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AofA $10K Matching Gift Annual Fundraiser

Thank you typeNote: Today we're launching or annual fundraiser with a colossal, amazing, generous matching gift from Laura Hayes. Laura and her husband will match $10,000 between now and the end of November. Please see her kind words below. We use DonorBox for our online donations, and you can always send a check to Autism Age PO Box 110546, Trumbull, CT 06611. Donations are tax deductible - EIN is 47-1831987. Thank you. 


Dear AoA Friends and Readers,

My husband and I will be doing another matching donation campaign here at AoA again this year, with one important difference. Instead of a $5,000 matching campaign, we are doubling it this year to a $10,000 matching campaign. 
Why? Because Age of Autism continues to be a much-needed bastion and beacon of publishing important and truthful information that mainstream media refuses to publish. Furthermore, it doesn't sweep the Vaccine Injury Epidemic, which includes the "Autism" Epidemic, under the rug. It shines a light on it.
Fun facts:
AoA is not beholden to corporate sponsors that dictate the content it is allowed to publish. 
AoA does not censor information that challenges the status quo, "experts", or government-sponsored propaganda. Instead, AoA publishes it. 
AoA permits dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and differing viewpoints. It does not try to control the conversation, rather, it encourages it by providing a forum for it. 
To that end, it is our hope that each and every reader of Age of Autism will make a donation to not only keep AoA up and running, but also to encourage and support AoA's Managing Editor, Kim Rossi. As readers know, Kim is a single mom to not one, not two, but to three young adult daughters with Autism. Our donations enable Kim to keep AoA going. She devotes many hours every week to writing, publishing, posting readers' comments, maintaining the website, and more.
Please don't take the Age of Autism blog for granted, or one day, it might not be there. Instead, please support it, today, by mailing a check or making an online donation. Every dollar donated between now and November 30th, 2022, will be matched up to $10,000. 
Let's surprise and bless Kim by EXCEEDING the matching amount!
Your fellow AoA reader,
Laura Hayes

We use DonorBox for online donations. It's secure, and we also accept paper or electronic checks. Every dollar goes to keeping us on our platforms, and donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Thank you.

Autism Age
PO Box 110546
Trumbull CT 06611
EIN 47-1831987




Thank you Laura for your generous offer!

Perhaps the Fauci's would like to contribute, yes?

Analysis: Pandemic allowed Fauci's wealth to surge by $5 million
Took in nearly $1 million from 'global nonprofits'


Thank you so much!

Angus Files

Thank you Laura Kim and all.

Pharma For Prison


Kathy Sincere

Thank you, Laura Hayes, for who you are and all you do. Your writings and speeches and generosity are always an inspiration. You have been spot-on right about vaccine injury, autism and damage to our children for the last 20+ years!

Thanks for this reminder to donate to AoA, my favorite website.

Another reminder: As it states on the homepage, when ordering on Amazon, always use Amazon Smiles to support Autism Age. It adds up.

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