphoria" into a money making industry.

Were any of you aware of this breaking story?

"This has gotten out of hand! Dr. Robert Malone now sues the Breggins (Dr. Peter Breggin) for $25 Million; the Complaint that is filed in court focuses on scientific & public political disagreements"
To be honest, I have wondered about Malone's loyalties.

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