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"Our Amazing Grace's Light Shines On" Honors Teen with Down Syndrome Who Died During Covid Hospitalization

Cannabis And Quality of Life for Adults with ASD

Cannabis autismHave you used Cannabis products for your loved one with autism, or yourself?

From Safeminds:

Cannabis-Based Medicinal Products Reported to Improve General Health-Related Quality of Life for Adults with ASD

October 03, 2022
Treatment Found Beneficial for Managing Anxiety Levels and Aiding Sleep Disturbances

For years, cannabis-based medicinal products (CBMPs) have been considered promising treatments for managing symptoms and comorbidities related to autism spectrum disorder (ASD). However, there has been very little evidence to back up this claim. For the first time, a team of British scientists assessed changes to health-related quality of life indicators and recorded the incidence of adverse events in adult patients with ASD treated with CBMPs. The study’s design included identifying participants treated with CBMPs from the UK Medical Cannabis Registry (UKMCR). The participant’s primary outcomes were then measured by Generalized Anxiety Disorder-7 (GAD-7), Single-Item Sleep Quality Scale (SQS), 5-level version of the EQ-5D (EQ-5D-5L). The research team took outcome measurements at 1, 3, and 6 months and compared them with the participant’s baseline. Adverse events were also recorded and analyzed. In total, 74 adult patients with ASD were included in this research. The mean age of participants was 32.7 years. Overall, the current study linked CBMPs use with statistically significant improvements in managing anxiety levels and aiding in sleep quality. Interestingly, the patients saw generalized anxiety benefits at the 1 and 3-month measurements, but the same beneficial findings were not present at the 6-month marker. The authors believe this result could be due to a limitation in the study design, since there was a reduction in the number of participants that were followed up at 6 months. Therefore, they view this finding as insignificant. The study also discovered an associated improvement in self-reported sleep quality among participants during each of the three measurement markers. Of particular significance, a reduction in concomitant medication use during the treatment was identified. In total, 33.3% of patients stopped taking benzodiazepines during the study, and there was a 25% reduction in neuroleptic prescribing. Adverse events were reported by 18.9% of patients. No life-threatening or disabling adverse events were recognized, and most adverse events were considered mild or moderate. The authors believe their findings are not conclusive but provide scientific justification for further evaluation.  Read more at Safeminds HERE.

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As of 2021, SIDS has a parent, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Seemingly healthy adults dying, and

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Angus Files

Bill any links that your advice works better than the real peoples help online?I used to be a member of a group in the UK and absolutely amazing the results they were achieving by micro dosing CBD.

Mind you when it goes wrong with your alleged safe poisons. there's never hardly any comeback for the promoters of the dangerous drugs you promote. Peoples life's destroyed by the quack pseudo scientists in charge of our health care prescribing for PROFIT and that's balanced? A bit like the care home below 8 YEARS LATER the real culprits appear..just to rub salt into the wounds of the sufferers of Autism and their families of course.

Care home bosses face health and safety trial after disturbed teenager stalked then strangled terrified girl, 18, before trying to drag her to his bedroom to have sex with her body
Jason Conroy attacked Melissa Mathieson, 18, at Alexandra House in Bristol
Conroy, then 19, strangled Ms Mathieson in October 2014 and was jailed for life
Alexandra Homes (Bristol) Ltd and its former general manager appeared in court
Manager Yvonne Hin and some directors face trial on health and safety charges


Pharma For Prison


Anonymous Person

Guess I'm a borderline quack too. A severely autistic boy named Kreed Joshua - now deceased since 2016 - greatly benefitted from cannabis oil, and his mother did everything under the sun to help him each day til the end of his life. Cannabis was the ONLY medicine that reduced his extreme, bloody SIBs (toe/finger biting to an extreme degree, and bloody bites on his skin/forehead), migraines, and seizures without awful side effects. In fact, alongside the mountains and cooler weather soothing his extreme symptoms, his family moved to Colorado from Arizona, so he could get life-saving cannabis back when it was illegal in most states. If you are interested watch Kreed's World on YouTube.


I remember a piece done on so called Charlotte’s Web. A strain of Cannabis developed for a young with seizures I believe. That example had a happy ending, however, recently I read the tragic story of a beautiful young Mila. Dr Heather Heying of Darkhorse podcast has been covering her story. I’ll attach, however, be warned it’s heartbreaking.


Anna Quandt

I’m not sure what products they are talking about. CBD oil is one thing. THC another.
They dismiss the results after 6 months but I think they should be careful. My son found that smoking provided immediate relief for anxiety, but I observed that it was superficial in that over time his general anxiety actually got worse, requiring more frequent use.
And then there is “dabbing”. It causes “cannabis induced psychosis.” Even after completely going off of cannabis, the psychosis remains. We are two years sober. Better but still there.
Laura Stack wrote a book about her son, dabbing and his suicide. ‘“The Dangerous Truth”.
I know many neurotypical people who successfully use marijuana for anxiety. But be careful out there; our children have fragile brains.


There is a medicine called Epidiolex drug derived from cannabis for rare epilepsy types such as Dravet's. Try this medicine before consulting borderline quacks at those marijuana shop and online forums. Google the term Epidiolex.

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