Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, author of Transcend Fear: A Blueprint for Mindful Leadership in Public Health, voices opposition to adding COVID-19 vaccine to CDC’s immunization schedule for children
Study in Japan Finds More Risk of Myocarditis Than Previously Reported

Dr. Joseph Ladapo's Op/Ed on Covid Vaccine Risks in the Wall Street Journal

Ladapo WSJ

Let's praise, not punish progress. You know what I mean. Even 1 demographic is a good start. Thank you to Dr. Ladapo . This opinion piece ran in the Wall Street Journal - which has a paywall. Dr. Ladapo is the author of a memoir titled, Transcend Fear, from Skyhorse Publishing.

Covid Boosters Aren’t for Everyone
For young men, the risks outweigh the benefits at this point.

By Joseph A. Ladapo
Oct. 20, 2022 6:21 pm ET

How safe are the Covid-19 vaccines? Under my leadership, the Florida Department of Health analyzed overall mortality and cardiac-related mortality risk associated with Covid-19 vaccination. We found an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among men 18 to 39 within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.

The left has smeared these results as “anti-science,” as Holden Thorpe, the editor of Science, recently stated in an editorial. But time and again, the unorthodox science related to Covid-19 becomes the mainstream. Scientists have been attacked for questioning the efficacy of lockdowns, for urging schools to reopen, for challenging the effectiveness of mask mandates, and for opposing vaccine mandates and passports. The scientists asking these questions had the data on their side, but critics bowed to fear and political ideology.   This opinion piece ran in the Wall Street Journal - which has a paywall.

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EXCERPT: "In Florida, we don’t recommend” coronavirus vaccines for children under 18, Ladapo told lawmakers according to a press release issued by the committee.
June 30, 2022


@ Jay M



You might find these links to be of related interest.


In the short term, Ladapo's actions will protect many Floridian's. Perhaps he can be persuaded to your position in the long run.


Agreed Laura! They’re just throwing us a bone to shut us up from stating the obvious. As much as I don’t want to punish progress, there’s no way at this point that he’s not either incredibly stupid, evil, or cowardly. Or a combination of those. He’s a day late and a dollar short. Forgive me if I’m not putting him on a Fauci-esque pedestal.

You know when I’ll be impressed? When and if this pronouncement starts a domino effect that leads to lawsuits and jail time for the people involved in the heinous crimes of this Great Reset.

Jay M

Young men vs. Young Women. All men, all women. You’re right Kim.
But it’s a great “foot in the door”, a chink in the armor. May the house of cards crumble and the light shine brightly through the haze!

Laura Hayes

Below is the rest of the article, beginning where it left off above. Don’t miss the last 2 paragraphs. Ladapo says he wouldn’t have necessarily made his recommendations earlier in the pandemic, meaning he apparently has no problem when improperly tested, fraudulent, secretive, harmful, potentially fatal, invasive medical injections are not only wrongfully approved, but then relentlessly pushed, mandated, and forced on all but the youngest members of our population (they have now been included, too). He also says he stands by his recommendation against “Covid” injections for young men. Apparently, he has no problem when these dastardly products are injected into young women, children, babies, the elderly, or pregnant women, which necessarily includes their babies in development.

This is not progress. This is either inexcusable ignorance, given his position, his oath to first do no harm, and the plethora of available information, or some type of small concession with the intent of still moving the diabolical agenda forward, neither of which is acceptable or something to be lauded.

“It’s happening again. The increased risk of cardiovascular events following the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t news; it has been known for over a year. Research has identified cardiovascular risks in the general population, and especially among young males following Covid-19 mRNA vaccination:

• A Scandinavian study in JAMA Open noted an increased risk of coronary artery disease after Moderna’s mRNA vaccine, along with an increased risk of cerebrovascular disease after both Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.

• Findings in the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research suggest that Covid-19 mRNA vaccination could be associated with an increased risk of acute myocardial infarction among Medicare enrollees.

• A study in JAMA Cardiology reported that Covid-19 mRNA vaccination increased the incidence of diagnosed myocarditis in males 16 to 24 by as much as a factor of 18 after the second dose.

• A study completed in Israel and published in Scientific Reports found that Covid-19 vaccine rollout was associated with an increase in acute cardiac events among young people.

Every study must remain within its parameters, and the sample size of young men who met conditions to be included in our study was 77. But our findings are consistent with the data above.

I wouldn’t have necessarily made my recommendation in earlier stages of the pandemic; the guidance in our study clearly states that it is based on the current high level of global immunity to Covid-19, which limits the benefit of vaccination.

Backed by the data, I stand by my recommendation against Covid-19 mRNA vaccination for young men. At this point in the pandemic, it is unlikely that the benefits outweigh these risks. The public can be assured that I will continue to lead with data, and I will place their interests ahead of political pressure and fear-based ideologies.

Dr. Ladapo is surgeon general of Florida and a professor of medicine at the University of Florida.”

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