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As Autism Ages, Safeminds Shares New Information about Death, Grief and Inclusion

WeepBelow is an important excerpt from Safeminds. As we age, as our children age, death will visit more frequently. Intellectually disabled or not,, the social differences of autism must affect the ability to process grief. How could they not? With thinking patterns that tend to black and white, and routine is paramount,  having a loved one disappear without context must be devastating. Some families might want to shield their loved one from grief by not including them in family burial rituals. With the best of intentions. Or because a person with autism could be distracting during services. True story, when my Dad died a month after Dan Olmsted in 2017, I brought my girls to his funeral at the National Cemetery on Cape Cod. He'd been cremated, and the box filled with his ashes sat on stone altar/table. My brother read his favorite poem (The Day is Done by Longfellow), military personnel were on hand, and a bugler played taps. And then? Gianna belted out GRANDPY IS IN THE BOX!!! I looked at my Mom, who was locked arm and arm in my brother for support. I mouthed, "I'm sorry." But you know what? Everyone gave a hearty laugh and bonded in the moment. I still use that phrase with my girls, "Grandpy died, and he went to heaven. Grandpy was in the box."  Meet them where they are.

But loss grief is not just a function of death.  People leave for other reasons. School ends. People move. I am divorced. I've used Sesame Street songs and skits. “Mom's tree is over there back there is Daddy's tree, they live in different places but they both love me...." How do you explain when 8 overnights a month 5 years ago is now 0 as Dad's tree has moved further and further away?  I embedded the darling video at the end of this post. It's hard for me to know how they grieve but I always operated under the assumption that they needed help to understand. And to feel safe and secure. I'm proud of how they have managed. How have you addressed grief with your loved one?

Children with Developmental Disabilities Are at Risk of Disenfranchised Grief

Excluding Kids with Needs from the Concept of Death and Death Rituals Can Be Detrimental

Last month, SafeMinds Shares discussed the concept of complicated grief. Specifically, we reported how this type of despair is more prevalent in people with intellectual disabilities. This month, a new review from the University of Maryland, Baltimore has been published that adds to this topic by investigating the grief experiences of children with broader developmental disabilities. Read more here.

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From Skyhorse Publishing, by Dr. Joseph Ladapo. A fascinating look into the life of a state surgeon general and how his public health decisions provide a blueprint for fearless leadership and better national health policy.


Trios IV



Maybe colloidal silver. Strep could have relation to Kawasaki disease.

Kawasaki disease in 2019—past controversies, present insights and future directions: a narrative review

"The role of genetics in KD is another advancing area which has attracted keen recent interest, with a slew of genetics polymorphisms identified to detect those at risk. To-date, more than 62 genes have been described, associated with susceptibility and 47 associated with CAA (40,68-75). A systematic review and meta-analysis of genetic associations with KD susceptibility narrowed down the list and identified gene polymorphisms to ACE, BLK, CASP3, CD40, FCGR2A, FGB, HLA-E, IL1A, IL6, ITPKC, LTA, MPO, PD1, SMAD3, CCL17 and TNF (40)."



He is only 14 years old. He maybe sees, more than my friend that he is in a very hard place.
I think I would be anxious too. The father is no where on the scene, and the grandfather died some time back.
There are some very, very pitiful situations out here.
Those in the powerful positions do know what is going on, and have for a long time; and it is more than they just don't care. It has to be. .
It makes a person understand the hard stance of God having no mercy of the ending their soul s all together on judgment day.


High school friend lost her daughter to strep earlier this year. The daughter had a son with autism. PDD-NOS would be my guess.
Both the daughter and the son lived with my friend.
She said that her grandson's anxiety is through the roof that he will lose his grandmother next. She does not even know how to begin to calm him down about that.


This is a great article by the way, and needs to be addressed.





The best solution is to conceive/raise more healthy kids and create "Autism Villages" similar to dementia villages/elderly villages. But the Luciferian Freemasons and WEF/UN Drama Queen Bees don't want us to have unvaxxed kids or anyone without either 1. ASD or 2. the MOTB shots/quantum dots/micro-needles/swab tests/Neuralink/etc.

NWO A.I. Smart Cities appear to be the successor to mental hospitals, public schools, and such places those with ASDs are enslaved in. Similar methods and "tiny housing"/owning nothing in these places, the tip of the iceberg.

"Sudden D. Syndrome" in adults/kids = deliberate elimination of non-compliant marked-and-Bluetooth-chipped individuals, such as thinking a single thought against those in power, wanting to criticize something, etc. Nanobot 5G targeted individual "kill switch" attacks/destruction of organs disguised as natural and coincidental deaths. I fear this may have started with the ASD epidemic with aluminum nanobots to cause neuronal destruction, though secretly.








Vicki Hill

Excellent point! My son with ASD was living in a group home when another young man with ASD, minimally verbal, moved in. His aunt had died suddenly. He had been living with his aunt (I don't know what had happened to his parents). Suddenly the young man found himself living in a group home for the first time in his life and the group home had virtually no information about how to handle him, what he liked/disliked, etc. As you can imagine, it was traumatic.

So many of us autism parents say we can never die; what is going to happen to our kids? But life DOES happen; we need to prepare our kids, and their future caregivers, the best we can.

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