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American Women Should Be Able to Choose Level of Reproductive Healthcare

X ray moneyWould it be jumping to conclusions to scream IT'S ABOUT MONEY NOT HEALTH!!!??? Every time a patients enters a doctor's office it's another opportunity to sell prescribe a drug, or force administer a vaccine, or cajole into order a diagnostic test. Those machines don't pay for themselves, and the expiration dates aren't getting any younger. American women should be able to choose their level of reproductive healthcare without shame. This IS 2022 after all.


Chd banner sizeFrom Children's Health Defense. Prenatal Care, American Style — A Trojan Horse for Harmful Interventions?

The United States’ disgraceful infant and maternal mortality rates — higher than in any other wealthy nation — raise questions about what to do to lessen the risk of complications during delivery and postpartum.

In this regard, government health agencies often highlight the importance of prenatal care.

In fact, increasing “early and adequate prenatal care” is a core objective of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Healthy People 2030 goal related to pregnancy and childbirth — an objective achieved for three out of four American women, with only 6% of women who give birth receiving little or no prenatal care.

“Adequate,” in the U.S. context, means as many as 15 prenatal visits. But does this barrage of prenatal attention actually improve maternal and infant outcomes?

Or — as Harvard researchers implied in an article published in 2020, in the prestigious journal Health Affairs — is it counterproductive overkill?

In many European nations, women may attend half as many prenatal visits, yet infant and maternal mortality rates are far lower.

In 2016, researchers who assessed pregnancy outcomes by number of prenatal visits observed that while prenatal care “is widely accepted as an important public health intervention … its efficacy remains largely unstudied and unproven.” Read more at The Defender.

Over the course of 2021 and 2022, Edward amassed evidence from the insurance industry, funeral home industry, and government databases that excessive deaths among working-age Americans have increased in 2021 versus 2020...

As of 2021, SIDS has a parent, Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Seemingly healthy adults dying, and

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obituaries that spout platitudes like, "died peacefully in his sleep." At 42. We invite you to pre-order Cause Unknown, debuting in December from Skyhorse Publishing and Children's Health Defense.  The book cover is a live link. 


David Weiner

Naomi Wolf has written a great article entitled "Vote like a woman".

While it doesn't promote any particular party or candidate, it discusses issues that should be top of mind when women are deciding for whom to vote.

I believe that men should also give careful consideration to these issues.

Anonymous Person

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The Tribulation "birthing pains" being felt long after birth by the severely and violently autistic in ASD capital New Jersey, in the padded, pitch-dark "Black Cube" that isn't hidden from classroom view. So outrageous I have to share this one more time:

David Weiner

This post, and Laura's article, are a good reminder that so much of our debate about health care in the U.S. is entirely off-base. Here, progressives drone on and on about "access to health care". If only everyone had "access" to all of the health care that they wanted or needed, all would be well.

Au contraire. Mainly because this campaign implicitly assumes that the quality of said health care is good, and that it is all necessary. The promoters of the "access to health care" campaign are all about quantity of medical care, not quality. And, of course, such a campaign serves the interests of the medical cartel very well.

Sure, there are times that people need the type of medical care offered by our system. But as Dr. Robert Mendelson said, paraphrasing, 90% of medical interventions could be ended and there would be an immediate beneficial effect on people's health. And the percentage could be higher in our time.

Laura Hayes

The CHD article reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago, published here on AoA:

“Beware of ‘Standard of Care’”

I wrote this article for women who were pregnant, who were in the process of trying to have a baby, and/or for those who hoped to have children in their future. Please share the link with those you know who might benefit from reading it. There was also additional information shared in the comments section for the article.

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