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October Country

October country
Each October, I go to the library and borrow a copy of The October Country by Ray Bradbury. As I open the dusty book full of 72 year old short stories, I am transported back to October 31, 1972. I’m riding my purple Schwinn bike down Appletree Drive after school with batterflies 🦇 in my stomach as I think about the night’s Trick or Treats with my friends. One story in particular speaks to me. The Homecoming.

Timmy, a young mortal in a family of ancient supernaturals feels lost and segregated at The Homecoming, a family reunion each All Hallows Eve with rituals that frighten, confuse and elude him. He desperately wants to fit it, and yet, cannot. Some relatives openly mock him, his sister embarrasses him in front of everyone. But his Mother, herself a vampire, soothes him, cherishes him, accepts him and even promises to bury him in a grave when dies.

I think of Mia, Gianna, Bella - so different and unable to fully partake in the world because of their autism. I think of my friends' children. You, my dear AofA readers.  But we are not vampires who will “outlive” our children. We will turn into dry autumn leaves, and blow away in the crisp, cold wind of The October Country.



Handsome, high-functioning autistic man's life flushed down the toilet after he received C0VID vaccine(s) which are being promoted to the developmentally damaged by ASAN, disability "rights" groups and other "neurodiverse" organizations. His voice was utilized in the Autism Speaks PSA "I Am David" and he lived in California and New York City, before the M0TB shot(s) slurped away his life into the 4th industrial revolution/MetaVerse which is a digital lake of fire. He liked the Incredibles and Star Wars. https://www.respectability.org/2022/04/in-memoriam-david-sharif/
David also travelled to mainland China alongside Israel: https://davidsharifglobalwareness.wordpress.com/

Angus Files

Round here in Scotland a big thing is made of Halloween. My autistic son loves it and especially with the younger kids as there parents do their best to dress them up as dinosaurs etc and he can usually guess which dinosaur the parents have been trying to make them into.. We do the house up with all the scary stuff that my wife has collected over the years. She was delighted as a few kids were saying this is the best decorated house. That makes it all worth while.We just have aplastic cauldron of sweets that they delv into.I read that the druids used to celebrate this time of year from life to death as everything dies for the winter.

Sorry your girls' cant get involved Kim.

Pharma For Prison


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