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Dr. Joseph Ladapo's Op/Ed on Covid Vaccine Risks in the Wall Street Journal

Action Alert: Stop The Next Mandate for Children

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Last week, the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices approved the addition of Covid vaccines to the pediatric schedule. This means even babies as young as six months of age could be required to have the full series (2, 3, quarterly?) of Covid vaccines to attend day care, if States add this vaccine to their school requirement list. The CDC did not mandate the vaccine - as pointed out as "misinformation" on social media. States use the CDC schedule to decide which vaccines they will add to their schedules. Age of Autism believes parents should be able to decide for their own children. Parents perfectly at ease with the current schedule yet wholly against the covid vaccine could find themselves having to submit to send their kids to school. Is this enough of a wake up after our many years of demanding an END to mandates? 

Below is an action alert from CHD. If you have alerts from other orgs, please send them to [email protected]. Thanks. 

October 21, 2022 Demand Public Health Agencies and Lawmakers Stop COVID Vaccine Mandates

CLICK HERE TO Demand Public Lawmakers Stop COVID Vaccine Mandates

Despite immense blowback, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted unanimously to add COVID-19 injections to its recommended schedule of vaccinations for infants, children and adolescents. The committee members’ votes solidify their steadfast loyalty to protecting pharma profits at the cost of children’s lives. This is the first step to granting permanent, blanket liability protection for all current and future COVID-19 injections.

This is a declaration of war on our children. The responsibility to be unrelenting as we defend the next generation from Big Pharma now falls on us. In the coming months, nearly every state in the nation will universally adopt the CDC’s recommended vaccination schedule.

This vote solidifies the capture and corruption of the agencies put in place to protect public health. It’s clear this is not about protecting public health rather protecting Big Pharma by granting permanent liability protection. With the addition of this vaccine to the childhood schedule there will be zero recourse for the injured moving forward.

We need YOU to hold the line and remind CDC, FDA and our elected officials that it’s their duty to protect the public health of American children and citizens. The risks demonstrably outweigh the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination in children. Vaccines authorized for emergency use are not permitted to be recommended to the childhood schedule.

There is no emergency in our children that would warrant the hasty and unscientific addition of a vaccine that has not been proven safe or effective.

We know you are outraged and want to take action immediately. There are two things you can do. First, demand CDC and elected officials protect our children from COVID-19 mandates.

Next, get ahead of school mandates by reaching out to your own school district’s superintendent, and your state’s education commissioner to plead for their intercession on behalf of our children. Make clear to your superintendent and commissioner that exemptions are not enough and that you will be pulling your child from school if this vaccine is mandated for attendance, costing the district tens of thousands of dollars in funding. Parents hold the power — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Hans Litten

Comedy Gold from the Edinburgh Fringe :

These spikes in neonatal deaths have been publicly acknowledged as concerning. Dr. Sarah Stock, expert in maternal and foetal medicine at the University of Edinburgh, commented in May 2022: “The numbers are really troubling, and I don’t think we know the reasons why yet”, but “stressed the Covid vaccine, which studies have consistently shown to be safe in pregnancy, was not a factor”. This cannot possibly be known unless it is investigated without the bias that has afflicted most publications on this subject to date. The need for investigation is urgent, and whilst this should have been with clinical trials, there should now be a moratorium on COVID-19 vaccines to allow for meticulous retrospective analysis and re-evaluation.

If we continue to ignore these safety signals, we are not doing our due diligence to protect patients from harm. According to the principles of Good Medical Practice outlined by the General Medical Council, we are supposed to take action when we are concerned about compromised patient safety.

We are not just concerned but deeply disturbed and alarmed at the widespread distortion of science and the blatant omissions in the process of bringing a newly developed pharmaceutical product to market.

We have a collective duty to restore the principles of medical ethics to our practice and to clinical research to protect the most vulnerable groups from harm, and this includes pregnant women and their babies.

In the absence of data on long-term outcomes of mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy for either women or their infants, vaccination of pregnant women should be paused while a full safety enquiry is conducted and until results of long-term studies on animals as well as pregnant women and their offspring firmly and unequivocally establish that the benefits of vaccination clearly outweigh the risks to both mothers and babies.

Hans Litten


66 What are the chances ? Haha

The Vaccine program is a Freekmason program ?

Hans Litten

ACIP votes for Child Vaccination 15 to 0. Wow
And all these years so few Doctors speak out.

What else can it be apart from FreekMasonry ? Its as clear as day.


And all these years no one has ever said a word about Freekmasonry and Autism ?

Kathy Sincere

Apologies for my haste in dashing off a comment last night - "Amen. Thank you for speaking the truth...AGAIN..lest we forget."

That comment was meant for Laura Hayes who is always spot on.


Aluminum nanoparticles and the ASD brain: a precursor to the C0VID vaccine graphene nanoparticles creating Metaverse cyborg brains? 5G radio waves can manipulate both aluminum and graphene in the rain and body, to cause desired symptoms in the host. https://rumble.com/vvg3j0-graphene-oxide-nanotech-a-fusion-between-the-physical-digital-and-biologica.html

Mark of Man: 6 electrons, 6 protons, and 6 neutrons: https://rumble.com/vkntg3-graphene-oxide-the-assimilation-4th-industrial-revolution.html

A.I. graphene/aluminum "queen bee" gods and goddesses creating ASD symptoms? Very possible: https://rumble.com/v1ebhbh-controlling-the-hive-the-5g-queen-bee.html

TED Talks has been open about their 4th industrial plans as well: https://rumble.com/vsvczi-a-5g-vaccine-conspiracy.html


Cryptic New Years show in Seattle, Washington, the same city where the music video "Let's Start WW3" by World Order was partly filmed in: https://rumble.com/vnr00y-altering-the-human-dna-with-hydra-to-make-man-imortal-new-years-eve-show.html

Why won't Desantis destroy the 5G towers that are microwaving Florida? His surgeon general merely discourages the most intrusive injections in recorded history, rather than calling for the immediate end of turning billions of humans into Homoborgenesis Bluetooth cyborgs.

Kathy Sincere

Amen. Thank you for speaking the truth...AGAIN..lest we forget.

Laura Hayes

Wow. I find this action alert to be very disappointing. If ever there was a time to take back our rights, the time is NOW. To recommend that parents protest just the "Covid" injection mandates, but not the mandates for all of the other vaccines, is bad advice. To tell parents to pull their kids from school over the "Covid" injection mandate, but not over all the other vaccine mandates, is also bad advice. To imply that the other vaccines on the CDC's recommended schedule have been proven to be safe and effective is not only bad advice, it is flat-out wrong.

No medical mandates, including vaccine mandates. Not now, not ever. Zero tolerance for any and all medical mandates. That is the action alert that needs to be sent.

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