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Hope and future
Profile Pic on the Autism Ages Insta

By Cathy Jameson

Kim shared that Age of Autism has an Instagram page.  How exciting!  I used to post on Instagram, but I’ve gotten too busy to keep up with my personal page.  I am so glad Kim has time to manage each of our AofA social media pages with fresh content.  If she ever needed new photos to post on AofA’s new page, I think these are insta-worthy.  I like that each of them comes with a story—some yet to be written down. 

Several Christmases ago, we had a terrible bowling incident.  These next two photos document a more recent bowling game that came with no injuries.  

Cj 10 8 bowling

Ronan’s siblings took those bowling pictures of us.  The kids give me such a hard time when I sneak the camera out at Mass to take photos.  I know it’s not the most reverent thing to do, but….look at that photo of Ronan reading along!  I love that I can snap his progress in church, one of my favorite places to be.  

Cj 10 8 headphones

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my heart melt.  Other times, it’s the very big things that have me beaming.

Cj 10 8 walking

I’m often inspired by photos I see and also by ones I have taken.  Besides being able to share family memories, I like that I can share our family reality via pictures.  If I could title the photos I’m sharing, this one would be titled Role Reversal

CJ 10 9 travel

I’d name this one Autism Travels.  And, oh, how very thankful we are that Ronan travels so well. 

CJ 10 9 stripped

And this one would be Stripped. I could be upset that my teenage kid left his clothes on the floor, but l like my typical kids did when they were toilet training, Ronan would strip down wherever he was (in this case, the kitchen) before getting himself to the bathroom.  

Cj 10 9 changing

This one would be called Lifted by the SibsAhhh, those siblings. We love them!  

Cj 10 9 brotherly love

I like that I’ve been able to document life in photos.  I capture important milestones, I record Ronan overcoming struggles, and when I can, I catch a few moments of peace.  

How about you?  Do you take pictures?  Do you have your own autism-inspired Instagram page?  Do you follow a page that’s helped you navigate life with autism?  Let us know if you do so we can see what’s going on in your world.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Angus Files

Good for yerself Bill any links? Nope as always just your self-opiniated opinion.

Pharma For Prison



Any progress for those with autism or any disability is a good thing. Children with autism need to ditch those ear plug(noise reducers) because they cannot function in a normal society with being over sensitive to noise. I never used those tools as a child and now that an adult I have mild PTSD in addition to my autism I am glad I never needed those things.

Morag Lyons

Thank you Cathy , really good article ,great example of Life Story Books in action ,it's an ongoing live piece of "Person Centred Planning", essential documentation !
See https//>bjon.2000.2.6398
A life story approach for people with profound learning disabilities.

Who is doing your loved ones assessments ?
Are these assessments getting done for you ?or with you?
Have your assessors passed their exams, on how to spot the difference between a learning disability
and a learning difficulty ?
"And it's a human need to be told stories . The more we're governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies , the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are ,why we are , where we come from , and what might be possible ."
Alan Rickman . Was he not just fabulous !

See - Lennox Castle hospital a hidden history [ 1/4] YouTube
OpenLearn from The Open University 24 July 2008

Remember and take note ! That the politicians "Population Management Prescriptions ?"
Were most likely and highly probably , all pencilled out then " Plan of actioned on a " Corona Typewriter ?!"
See Frankfurt School- 11 Point Plan Of Action !

Twa Moscow's ? one in Russia ? One In Scotland ? Which ones are the best dancers ?

Flashmob Moscow [ Russia]
Putting on the Ritz 2012 You Tube

Gayle Vizioli

Cathy-you are blessed with very caring and beautiful siblings who will always be an important and wonderful part of Ronan's life.

Anonymous Person

ToysRUs is still alive and has sensory toy/DIY ideas to benefit kids and people with ASDs/severe stress caused by the plandemic/etc. Really good ones I found:
Who does not love dinosaurs?

A beautiful OT toy to benefit ASD people who struggle with stress/fine motor:

A cuddly friend for meltdown-prone travelers:


Beautiful post!

Jerry Martinez

Great post! A real boots on the ground view point. So glad things are returning to "normal". My son's school will have their bowling outing later in the fall and the winter dance. He will put on his boogie shoes and do his happy dance! Blessings and happy Sunday to all!

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